Spring Break 2014 in Vegas

Once again I went to Vegas and returned home safely! Spring break in Vegas with my sorority sisters and best friends was a trip I will never forget and have many great memories from!

We left for Vegas on an early Saturday morning.


We arrived in plenty of time for 10 am brunch at the Bellagio. Brunch wasn’t complete without mimosas! (**I prefer brunch at the Wynn. More value for your $$$)


Pool season is just beginning, so we spent our first afternoon out at the pool at our hotel the Monte Carlo.



Our first night out we went to XS at Encore. We had VIP access which somehow meant we were only allowed in the outside Beach Club part. Basically, it was more of a social time then time to dance. Avicii played that night, but sadly our group left way before he came on.


I don’t normally eat burgers for breakfast, but when I do I’m in Vegas. The next morning on our search for breakfast down the strip we ended up stopping and eating at Fatburger. Our burgers and fries hit the spot and were very reasonably priced.



We returned to our hotel for pool time, but made it back out on the strip again. For dinner this time we stopped at Bobby’s Burger Palace.


Bobby Flay knows how to do burgers right. I don’t remember what I ordered, but it came out with white American cheese and BBQ potato chips. It was honestly the best burger I’ve had in a long time. And the fries where amazing there too!

Next for our night time shenanigans we had a club crawl that we all paid to go on. To be honest I will never do another Vegas club crawl again. Do not do it! It’s not worth your money. (Especially if you are a girl because you can get into clubs for free!) We started out pretty early, 8pm is probably when we got to our first bar. We did get a free drink at each place, but we stayed at two different bars/restaurants for wayyy to long.


We ended up ditching the club crawl and going to Hakkasan club in MGM. That club was sooo much fun! It was pretty packed and we finally got to dance!!

One of my favorite moments is when they played Pompeii by Bastille and we were all singing and dancing together. When they blow out confetti over the dance floor is also my overall favorite part of being in the clubs. Its a surreal experience.



We stayed at Hakkasan almost the entire night dancing the night away. Or in my case trying to dance. I have white girl syndrome over here.

The next day we walked around some more down the strip and did some shopping.



That night our group of girls met some other fraternity boys from school for dinner at Senor Frog by Treasure Island. It was a fun place to start the night at. (Excuse the young man in the background. He ruins a perfectly good picture, but this is the only good one any of us have!)


After dinner we went to the suite of a fraternity guy from school who had been getting us on the list for clubs. His suite was at the Cosmopolitan and had a balcony! We had an amazing view and even got to watch the water show at the Bellagio from the balcony.


For our last night out we went to my favorite club, Marquee, in the Cosmo. We stayed front and center on the dance floor of the club for a lonngg time. They had confetti and light sticks which made dancing even more exciting. Check out my Instagram for a short video of what it was like in that club.


After we left the dance floor we went outside to the pool area that had more people socializing. It was neat to see that they had a big screen up there showing the front of the dance floor. We saw many of our friends on there and it was neat to think that we were on the screen the whole time we were in there dancing.



This isn’t the best picture, but I really liked my outfit that night and this one is the best full body one I have. We love our tribal print!


Our flight wasn’t scheduled for 8:30 pm the next day! At the time we were exciting at the idea of having a whole other day for shenanigans, but in the end we all ended up shopping and just anxiously waiting for the time to go by, so we could go home.

But I did get some In-N-Out Burger before I left.


Vegas definitely showed us a good time for our Spring Break, but we were all ready to get back to our simple lives in New Mexico. I could never live that Vegas lifestyle. It’s a little too fast and crazy for me. Going to Vegas twice within 3 months has been more than enough for me. I’d be fine waiting 3-5 more years before I go back.


Vegas has also been a reality check for me and my friends as some of them head towards graduation in 6 weeks. 6 weeks. That’s all we have left together in our normal 4 year college lives. Next semester things will completely change. While we’re scared for our uncertain future, I think we’re all excited to move beyond our sorority days to see what else the future holds. I know I take comfort in the fact that these girls are my best friends and regardless of where we may all end up, I know I’ll always have them to call on. Anyways, I need to stop before the tears start coming.

I’m sad that my spring break is over and that I go back to school tomorrow, but you know that’s just how it is. Thankfully, I’ve caught up on my sleep and am ready to begin a week of working out and eating healthy!


It’s Spring Brakkkkee: Off to Vegas

But first let me take a selfie…

with one of my best friends….


I’m not sure if this song has reached you yet, but it’s definitely a hit at NMSU. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard that this week or seen a Tweet about it.

Spring Brakkeee has arrived. And I’m spelling it as “brake” because well it’s funner to say it that way.

1. Saturday morning I’ll be in Vegas and I cannot wait!!! Aside from school I’ve just had Vegas on the brain. I’m going with 10 of my closest sorority sisters. Hopefully, we don’t lose anyone like the Hangover movies. But we’re all really good at watching out and taking care of one another, so it’s highly unlikely anything like that will happen.

It’ll be like our last “hoorah” together before some of our group graduates and starts new adventures outside of NMSU and Zeta, so we’ll make it a trip to remember and celebrate our friendship.

photo(23)Be prepared for me to be blowing up your Instagram with pictures!!

2. Greek Week

It came and it went. I spent two weeks working hard and laughing hard with my sorority sisters. And eating hard. We eat all the things during Greek Sing madness.


And my parents came down for Greek Sing and bought me this delightful breakfast.


3. St. Patrick’s Day

Sometimes I question my life decisions. I was already exhausted from the past two weeks and should have just went to bed, but it’s a semester of lasts so that’s not an option. After spending some time in the library I went to my friends house for a little St. Patty’s party. I didn’t stay long, but it was fun while I was there.

And they had pin the beard on the Leprechaun. Instant cool party points for them.


And I saw my favorite brother and sister pair.


4. My friend Lauren gave me a good leg workout. Those athletic training majors know their stuff.

True story. She called it a functional leg workout.

5 min treadmill/bicycle

3 rounds of 30 bodyweight squats.

1. Walking lunges with weight plates over head (10 on each leg, 20-25 lbs)

2.  Jump rope while other two are doing move

3. Deadlifts (10, 45 lbs)

* Repeat Round 3 times

1. Wall Balls (10, 18lb)

 2. Morning Glories (10, 45lb)

3. Side lunges on bosu ball (10 on each leg)

*Repeat Round 3 times.

Then ta da! You are finished!! I wasn’t super sore or anything, but it was a good sore that you could tell you definitely did a good workout.

And I did back and biceps this week.


Along with a morning run on Thursday and some chest/triceps today with some yoga.

5. Sleep

Post-Greek Sing I have been exhausted. I haven’t been that tired in a long time. Finally on Wednesday I went to bed early and woke up on Thursday feeling a bit more like normal. I’ve learned that sometimes coffee isn’t enough and all you really need is sleep. I looked like the kitty below at work and class on Monday and Tuesday.

In just a few hours we’ll be heading out of LC to Albuquerque to catch our flight to Vegas tomorrow morning! Have a great weekend everyone!! I’ll be back next week for a post-spring break post.

Five on Friday: No Ragrets

I’m sitting at home at my desk enjoying a cup of coffee and a peanut butter cookie that my mom sent. I should be working on some homework that I need to get done, but I just don’t feel like I can really concentrate on that right now. Sometime I just like to write for fun.

This week has been another crazy week. I make it seem like every week of my life during school is a super busy time and most of the time I’m not exaggerating.

1) Greek Sing is on Sunday!! Two days away! It always takes a lot of work, but it pays off in the end. And with my job I get to spend my time with a group of my closest friends and even girls I’m not close with. My parents are also coming down this weekend to watch so I’m excited to see them too! Throwback picture from last year:


2) A week from today I will be heading to Albuquerque with my best friends to be there to catch our flight to LAS VEGAS on Saturday morning! It’s surreal that Vegas is only a week away. Spring break is a sneaky rascal. All semester long you are wishing and waiting for it to arrive. Now it’s just around the corner and I’m a little freaked out about it. I definitely am not tan enough (not one bit) to be wearing a bikini there and I haven’t had the chance to go shopping for this trip yet. But I can’t do too much about it. #YOLO (please know I’m 90% sarcastic when I use that phrase).


3) Fitness. Once again my workout plan has had me pretty sore all week, especially legs. This isn’t the most flattering picture, but I just wanted to show you proof I do go to the weight room!


And I also did some 60/30s and ran for a bit one day.


4) Food. Food prep was a great decision on Sunday. I roasted broccoli, carrots, and green beans. Then I cooked some chicken breasts in the crock pot.


I am 95% of the time great at eating a healthy breakfast. (Aside from dipping a peanut butter cookie in my morning coffee).

However, Greek Sing also tends to make you have the “I don’t care what I eat. It’s Greek Sing” attitude. It’s basically like an excuse and justification for any bad eating choices. So this cup of fro-yo happened last night and I have no “ragrets” about it:


And if I had this tattoo I would proudly display it when anyone started to say anything about this choice:

And Monday iced coffee made a return into my life because without it I may have fallen asleep in class. Ahhh my iced coffee addiction is being revived. I don’t know whether to be more scared for my checking account or for the addiction that will follow.


5) Freestylin’.

Yeah that’s right this little section is just a freestyle. Sooo….

Check out this guy called TimeFlies. He is awesome and kinda cute too:

As you know I’ve been questioning and dreaming about what my future will look like as far as post-college endeavors. Through experiences here at school I’m beginning to unearth talents that I have and that I know make me unique. How will I use them in the future? Will I simply ignore them and do what I’m expected to do? Or do what my degree says I do? Anyways here’s a quote I want to keep in mind:

Have a great Friday everyone and a wonderful weekend!!

Do you have any “ragrets” from this week? What are your weekend plans?