Playing Catch Up on Thanksgiving Break

So break has been really nice so far. I’ve just been locked up in the house due to all the snow we got on Saturday. There’s my Dad running around on the tractor and clearing our driveway.


One of my favorite things about being home on break is my mom cooking breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so any day that starts out with a cooked breakfast is bound to be a good one.

Sunday morning my Mom cooked scrambled eggs, sausage, and biscuits. Typically I’m not a huge sausage person, but the sausage we got from this pig has been so delicious. If I’m gladly eating one or two pieces of sausage then you know it must be good stuff.


My gorgeous cousin Sage turned 15 that day, so we all went over to their house for a family birthday party. Both my sister and I and our two cousins still have family birthday parties. It’s just what we do.


My Aunt made a delicious chocolate cake. As you all probably know chocolate cake is my favorite dessert. It was soooo good!!

Monday morning my Mom’s school got cancelled so we started our day off with some whole wheat pancakes from this site: They turned out really good, but you definitely had to have a topping on them.

DSC_0811The rest of Monday we just sat at home and I tried to work on some projects due next week. I made adequate progress. Then my sister drug me from my homework to go play basketball with my cousins. Instead of playing basketball I learned how to ride a ripstik! It took awhile, but now I kind of have the hang of it! I counted all the basketball and balancing as my workout for the day haha.


Now let’s get to some confessions. They really aren’t confessions, but just points of notice since I last blogged:

  • Since the time change it’s been light enough outside when I get up for me to go for a run. I love running in the morning and am so glad it’s made an appearance back in my life. Except this week…running outside is just not happening here.
  • Along with that it’s cold enough in the morning that I’ve had to break out my running tights. Disregard my cluttered room haha IMG_1818
  • As a secondary education major that means I have to do practicum hours in a classroom. This semester I’m in a really nice high school with a teacher who I’ve taken an English class from. Anyways, I’m in her class two days a week in the morning and usually when second period hits my stomach starts to rumble. This rumbling isn’t quiet or something you can disregard. So multiple times I get to go to the teachers lounge to go make some tea. It’s awesome and definitely helps quiet my stomach.
    She always offers me a bagel and peanut butter too! I haven’t taken her up on that one yet and I only have one more week left. Next week I might have to do that…
  • I got initiated into Order of Omega which is like an honor society for Greeks and is a pretty big deal. Along with that my time on the exec board of my sorority is over 😦 this semester has flown by!!IMG_1813

I’ve lived a pretty exciting life as you can tell. My next confessions post will be a bit more heavier with some real confessions! Anyways, my mom, sister, and I are off to Amarillo to do a little Christmas shopping!!

What’s your favorite meal to eat for breakfast when you’re home? Any confessions you have?



Being Fast Pays Off

This week my sister and I moved back to our university town for the start of a new semester. The internet hasn’t been working at our apartment yet, so times have been hard without it. You really don’t realize how much you depend upon internet until you don’t have it. So frustrating!

Anyways, I want to recap of this weekend.

This past weekend at our local county fair my family attended the arenacross race on Saturday evening. We love watching dirt bike races. They’re typically really fun to watch.


At this particular race series they have a break where they have a foot race on the track. I’ve done it two years prior that I can remember and another year according to my boyfriend (I can’t remember). So on the way to the fair I wondered if I would run the foot race again this year.

I hadn’t won the foot race yet, so that desire to win was still burning inside me. Running on a motocross track is freakin’ hard! You can’t just full out sprint on all of the humps and jumps or you’ll fall flat on your face. My sister and I came close to winning last year, but some boys barely beat us.

Oh, and the winner receives $50!

So on our way out to the races I thought if I would try to run it again this year. I was thinking naa I got too dressed up for the concert/dance later tonight to want to go run around the track. (My sister is going to hate this picture. In the other one I looked the exact same way as her haha)



When the mc announced they were looking for volunteers to run the foot race I thought about it…then took off my boots, socks, my loose jewelry, and pulled my hair up.

It was time to finally beat the boys and win $50! They do give the girls a decent head start, about 50 yards and there were 3 others girls running and about 8 guys. They counted down and we were off. They had me beat around the first curve but then I made my move to the outside and held the lead all the way to the finish!


I finally won the foot race!!! $50 to me! It was a silly little half-time “entertainment” event, but winning it made me super happy as lame as that may be!! One of the track workers asked me if I ran cross-country. Haha no I sure don’t! I just told him I run a lot!

I had to get a few pictures with the guys who do the trick riding entertainment: Cody Elkins (left) and Josh Wilson. They were really nice and did an amazing job performing!


IMG_1140The concert after arenacross is nothing to write home about, but I did get to hang out with some of my besties!




As far as food I enjoyed a spicy burrito the night of the fair.


Switchin gears to school food. (I know doesn’t really fit this post theme. Oh well) A breakfast burrito here back at school. New Mexico has the best Mexican food. Just sayin’. I’ll provide evidence through the semester.


And since I had been without Starbucks all summer I had to go by and grab and iced coffee. So good!


And green monsters have been reincorporated into my life! I’ve had about 3 or 4 this week. It’s so hot here where I’m at school so a smoothie is always a nice way to help cool off.



Of course my mom sent us to school with some cinnamon bagels, so they’ve made an appearance for breakfast a few times this week.


Whew I’m glad to have gotten this recap off onto my blog. Now that school is starting I’m hoping to be a more consistent blogger and to get into a “blogging schedule.” We’ll just have to see what my schedule ends up looking like!

When do you start back to school? How will it effect your blogging?

Headphones In, No Music Out

Tuesday morning I got up. Put on my running clothes, grabbed my iPod and headphones and went out the door to go for a run.


While I was waiting for my GPS watch to prepare itself, I got this feeling that I wasn’t supposed to run with music this morning. “Ahhh I don’t know about that” was my response. But I decided to give it a try. I figured I would make it maybe 1/4 of a mile then I would cave and have to turn some music on. Get some Ellie Goulding pumpin through my ears.

I ran 4 miles with no music that morning. You know what, it wasn’t as bad as I had expected. I used to be one of those people who absolutely hated the idea of running with no music. I had a few experiences where I forgot my headphone cord or my iPod so I was left with no choice, and it didn’t go so smooth. But that morning I wasn’t dying from hearing the sound of my breath or my steps. I was okay with not having a beat to run a long to or sing in my head. IMG_0882

But I had done a devotional that morning before I went out to run and I guess God really wanted me to take what I learned and put it into practice.

Throughout my run I repeated (in God’s voice) “I will carry you. I will sustain you.”

Okay so maybe I didn’t repeat that in “God’s voice” in my head, but I did use my mental voice.

Weird? Maybe. I’m just being honest. And you know what. He did get me through that little 4 mile run with no music pushing me.

I’m not convinced I will forever be a no-music runner, but hey it’s nice to know it’s possible. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t been singing anything though. I am obsessed with “Wake Me Up” by Avicii. Seriously in love with it.

Anyways, last night my sis and I went to a county fair where my boyfriend is from to see the Randy Rogers Band. RRB is one of my absolute favorite Texas country bands. I love all of their songs. I’ve seen them a few times and once again they put on a good show!



I’ve restrained myself and only posted one of their songs.Hopefully you like them!!

So what have I been eating this week? Mainly just bread with peanut butter/almond butter and a banana or maybe with Greek Yogurt.


Oh and remember these?


Everyone needs to have a snack pack now and then. I’ve had many of these this week. Very nostalgic of my lunches I would take to school.

And last but not least a picture of a sleeping pup always makes things better. This pup was sad my Dad nor I would take her for a ride on the ranger, so she laid on the floor and pouted with her warm hazel eyes. Then she took a nap. A fake one I think.


I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!

Do you ever run without music? Did you used to eat snack pack puddings?