Fun Finds Friday May 31

Oh hey it’s the last day of May! Lame rhyme right there. Sorry.

This morning I got up and went for a good 3 mile run and then followed that up with some ab exercises. I made a peanut butter shake for breakfast with 1 frozen banana, 2 scoops of Herbalife 24 powder, some peanut butter, water, ice cubes, and a couple scoops of Greek yogurt. Oddly, I wasn’t really that hungry when I started to drink it and it made my tummy feel funny :/ so I only drank 3/4 then threw it away.

I worked for my Dad this morning and now I’m just waiting for Cooper to come pick me up so we can go to Amarillo and do whatever he needs to do. So until then I’m doing this little blog post.

Today I want to share some of my favorite likes and pins on Pinterest and other cool things I’ve found over the past week.

Excuse the language of this next picture, but I found it quite hilarious as an English lover and since I just finished The Great Gatsby.


I am in love with this next outfit. Absolutely in love. If you see me in something similar soon this is what inspired me.


I wish I looked this rad whenever I stood next to a random radiator.

Forever obssessed with this song, Ellie Goulding, and Calvin Harris. I’ve been in love with it for months and it still doesn’t get old.

And that’s all I have! Have a great Friday!! Smile


Meanwhile in the dust bowl

This beautiful flat place we call eastern New Mexico has been exhibiting Dust Bowl like symptoms. It has been windy all day every day since Monday. Tuesday after I was driving home from a trip to Amarillo to go bridesmaids dress shopping I had to have both hands on the wheel and there were times where I could barely see in front of me due to the wind blowing the dirt across the road. I believe Tuesday night I heard the wind was at speeds of like 70 mph. No joke. 

The picture does not even come close to showing how dirty and windy outside it was that day. I mean the sky was simply brown. I live in a beautiful place right?


As you can see those windy condition really make running not an option. Not for me anyways. So here’s a cardio workout video I did on Wednesday that was pretty good.

Today I did a strength workout from a YouTube channel that I’m subscribed to. Today was one of the third or fourth times I’ve done a workout from them and I’m thinking I’ll be going back for more.


With YouTube, Pinterest, and online fitness magazines there are so many resources out there to help someone workout. In the workout above it’s basically like you’re working out with the fitness models which it definitely help me go harder when I have someone to push me (virtual or real life).

I’m really hoping that tomorrow I can go run. Maybe I just need to wake up earlier too Smile

Yesterday I had dinner with one of my good friends Morgan. We ate at Applebees and then went to hang out at Bahama Bucks. My favorite summer flavor for ice cream or snowcones is coconut, so we both got white coconut shaved ice. It looks boring, but it was sooo yummy! The spoons also changed color in the cold ice and that fascinated us.


Today I worked for my Dad some and spent some of my time driving around on the ranger with my pup Marley. She decided after she went in a swim in the stock tank that she needed to join me on the ranger. She was a sweaty, dirty, smelly, wet mess of a dog and wouldn’t get out of the ranger.


And I spent my day lining up hay bales so we could load them on the trailer and haul them back to the pens. I haven’t driven the tractor I was on so I had fun zipping through the field on it.


Since my parents were gone the week before I’ve been dying for a home cooked meal! Tonight my Mom cooked some salmon that tasted pretty much like chicken so I loved it! Also, some green beans and salad. Good job Mom!


And there’s nothing like spending a little bit of time on the back porch with the birds singing as the sun is setting behind our pens . Both of the pictures below are unedited.



I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday already. This week has flown by! I don’t have any real plans for the weekend except to move more hay tomorrow, so hopefully it’ll be pretty relaxing.

And while you’re around if you could just check out my internship team introduction article that would make me exceedingly happy Smile

Click on this link:

Gatsby and a Bachelorette Party

So it’s Memorial day and I’m just sitting here on the couch watching Girl Code. It’s hilarious I’m not gonna lie. Oh man I don’t even know how to explain it except you should watch it!

Here’s a little recap of my weekend. On Thursday night Cooper and I went to see “The Great Gatsby.” I loved it! We saw the 3D version, but I really wish I could have seen it in 2D. I feel like I missed a lot of the little visual details in 3D. I will definitely be renting it. I was also really impressed how close it followed the book! Of course the movie left out a few things, but overall I loved it!


Friday night we went and watched “Iron Man 3” because there’s nothing else better to do in these small New Mexico towns. I’m serious. It was a really good movie too! I think Gwyneth Paltrow is awesome. Annddd Robert Downey Jr. is pretty hilarious. I think that’s why I like Iron Man so much is because he’s funny.


On Saturday night I went to a bachelorette party for one of my best friends through elementary to high school. It was one of the funnest nights I’ve had in a long time! I really enjoyed hanging out with the bride-to-be and her friends and sister. I’ve missed hanging out with those girls and I’m glad that though I may go to college in a different town when I come back everything is the same between us. Her wedding is barely a month away!! Tomorrow we’re going shopping for bridesmaids dresses actually. Luckily she wants us to get a black dress, so I know I’ll for sure wear it afterwards Smile

bach party 2

bach party group

And as far as working out these past couple of days, I did some yoga on Saturday. It was relaxing and felt really good to stretch. Today I did an HIIT workout from YouTube. It was a pretty good workout! I like the workout leader because this class is in New Jersey and she has a Jersey accent. It spices my workout up a little bit haha


In honor of Memorial Day I would like to thank the past and present people who have made sacrifices and have fought for our country. Thank you.

How did you spend Memorial Day?