BBB Week 3 & Iced Coffee

This week concludes the third week of Best Body Bootcamp and probably has been the most challenging so far. I finally decided on my workout schedule and have been going to the gym on campus at 6 am when it opens. If you go later in the day, like the afternoon, the AC is packed with people and it’s annoying.  I like going when I can have the gym mostly to myself and I’m a morning person too. And maybe because I like to act like I’m dead for one minute on the mats…and take pictures of my legs…weird…without having to worry about people watching me.jan 25 gym lying

This week focused on strengthening our push and pull muscles along with endurance. The cardio for this week has been pretty challenging and is definitely testing my ability to keep a fast pace for a good amount of time. Yesterday’s workout was an endurance workout on the muscles. There were 4 different supersets of arms and legs which you alternated exercises until you reached 100 reps for each. Then you moved on to the next superset. My body is definitely feeling it today. I did some yoga earlier to stretch and open up my body which felt amazing. I think I need to invest in a foam roller…I should put that on my list.  Phone pictures suck sometimes.

jan 26 yoga

I’m not sure if I’m doing a plank or downward dog. It looks like I’m in between. It’s kinda hard taking a picture while doing yoga. Try it. Anyways, I’m really loving BBB and am already excited about week 4! After this week then I’ll be halfway through with bootcamp!

So finally this week I finally went to all of my classes which are:

Grammar, Women Writers, Documentary Photography, Media Design, and Approaches to Literature. Oh, and one online class, but I can’t really go to that one. I pretty much have an English/Journalism lover’s dream class schedule and that happens to be the type of person I am! With my grammar class I’m really hoping to improve my writing and knowledge of grammar. I love to write and it’s easy for me, but I definitely don’t do well when it comes to the grammar and mechanics area. I have a lot to learn, so hopefully my writing will continually improve where it’s noticeable!

jan 23 snacky snack

Doesn’t this picture make me seem so…hipster. I have the iced coffee, healthy snack, cool shades, some Jane Austen, and a grammar workbook. Totally hipster. Actually I don’t really even know what “hipster” is exactly, but I like to pretend I seem like one at times.  That leads me to my next topic. Iced coffee!


The coffee creamer I bought the last time I went to the grocery stores sucks. I don’t like it at all and I’ve given it a fair shot at impressing me, but it just doesn’t happen. So to get my daily coffee fix I’ve been getting iced coffee in the afternoon. I always ask for vanilla iced coffee with room for cream. I could probably cut back on the half & half, but oh well. Iced coffee is  my new drink obsession. I may start making coffee in the morning and not drink until the afternoon…probably not to be honest, but if I don’t get my new iced coffee love under control it could get a little out of hand.

ami vitale

For my documentary photography class we had to find a virtual mentor and I chose Ami Vitale. This picture is the reason why. I am completely captivated by it. You can read my little summary about why I chose her as my mentor by following this link:

She is amazing and I would love to somehow get in contact with her. Maybe even go to Montana and shoot with her. That dream may be a little big, but you gotta dream about something!

Guess which movies my friends and I watched last night?! Pitch Perfect!!! Ahhh I love this movie so so much! Fat Amy is simply freakin hilarious! Here’s another great scene from it:

On Friday afternoon I went shooting with a classmate in Old Mesilla to figure out my Nikon d90 and got a lot of great pictures. I’m excited to do some work with them Here’s just a little preview.

jan 25 blog churchTonight’s festivities consist of going to Whiskey Dicks in El Paso to watch Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers. I’m just a little bit excited. How was your week?


Thanks MLK

I know yesterday I was slightly complaining about having today off, but now I’m pretty thankful we did. So thank you Martin Luther King Jr. for giving us a national holiday and a reason to get a day off of school. Y’all should look up quotes by him too.

In 1963 King gave his “I Have a Dream” speech. Isn’t it odd to think that only 50 years ago or so our country was segregated? That really isn’t very far back if you think about it. It’s amazing the changes that can take place within a short amount of time.

Now on to more exciting things.

That is exactly how I react to babies. They scare me. This weekend my friends were talking about how a new baby looks like a potato. I agree. Sorry to any moms or people with children, but it’s true. One day I may have a baby of my own and will hopefully think it’s the most beautiful baby in the world. Until then I will think of all babies as potatoes up until they are about 2 years old. That’s when I begin to interact with them. Oh, I found this on Pinterest by the way.

I hope I’m not the only one. You may think I never get mad, but I do. When I’m hungry and when it’s a busy day at Wal-Mart. I was shopping with my mom in Wal-Mart at home over break and got road rage. Here I am standing by our cart as close to the shelves as comfortably possible. Well this large lady drives her cart up behind me and just stares at me. There is a cart ahead of me on the opposite side of the aisle I am on. There is a visible gap between my cart and the person ahead. If I weighed 500lbs I could have walked through it. But this lady just stares at me…It sets me off. I growl under my breath (a weird thing I do if I’m mad or annoyed) and storm out of the way with my cart to outside of the aisle. I slam the cart to the side out into the bigger main stream aisle and stand there trying to not go sprint after her with my cart to run her over. I just got mad retyping this story.

Well now moving towards happier things like Tumblr. On Tumblr I have a personal fitblr, which is basically a health/fitness blog where I just reblog a lot of quotes, pictures, and workout stuff. I also have a tumblr for posting whatever I like. This tumblr mostly has pictures that I love and quotes. So I’m going to share a few things I’ve reblogged that make me happy.

I’m taking a Documentary photography class this semester, so I’m trying to find some inspiration for what I want my semester long project to cover. I love everything about the photo above.

I love dark, rustic, mysterious photos.

Sad to say but this quote is true. I think so anyways.

I like this photo because of the beautiful contrasts of the black and white colors along with the middle gray. The boy in the pictures is kinda cute too…Justin Beiber. Honestly, I’m not obsessed with him, but I do like him and his music.

Lastly, here is the bible verse from my devotional this morning. “Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom. Instead, fear the Lord and turn away from evil. Then you will have healing for your body and strength for your bones.” Proverbs 3: 7-8.

That’s just something I need to keep in mind this week and is what I needed to hear. My own wisdom can only get me so far and is limited, but God’s wisdom can take me places I can’t even imagine.

Now I’m off to our first Zeta chapter meeting of the semester! I’m excited to see what the semester holds for my sisters and I!

First Weekend Back

The reality that school really is started has officially set in, but I’m looking forward to it. So far I’ve only had one day of classes on Thursday. I’m really excited to get started with classes because I think I’m going to really enjoy my schedule this semester, but we’ll see. I’ll do a review or something next week of what all I’m taking.

We don’t have school tomorrow for Martin Luther King day, which is great. At the same time I really don’t like it. It’s just at an odd time. Why don’t we exchange this day off for another later in the semester when we really do need a break.

This past weekend was a ton of fun and laid back. We celebrated Lauren’s 21st birthday!!! This will probably be a reoccurring comment, but all of my friends are turning 21 now. Slowly they are becoming legal drinking age, while the rest of us are still sipping on water at restaurants. June 27 is slowly creeping up.


Lauren’s mom made 21, 21 birthday cookies! They were delicious! Here are a few more pictures from Friday night. If you follow me on Instagram (you should if you don’t) then you’ve already seen them!IMG_20130118_233630



A huge bonus of living in Las Cruces is all the amazing Mexican food! Living this close to the border you know the Mexican food is pretty genuine.I’m not even going to go into my love for Mexican food, but this white girl does love some green chile! We went to La Esquina for a late brunch on Saturday morning.


It was nearly 11 and I was dying of hunger! Since I hadn’t had breakfast yet I had to have pancakes with eggs. I have a hard time starting my day without breakfast food. Trust me, it’s not good if I do. Breakfast is a huge priority to me. If you want to find out what I’m like when I don’t eat breakfast or am hungry go ahead and keep me hostage for awhile. I promise you will feed me and will regret ever making me hungry. I call myself a “monster” when I’m hungry. I’ll tell my boyfriend to give him a warning that “monster mode is fixing to be turned on.” He finds me food pretty fast when I say something like that.

jan 20 winston

Speaking of the boyfriend, we spent Saturday afternoon riding and he team roped. I get to check out a Nikon D90 for my photography class (more on that later) so I was playing with that all afternoon. The horse above is Winston. He’s my boy and I love him. I really enjoy riding him although my booty is saddle sore today.

jan 19 winston headHe’s thinking “Seriously. You’ve been taking pictures of me all afternoon. Stop it.” He has quite the personality for a horse. He lets you know what he’s thinking.

After we were done riding, the boyfriend and I went to the cheap theater and watched Red Dawn. I loved the original movie and was hoping this one would live up to the greatness of the first one. In my opinion it is almost better than the first one! I would have to watch the original again to really say. Chris Hemsworth is a hottie by the way…and an exceptional actor. I loved watching him for his acting skills, not because he is hot in a rugged way…not at all.

Don’t you just love this song? I mean you can’t help but sing along or go along with the beat when it comes on the radio. I’ve been in love with it since the last few weeks of fall semester!

As far as working out goes I made it to the gym everyday this week to complete the week 2 workouts for Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp.  Sadly I failed at taking any pictures that were bootcamp related. The gym at school has been really busy in the afternoon. It’s actually annoying, but oh well at least people are working out. The workouts have been pretty challenging, but in a good way. I’m loving the strength training workouts because I never really had a real strength program to follow before. Next week begins phase 2  of weeks 3 and 4. To really get the best results from bootcamp I really need to focus on eating better. I haven’t done too bad, but I just need to start eating more vegetables.

jan 20 bfast

On Sundays I like to make pancakes for breakfast. Today I made one of my favorite protein pancake recipes that I adapted from Julie at Pbfingers called Banana Bread Protein Pancakes. Julie uses cottage cheese in her recipe, but I use greek yogurt instead. They really do taste like banana bread too, which I’m a fan of! I think I had the heat on too high because I kinda burnt them a little. Ooops. They were still good! I topped them with almond butter and the other half of the banana.


I had a weird day today. I’m just starting to get a little stressed with a lot of upcoming things and some unexpected additions to my schedule, but everything will be just fine. A iced green tea with coconut flavoring from Barnes & Nobles helped make it a little better.  I had to go to B & N to get a novel for my women writer’s class (Jane Austen’s Persuasion), so I had a legitimate excuse to be in there. Going into B& N always excites me. I could spend hours in there reading and just perusing around the aisles.

Hopefully I will post tomorrow since we have no school! For the rest of the evening I will be reading Persuasion and working on preparing my application portfolio to get accepted into the Teacher Education Program at NMSU. Blah. How did you spend your weekend?