Paleo, Mad Men, & The Book Thief

1. I never thought I would say that I’m trying Paleo, but I’m saying it. The credit for this decision goes fully to my Mom. We officially started our attempt at the 30 day Paleo challenge on Saturday.

The idea of the Paleo diet is to eat like “caveman” would have eaten. If a cave man couldn’t eat it then neither can you.

I’ll be honest. I’m not going to be strictly following these guidelines. I love bread too much to simply part ways with it. As for the legumes part…beans are pretty tasty too and I don’t believe they are the culprit that makes people fat. I’ve already been cutting out dairy for the past few months with the exception of Christmas break, so it’s already something that I’ve been doing.

paleo day 1

In the above collage here’s what we have:

Eggs with spinach on Ezekiel bread (not Paleo I know) with avocado

Pumpkin Paleo Pancakes (syrup not Paleo duh)

Chicken, asparagus, salad (pretend there is no ranch dressing)

A party of pineapple, raspberries, and banana in a bowl

Let me add that we are not going on a DIET. It’s simply a different approach to eating.

Here are a few links if you want to learn more about Paleo:

PaleOMG she has tons of recipes on her blog and her posts are hilarious.

Robb Wolf basically this man is the “brains” behind Paleo. Lots of nutrional/scientific information.

30 Day Paleo Challenge one of several blogs about the Paleo challenge.

2. Buy size XL please


I only wear size XL in shirts now. And yes that’s why I am trying to the Paleo challenge. My shirts were getting a little too tight.

Actually I’m completely kidding except about the XL part. When looking for a shirt that is ideal to wear with leggings I have been buying XL lately. “Why? That must swallow you!” is what you’re thinking, but nope. They fit just fine. Just a little longer, looser, and over sized. Just how I like em. This is probably something only girls can understand…but for example the red sweater I’m wearing in my previous post is an XL. All other sizes were not acceptable. Too short for me. I may wear sheer shirts with my bra showing through, but I don’t like wearing shirts that try to be crop tops. I’m not about that crop top life.

Don’t you just love that shirt?! I really love the beading on the pocket and the sleeves. Brings out my inner Native American.

3. “The Book Thief” by Mark Zusak

Death is the narrator. 1940’s Nazi Germany. Young girl steals books. Family hides a Jew.

Basically, you should read this book. I’m about 150 pages away from finishing it and I have loved it from page 1.  And yes this book is one that has been made into the movie. I haven’t watched the trailer since I started reading it so I don’t ruin how the story looks in my head.

4. Man Men

Welcome to my new Netflix obsession. Upon coming home for break I decided I was going to choose a show to watch and Mad Men caught my eye. Before if you would have asked me what my favorite TV show to watch was I would have answered with a blank stare because I considered myself lucky if I got to watch a movie haha Some of my friends watch it and it looked promising. I’m hooked now. I’m just into season 2. This definitely won’t be the last time Mad Men makes an appearance on my blog. Until then I’m going to go smoke a few cigarettes and pour myself a glass of whiskey to go watch another episode.  Don’t worry I’m really not going to do that, but that’s all they do in this show.

5. Lately my workouts have consisted of a few random visits with the treadmill, walks with my Mom, and some YouTube videos.

One of my new favorite YouTube workouts are by Melissa Bender at Her workout remind a lot of the BodyRock workouts I used to do. Below is one of her videos that I like and went through twice. She trained for a bikini competition at home! That is cray cray!

Well this is probably my last post for 2013, but I’ll worry about that next time. Have a grrreat day!

What show are you obsessed with? Have you heard of or tried Paleo before?


Christmas ’13

Once again Christmas has come and gone. I look forward and anticipate the Christmas season all fall. Then in a flash it arrives and disappears.

To many people Christmas is celebrated for a variety of reasons. The core reason I celebrate Christmas is to recognize and reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ. Of course I get caught up in all of the materialistic aspects of Christmas along with the magic that comes with this season and forget about the reason for Christmas. But I’m so thankful God sent his son to this earth to die for my sins.

When I think of Christmas memories of time spent with my family fills my head. Once again this year my memory is full from this Christmas spent with family. I believe we ate at my grandparents house 5 nights in a row. Basically we spent a lot of time there. I am beyond blessed to be a part of my family and am thankful for all the time I got to spend with them.


We spent lots of time sitting around the dining room table chatting and playing different games and eating of course.

This post is not well organized to be honest and doesn’t even bring justice to what we did over the 5 days, but I like it this way.


I made sugar cookies for my contribution to the meals we had throughout the past few days. They turned out to be pretty tasty.


This is our Christmas tree on Christmas morning before all the presents were opened and it’s base was then empty.


One of the traditions we have is that my Mom always monkey bread for breakfast on Christmas Morning. It was delicious!


Family photo from Christmas Eve! We opened gifts from cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles the night before Christmas.


Cousins with the grandparents. I’ve been living in leggings and sweats the past couple of days. Denim just sounds awful to my legs haha


Christmas half-selfie. The shirt I’m wearing I got for Christmas and I call it my candy cane shirt haha. I love it.

Now for a look at some of my favorite Christmas gifts.


I FINALLY got a North Face jacket! I love it. I also love the tribal sweater my mom got me and more red/black/grey shirts.


My favorite workout/fitness related gifts were my new yoga leggings, Nike sports bra, and Nike pro capris. Plus a couple of good magazines to read.


These are the random things I got that I’m happy about. “The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis” is a book that my practicum teacher had this semester and one day I read several excerpts from this book and added it to my Amazon book wish list. My Mom ordered us a personalized monogrammed coffee cup. She picked the perfect colors. Lastly I’m obsessed with my Juicy Couture Le Fleur perfume. It smells heavenly.

My plan for today is just to be lazy and do absolutely nothing. Well except I’m going to find some kind of workout to do later. It’ll take awhile to counteract all the eating I’ve been doing. And then I’ll get back to watching my new Netflix obssession: Mad Men.

As for Christmas of 2013 you were a good one! Now it’s time to look toward the New Year!

How was your Christmas? Best gift you received?


Vegas!!!! #timber

Unless you don’t follow me on Instagram or didn’t read my last blog post you may not know that I spent the last weekend in Las Vegas with my best girlfriends. You probably got sick of seeing our timber hashtag for the trip, but hey we had to pick one hashtag to use and timber was the perfect song for it. And you know what we honestly didn’t care if people got tired of seeing our Instagram pictures. We were having the time of our lives and wanted everyone to see it.

When you think back on a trip there may be moments or experiences that you can pick out that were the best parts of the trip. When I think back on this trip I honestly can say that every single moment was fun. From the moment we loaded in the car to get our nails done before heading to Albuquerque to the moment we said our goodbyes as we all parted ways, our time was filled with obnoxious laughter, hilarious stories, and just filled with love for our friendship and time together. For the rest of my life I will cherish the memories I made on this trip with these girls and one guy. I know you’re thinking you can “cherish” a trip to Vegas? Yes, yes you can. I know that the friendships I have with the sisters I was with on this trip are now at a deeper level than ever and that’s what matters most.

Anyways let’s get to the fun stuff.

Everyone was finished with finals on Friday so Lindsey, Jaci, and me and got our nails done and then hit the road to Albuquerque. We flew out of Albuquerque at 8 a.m. on Saturday so that meant we arrived in Vegas at 8 a.m.


We put our luggage in the hotel where they held it until we could check in. We stayed at the Excalibur. Not the fanciest hotel, but definitely super cheap and that’s all we cared about. That day we spent the morning and afternoon walking down the strip and taking in that we were finally in Vegas.


We learned real fast to just ignore the people asking you where you’re going out for the night. Just to warn you the guys with cards to get into the clubs work off tips. Don’t expect to get the cards without dishing out some $$$.

In one of the hotel a girl, Michelle, came up and asked us where we were going for the night and she was a promoter for the club XS. I gave her my contact information and then throughout the day she would send texts about  what was going on for the night.


We met up with Courtney and Joey in one of the hotels and eventually made it back to our hotel to get ready for our first night out.


These next two pictures explain how we were the entire trip. Day or night.



We think we’re pretty funny.



So for this night we went to the club Tao in the Venetian hotel. Drinks were about $25 each at the bar and we couldn’t even get to the bar in the first place, so we skipped out on that part. We just danced the night away…until the dance floor got a little too packed for our liking. Like the type where you are standing chest to chest with each other because people keep pushing through from both sides. Annoying.

The best part was when foam started falling down from the ceiling and it looked like snow. Then confetti started falling down. The music was great at this club and the confetti just made it really exciting and made the club experience more real.


Whenever you got tired of dancing or just needed a breath of fresh air you could step out onto the balcony to this gorgeous view.


As you could imagine our sleeping schedule wasn’t exactly your typical schedule. We eventually made it back home to sleep and begin a new day.

Sunday Lindsey, Jaci, and I actually got up and went for a run down the strip. We woke up feeling great and decided we should so we would feel better about ourselves haha. I don’t have pictures of every meal because I’m a little embarrassed at how bad we ate. But we worked all semester for this trip so we didn’t let it bother us. After our run we got ready for the day and headed to the Wynn hotel for brunch.

photo (2)

Just like everything else in Vegas the Wynn hotel is breathtaking. Everything is very elegant, sophisticated, and over the top. The brunch we went to was amazing and one of my favorite experiences. I definitely recommend doing the brunch at the Wynn if you go to Vegas. It’s a little pricey, but beyond worth it.  Bad picture, but that’s what the inside looked like.


For the brunch there was a huge buffet of almost every food you could imagine. And bottomless mimosas. We would take a few drinks of our mimosa and our waiter, Shafike (we called him Ciroc), was right there filling our glass back up.


We would go find some things to try on our plate. We’d have a few bites of everything then we’d go back for more. First round was breakfast foods. Second round sushi and shrimp. Third round prime rib. Fourth round dessert. We would eat then take a break for awhile and then go back for more.


We had to stretch out our stomachs from too much food and too many mimosas.


After brunch we walked around and did some shopping at H & M. Then headed back to the hotel to get ready. Excuse the selfie, but we did a bad job at taking pictures with each other that night.


The XS club at the Wynn was a huge place and really nice. It was another great night out. All I had to do to get us in was text our girl Michelle and she would put us on the list then we got in for free.

The next day, Monday, was our last full day in Vegas so we spent the day going to the hotels we had yet to see like the shopping at the Venetian and the water show at the Bellagio. By this day our feet were worn out from all the walking we had been doing. Take note. Whenever you go to Vegas prepare to do a ridiculous amount of walking. So for the last day we did yoga pants and tennis shoes. Best decision ever.


We caught the water show at the Bellagio. We could have watched 3 or 4 more of these shows. We were just in awe.


We ended our day out with cocktails at the Chandelier bar in the Cosmo. This bar is three stories high and is surround by long huge strands of crystals with pink lighting.


For Monday night we wanted to go to a nice dinner before we went out for the last time. The club we were going to was the Marquee in the Cosmopolitan so we found a Japanese place in the Cosmo.


I just had a California sushi roll and something with rice then lobster on top. We also had a bottle of Sake that tasted like Fresca. The prices were surprisingly reasonable. My ticket was only $20.

My girl Michelle hooked us up again to get us into the Marquee club. I just texted her about how to get into Marquee and she sent my info to one of her club promoter friends. That girl took over and got us on the list. When we got there we got wristbands for free drinks and got in for free!!

The Marquee club was amazing. Definitely our favorite one for the weekend. It was huge!!!! On the inside part of the club they were playing like techno/club music and that’s not our favorite to dance to. In the outside part that was covered they were playing hip/hop top 40 music. So that’s where we spent our time dancing. Everyone in the room however wanted to stand around and socialize. No one wanted to dance. Except us. So that’s what we did.

photo (3)dark


The next morning we woke up and packed to fly home. We were completely exhausted and ready to be back in New Mexico. Lindsey (the girl in the blue ^) and I had yet to experience In-N-Out Burger. That’s where we went for lunch before we headed to the airport.


I had a chocolate milkshake with mine. I was really surprised at how cheap it was and it was super good! I’ll definitely go back!

Soon we were at the airport. We got there early so we hung out in the airport for awhile and our flight left late too. We just sat there and relived stories from the trip. We were laughing obnoxiously. I think everyone at our gate probably hated us.

Our plane ride home was packed and super hot. We were so happy to be back in Albuquerque and we were greeted with a beautiful New Mexico sunset. Sadly I failed as a photographer and didn’t take any pictures. Lindsey headed home and Jaci and I headed back to LC. It was officially back to reality. The best trip to Vegas had come to an end and we were ready for some sleep! Until next time Vegas.

And just for fun here’s the song Timber if you have no idea what I’m talking about. Prepare to be singing it all day.