5 on Friday: The Day I Just Ate Chocolate

1.  Chocolate. On Wednesday it seemed like all I ate was chocolate. I did get in some oatmeal at breakfast, but it went downhill after that. After doing an interview I decided to stop by a few shops near the area I was in. The first store I went into was a chocolate shop. Anndd I came out with chocolate covered graham crackers and peanut butter cups. Soo delicous! Then I went to a small coffee shop and right when I walked in I saw a picture that said “chocolate peanut butter blended iced coffee”. I was instantly sold. There was no going back. So I ordered that and it was really good!!


That night my sorority had a social with a fraternity and we ended the night with smores. Needless to say I ate more chocolate. My eating has been all over the place this week and since Wednesday it’s just gone down from there.


2. Greek Olympics. The past two weeks some of my sorority sisters and I have been out late practicing for Greek Olympics on Saturday. I’m the captain of our chariot team and I’m on the pyramid team. So we’ve been meeting every night to practice and improve so that Saturday we can win!! Greek Olympics is my favorite time of the year in regards to sorority events. I love getting to hang out with the girls and get to know girls better than I don’t know well. It’s fun to be competitive together and to see what everyone’s strengths are. I’m sooo excited for Saturday, so I’ll let you know how it goes!!


3. Last registration. I registered for my last semester of “classes” on Thursday. I no longer will have real classes to attend, but I’ll be at a high school all day every day doing my student teaching. I’m excited to graduate in December, but I still can’t believe it’s already been 4 years!!

My friends and I meet at 5:30 am on the morning of registration and have breakfast. So this time we met at Denny’s bright and early.



I had the french toast breakfast with 7 grain bread (not that it makes it much healthier), bananas, strawberries, and a side of peanut butter. Also, some scrambled eggs too. That kept me full for hours.


4. Workouts. This week has been another good week of working out (my diet on the other hand has been sketch). I’m so thankful for my weight lifting class so that I have scheduled time in the gym. On Monday I did an arm workout. Tuesday I went for a run.


Wednesday my best friend killed me with another leg workout.  I’ve been sore all week since then in my hamstrings and quads.

Wall Balls 18lb ball 10 reps x 3

Deadlifts 45lb bar 10 reps x 3

Bosu ball cable squats 10 reps x 3

Alternating Bulgarian squats on bosu ball 10 reps on each leg x 3

Morning glories 10 reps x 3

Body weight squats 30 reps x 3

Now let me tell you. The bosu ball cable squats are no joke. Watch the video below. These things are hard. My first attempt I looked like I was trying to dance on the bosu. I looked ridiculous. Once I got the movement down it went  a lot smoother. It definitely shows you how strong or weak your core is.

5. Pinterest love. Lastly, here are a few of my favorite Pinterest pins for the week.

Indian cat.

 I’m so ready for summer. Love this outfit.

So thankful that my life has been peaceful for it gives life to my body.

I’m so happy it’s Friday and the weekend is here!! My parents will be here in just in a few hours for the weekend. We’ll get to have our last big Greek event for the year with Greek Olympics and I hope the Zetas come out on top!! Have a great weekend everyone!

Have you ever had an all chocolate eating day? Do you like working out with a friend or partner?

5 on Friday: Cake & Fro-yo

1. We got cake today at work and I’m not sad about it. I had fro-yo for dinner too on Wednesday with my sister. Lots of healthy eating going on over here lately.


Oh wait…I have been eating oatmeal for breakfast every day. Oatmeal is my jammm.


2. I’ve been sore all week from getting back in the weight room and Greek Olympic practices. I love feeling sore except when it inhibits your ability to run or jump like normal. Not good for Greek Olympic stuff. Most of you may not know what I mean by Greek Olympics and well…after it happens next week I might elaborate.

I took a picture of myself before going to practice one night. I don’t know what to say about it, but there I am being super excited. Excuse the messy bathroom clutter.


3.  I looovvveee to write. I just love how it feels. If you ever talk to me in person you’ll know I’m not the best at telling a story. I’m quite horrible actually. But after reading this post from Life of Bon: Do you love blogging?  it reminded me why I love blogging and why I’m always “writing” blog posts in my head. And why though not many people read my blog I still like to do it.She included this quote from Tim O’Brien on her blog and I had to pin it on Pinterest:

4. And words for thought.


5.  I finally watched Downton Abbey before going to bed last night. I love reading or watching anything from this time period and I truly like this show.

As far as my weekend plans I have sorority obligations tonight and then tomorrow we’ll have some Greek Olympic practices and hopefully the rest of the day can be for relaxing! 


What show are you currently in love with? Do you like being sore?


W’s for Wednesday: Quest Bars and Leighton Meester

So I know my Mom and maybe others are thinking when does she find time to blog when she is supposedly sooo busy? Basically I write my blog posts in my head all the time. I’m always blogging in my head whether it does actually get published or not. I type up my posts when I have spare moments that aren’t enough time for homework…or I don’t have enough focus to do homework. Anyways, I just made up this W’s for Wednesday thing so we’ll see how it goes.


Waiting: For my new purse to come in! I’m not someone who buys new purses all the time. The one I use now I got in fall of 2013 and it has been my go-to purse since. Buying a new purse for me is a serious and rare purchase so I have to get one that I think is perfect and am obsessed with. This Big Buddha cross body bag is the one I and of course I’m getting it in black.

Wanting: I’m wanting more Quest Bars! I finally bought some Quest bars this week because I have some extra $$$ in my bank account and would rather spend $10 on bars than on a new nail polish. I had my first cookies and cream bar and it was soooo good! Especially with a little bit of peanut butter.


Wishing: To go back on Spring Break to when we returned from Vegas and I spent a few days at one of my best friend’s house. We slept in late and took naps. We had waffles for breakfast at 11 am and ate a LOT. It was wonderful.


Wondering: I wonder if Leighton Meester and her friend would come serenade me with their cover of “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. That has always been one of my favorite songs and their cover has a haunting and mesmerizing sound. When the rain washes you clean you’ll know…

Worn Out: My legs are worn out from Greek Olympic practices throughout the week and leg day today.



Who: My sorority sisters are the girls who I’m spending a lotttt of time with this week and I loved. It’s kinda scary how accurate this article is: 31 Things Every Sorority Girl Will Understand

Especially #30 and #31. April and May is going to be a month full of #30.
#30 Realizing it’s your last semester and having unprecedented panic attacks… multiple times.

#31 But then realizing that these have been the best 4 years of your life, and you wouldn’t have wanted to share them with anyone else.

(Pictures and text for 30 and 31 from the article:http://www.playbuzz.com/haleymccarrell10/31-things-every-sorority-girl-will-understand)

Anyways I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

Answer one of the W’s!!