Thinking Out Loud: Rest & Airports

Oh hey everyone! I’ve been missing from the blog world for the past week and it’s truly been a nice break. So let’s try to catch up by linking up with Thinking Out Loud!


  • Coffee and kitties are my favorite way to start my morning!photo(153)
  • In just a few hours I go into the dentist office and get my wisdom teeth taken out. I’m not excited about it, but I know I need to stop putting it off. Bring on the chipmunk cheeks!
  • While I’ve been away I was able to truly rest. I think my body needed and enjoyed a break from Crossfit. It was also refreshing for my mind to get away to a new place and not have the stress and worries that fill my mind while at home. And it’s always nice to spend time with people who fill you with happiness.Jul 31 rest week
  • Airports are one of the most fascinating places to me. I absolutely love being in the airport. I love looking at all the people. Where are they going? What are they doing? Who are they? You see the true colors of people when they are dealing with delays and cancelled flights. After a evening filled with delays I was thankful to finally get home.jul 31 rain airport
  • A rainy day afternoon/night in the airport made me crave warm, savory foods. I had a cappuccino from Starbucks with a cinnamon chip scone. I forget how good cappuccinos are. I was also so thankful that I had chosen to wear skinny jeans and bring a hoodie since I was sitting in a cold place for a long time!Jul 31 Starbucks
  • Yesterday was my last Crossfit workout at the box I’ve been going to all summer. Next week I’ll return to school and will be trying out a new box once my wisdom teeth heal up. Yesterday’s workout was fun and I really enjoyed it. For 20 minutes we worked on gymnastics moves that we wanted to improve on. Many of us worked on handstands and it was a lot of fun. I definitely improved and got more okay with getting up on the wall. The WOD: 3 rounds of 3 min: 500 meter row then wall balls until time ran out. My quads were so tired!Jul 31 crossfit
  • It’s always nice to catch up with you old friends from home. It’s neat how we can be at completely different stages of our lives, but still can talk about anything.
  • I know I’ve been saying I’m moving to a new blog and I promise it’s happening soon. The design is almost done and I’m thinking by next week it’ll be complete! Eeeek! I cannot wait!
  • I can’t believe my summer is basically over. All of a sudden last week was my last time working with my Dad since I’ll be out of commission this weekend due to my wisdom teeth. But I’m ready to get my final semester of school started. Jul 31 sprinkler and dad

That’s all for today!

Tell me your thoughts!


Banana Chobani & A Nap

A cup of banana chobani and a nap was all I needed this afternoon. After a day of class and work and then class again, I was super tired and ready for a snack.

My sister texted me right as I got out of class and told me she found banana Chobani at the grocery store. I was soooo excited!! I went straight home and grabbed a cup. I mixed in peanut butter and some Kashi cereal. Mmmmm that helped make my afternoon right.20130828-174911.jpg


Next, I finally got to take a nap. Only 30 minutes, but hey I woke up feeling refreshed and confident that I can stay awake during my night class tonight.

Let me take a power nap

I don’t know why, but the past couple of days I’ve been having trouble staying attentive during class. My 2:35 pm Modern British Fiction class truly is interesting, but I find my eyes getting heavy and today I had to pinch myself from letting my head fall to my desk in surrender to sleep.


I haven’t been going to bed super late…but I probably could go to bed earlier. And I haven’t been having coffee in the mornings. It’s too hot and humid for hot coffee and I don’t ever get ready in time to grab some before class. Maybe coffee is what I need.

I’ve also been happily getting to workout this week! Monday morning my sister and I went for a run and then did some abs. Tuesday morning I did a strength video on Youtube (not my favorite so I won’t share it haha). This morning I did some HIIT running and did some sprints and such for a little over 3 miles.

Green monsters have continued to make an appearance this week and I’ve been making some pretty tasty ones.


I still can’t resist those cinnamon bagels either. Thankfully they’re almost gone!



Just a few more days left here at school and then my sister and I will head home for Labor Day weekend. I can’t wait to go back and spend a couple relaxing days with my family.

You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in Your word. (Psalms 119:114 NKJV)

How do you stay attentive in class when sleep tries to take over? Favorite Chobani flavor?

Jumping back on the health/fitness wagon

Well I didn’t exactly ever fall off of the wagon, but my dedication was slacking. To be honest it is really hard to eat healthy in college. Really hard. I don’t really have problems with working out because I usually get that done in the morning, but some days school just takes priority and getting fro-yo with friends.

But it’s also really hard to eat healthy at home. Most of the time I always eat a healthy breakfast such as oatmeal. Of course the end of the school year always includes lots of parties and graduations. The other night my sister had athletic banquet and there was a potluck dinner (I hate potlucks). I only eat what my aunt or mom bring! My mom made oreo chocolate cake which is amazing and my cousin made Texas chocolate sheet cake which is also to die for! I had two pieces….life changing.


I was doing really good at the beginning of the year with getting good solid workouts in and eating pretty healthy most of the time. Then the end of the year just got really busy and I was lacking in motivation. I barely had enough motivation to finish my school work. I want to get back to that place that I was in at the beginning of the year. So for the rest of May just getting back into some type of routine and work on eating better is my goal.

Let’s see how that’s going…

Monday I went for a 3 mile run and ended it with some runner’s yoga.

Tuesday, I went to my workout binder and did a bikini body full body workout with weights and that went pretty well.

Wednesday I went for an afternoon run and did HIIT. I ran for 5 minutes then did 20 seconds at a good pace, 10 second sprint, 30 second slow run, and after I repeated that 5 times I would walk for two minutes. I went through that 3 times and reached 3 miles. After that I did some ab work.

Today has been cleaning mania at my house. My sister graduates from high school on Sunday so we have family coming in on Friday for the weekend. So I’ve been cleaning for dayyysss. Not really. Hopefully, I’ll do some kind of full-body workout today.

This weekend will be really crazy, busy, full of family and friends, good food, and my little sister will be graduating. *tear* *sniff* *sniff* I don’t know why people, including myself, get all emotional about graduation. It truly is an exciting time!

And I just finished reading The Great Gatsby. It was really good! I am now dying to see the movie. Until then I’ll just listen obsessively to the soundtrack and make an excited scream sound whenever the commercial comes on the TV.



It’s almost Friday! Have a great weekend everyone!