100th Blog Post & Currently


I can’t believe this is my 100th blog post!! Hence the reason for the confetti picture because it’s exciting!! 100 is a pretty big number to fathom. When thinking about what I wanted to blog about for my 100th blog post I decided to do a “currently” post so I can look back someday and be embarrassed at all the random and ridiculous things plaguing my mind.

Moving forward. A blogger I follow, Little Misadventures, does these currently blog posts. I wrote this up this morning before I posted this, so put yourself in a morning mindset.


Making: These past few days I’ve been making scrapbook pages for my fellow senior sorority sisters. That’s something being in a sorority has helped me with is being crafty.

Drinking: A cup of coffee with Italian sweet cream creamer.

Reading: I’ve been catching up on my Bloglovin’ feed and this article: 13 Socially Acceptable Ways You Act Only With Your Best Friends. It’s crazy how accurate that is.

Wanting: I’m wanting time to slow down, but at the same time I want my school work to be done.

Looking: I’m still looking at Pinterest for inspiration to redecorate my room.

Eating: I just had a bowl of oatmeal with peanut, blueberries, and blackberries for breakfast.

Wishing: I’m wishing I could go back to points in my college career and relive those moments. My roommate is still my best friend today and we were both reminiscing about our freshman year last night.

Enjoying: I’m enjoying waking up this morning and not having any immediately pending homework to get done.

Waiting: I’m waiting on this coconut oil I have slathered in my hair to soak in so I can hop in the shower.

Liking: I’m really liking the weather we are having here in New Mexico. It’s warm, but not too hot outside. As long as the wind doesn’t decide to show up, it’s really nice here.


Loving: I have loved Calvin Harris since last summer, but now I’m truly in love with his new song “Summer.” Calvin Harris can meet me in the summer anytime.

Hoping: I’m hoping that my group for my theater class has written the lesson plan for our presentation on Wednesday.

Marveling: I know my constant talking about time and graduating and being sad about my friends must get annoying, but I’m truly marveled by time. When you’re a freshman you don’t listen when people say these next 4 years will go by fast. It’s not until you’re in your senior year and thinking “holy cow! how can I be a senior already?!”

Smelling: I have an awful sense of smell, so I can’t smell anything worth noting right now.

Wearing: I look like a total scrub right now. Big t-shirt and a old pair of boxer shorts with a messy bun.

Noticing: I’m noticing that I’m pretty good at the whole teaching thing. I got my evaluation back today and I had really nice and encouraging comments from my evaluator on there.

Thinking: I really need to get in the shower to get ready for class. Hopefully, I really didn’t have any homework I should have been working on.

Feeling: Sad. Happy. Reminiscent. Bittersweet. Stressed.

Last but not least thank you to all the people who read my blog! I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read the words I have written and look at the pictures I post! Have a great Tuesday afternoon everyone!

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5 On Friday: I Don’t Want to Taco ‘Bout It

1. Fitness. My workouts this week have been pretty good. On Monday in weight lifting I did this workout from PbFingers. I did 3 sets of 15 for each superset before moving on to the next one. I’ll be honest. I didn’t have time to add in all of the abs, but the arms/shoulder part ended up being more challenging than I thought!

Tuesday afternoon I took advantage of a nice day and went to the outdoor track on campus. I did 4x200m sprints with a 200m walk and 1x100m sprint. Then I just ran for about 10 minutes and did some abs/core work after that.


Wednesday was leg day in weight lifting class. Thursday I went for a nice 3 mile run and followed that with some abs. Trying to get a good plank picture makes the time go by a little faster and still that’s not even a great picture haha.


Today I was really lame and did about a 12 minute cardio workout, but I’m glad I at least did something because staying in bed was really tempting!

2. Food. This week my breakfast schedule has gotten a little more exciting. On Thursday I had some extra time before I had to go to class, so after my run I made protein pancakes!! I haven’t had protein pancakes for breakfast during the week in a longgg time!


Today I knew I didn’t want to have oatmeal for breakfast and wanted to have something with spinach. I decided to do scrambled eggs with spinach and had a banana with peanut butter on the side. It was pretty satisfying, but trying to eat my eggs with hot sauce and then eating my banana with peanut butter was a weird taste transition.


Now that it’s gettting warmer where I go to school, I’m getting hooked back on iced coffee. Thankfully my bank account is pretty low this week, so I’ve been taking advantage of the Starbucks gift cards I have. Today on my way to work I got a vanilla iced coffee.


3. Finding the light. There’s something about being into photography that has made me really sensitive to lighting. Especially natural lighting. The drive I have to make to my Thursday class takes me through a valley of Pecan orchards, alfalfa fields, and wheat fields. New Mexico seriously has the best sunsets and on my way home even though I was super hungry I had to stop and take advantage of the beautiful light outside. It’s capturing beautiful moments like this that really fuels my passion for photography.


4. Free.  I saw this on my Pinterest and it really resonated with me. I’ve always been someone who hates the feeling of being chained down and burdened. Of course nobody likes that, but it stresses me out and really causes restlessness in my soul. Eventually you have to find an escape from that and though you may escape bits and pieces of it may still remain leaving a bit of heaviness. This just reminds me that I need to truly let all of that go. Whether you share my beliefs or not I believe this is something that anyone can relate to. My God is one who offers me a life of freedom, and I’m so happy that in Him I’m am not chained down. “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

5. Funnyyyy.  I’m going to end this post on possibly funny note.

Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend!! I have some sorority stuff, but otherwise I’ll just be hanging out!

What are your weekend plans? Are you an iced coffee person?

Thinking Out Loud #1

I’m trying something new today and linking up with Running With Spoons for her Thursday Thinking Out Loud!

  • It’s Thursday and that means after this week we’ll only have two weeks left of school!! Yayyy!!!
  • Wait….we only have two weeks left?! Ahhh I have so much to get done!! That’s the bad part about knowing the semester is about to end.

  • Actually my next two weeks will be slower than the prior weeks in the semester. I’ve gotten my teaching practicum hours done and just have a few projects left, but nothing super stressful.
  • I can’t believe we did Senior Walkouts at my sorority meeting on Monday. That really means our semester is coming to a close. *Sniff* *Sniff*


  • On a brighter note my boss brought us ladies flowers at work yesterday!! He handed me some of my favorite flowers! I’m normally not a flower person, but the genuine surprise of getting flowers made me truly happy.



  • Guess who I’m in love with. JT. I reallly like his new song.

  • I decided that I looked like a hippie grandma for Easter. My dress was cute and so was the shawl thing, but while my cousins and sisters are lookin like hotties I’m looking like I belonged at Woodstock.


  • There is nothing a spoonful of peanut butter with a few chocolate chips cannot help ease. Such as the need for a snack or a temporary moment of stress relief.



  • Aww puppies always make everything better. Especially German Shepard puppies! Don’t worry I seem like I’m seeking for sources of “relief” from something, but I promise I’m just fine! These things just make the day a little brighter.

  • I’m wanting to redo my room and desk space for next semester. I didn’t realize this about myself before, but I like spaces that have a light color and natural light. After 3 years of living in the same space with the same color scheme and decorations (with a few adjustments along the way) I’m needing a mini-makeover in my room! Pinterest of course is my go to source and here are a few things I’ve found.


Anyways, I guess I should head to work! I enjoyed the unstructured randomness that is encouraged and accepting for Thinking Out Loud Thursdays, so hopefully I will do this again.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!!

Tell me a random thought you have for today!