Vegas!!!! #timber

Unless you don’t follow me on Instagram or didn’t read my last blog post you may not know that I spent the last weekend in Las Vegas with my best girlfriends. You probably got sick of seeing our timber hashtag for the trip, but hey we had to pick one hashtag to use and timber was the perfect song for it. And you know what we honestly didn’t care if people got tired of seeing our Instagram pictures. We were having the time of our lives and wanted everyone to see it.

When you think back on a trip there may be moments or experiences that you can pick out that were the best parts of the trip. When I think back on this trip I honestly can say that every single moment was fun. From the moment we loaded in the car to get our nails done before heading to Albuquerque to the moment we said our goodbyes as we all parted ways, our time was filled with obnoxious laughter, hilarious stories, and just filled with love for our friendship and time together. For the rest of my life I will cherish the memories I made on this trip with these girls and one guy. I know you’re thinking you can “cherish” a trip to Vegas? Yes, yes you can. I know that the friendships I have with the sisters I was with on this trip are now at a deeper level than ever and that’s what matters most.

Anyways let’s get to the fun stuff.

Everyone was finished with finals on Friday so Lindsey, Jaci, and me and got our nails done and then hit the road to Albuquerque. We flew out of Albuquerque at 8 a.m. on Saturday so that meant we arrived in Vegas at 8 a.m.


We put our luggage in the hotel where they held it until we could check in. We stayed at the Excalibur. Not the fanciest hotel, but definitely super cheap and that’s all we cared about. That day we spent the morning and afternoon walking down the strip and taking in that we were finally in Vegas.


We learned real fast to just ignore the people asking you where you’re going out for the night. Just to warn you the guys with cards to get into the clubs work off tips. Don’t expect to get the cards without dishing out some $$$.

In one of the hotel a girl, Michelle, came up and asked us where we were going for the night and she was a promoter for the club XS. I gave her my contact information and then throughout the day she would send texts about  what was going on for the night.


We met up with Courtney and Joey in one of the hotels and eventually made it back to our hotel to get ready for our first night out.


These next two pictures explain how we were the entire trip. Day or night.



We think we’re pretty funny.



So for this night we went to the club Tao in the Venetian hotel. Drinks were about $25 each at the bar and we couldn’t even get to the bar in the first place, so we skipped out on that part. We just danced the night away…until the dance floor got a little too packed for our liking. Like the type where you are standing chest to chest with each other because people keep pushing through from both sides. Annoying.

The best part was when foam started falling down from the ceiling and it looked like snow. Then confetti started falling down. The music was great at this club and the confetti just made it really exciting and made the club experience more real.


Whenever you got tired of dancing or just needed a breath of fresh air you could step out onto the balcony to this gorgeous view.


As you could imagine our sleeping schedule wasn’t exactly your typical schedule. We eventually made it back home to sleep and begin a new day.

Sunday Lindsey, Jaci, and I actually got up and went for a run down the strip. We woke up feeling great and decided we should so we would feel better about ourselves haha. I don’t have pictures of every meal because I’m a little embarrassed at how bad we ate. But we worked all semester for this trip so we didn’t let it bother us. After our run we got ready for the day and headed to the Wynn hotel for brunch.

photo (2)

Just like everything else in Vegas the Wynn hotel is breathtaking. Everything is very elegant, sophisticated, and over the top. The brunch we went to was amazing and one of my favorite experiences. I definitely recommend doing the brunch at the Wynn if you go to Vegas. It’s a little pricey, but beyond worth it.  Bad picture, but that’s what the inside looked like.


For the brunch there was a huge buffet of almost every food you could imagine. And bottomless mimosas. We would take a few drinks of our mimosa and our waiter, Shafike (we called him Ciroc), was right there filling our glass back up.


We would go find some things to try on our plate. We’d have a few bites of everything then we’d go back for more. First round was breakfast foods. Second round sushi and shrimp. Third round prime rib. Fourth round dessert. We would eat then take a break for awhile and then go back for more.


We had to stretch out our stomachs from too much food and too many mimosas.


After brunch we walked around and did some shopping at H & M. Then headed back to the hotel to get ready. Excuse the selfie, but we did a bad job at taking pictures with each other that night.


The XS club at the Wynn was a huge place and really nice. It was another great night out. All I had to do to get us in was text our girl Michelle and she would put us on the list then we got in for free.

The next day, Monday, was our last full day in Vegas so we spent the day going to the hotels we had yet to see like the shopping at the Venetian and the water show at the Bellagio. By this day our feet were worn out from all the walking we had been doing. Take note. Whenever you go to Vegas prepare to do a ridiculous amount of walking. So for the last day we did yoga pants and tennis shoes. Best decision ever.


We caught the water show at the Bellagio. We could have watched 3 or 4 more of these shows. We were just in awe.


We ended our day out with cocktails at the Chandelier bar in the Cosmo. This bar is three stories high and is surround by long huge strands of crystals with pink lighting.


For Monday night we wanted to go to a nice dinner before we went out for the last time. The club we were going to was the Marquee in the Cosmopolitan so we found a Japanese place in the Cosmo.


I just had a California sushi roll and something with rice then lobster on top. We also had a bottle of Sake that tasted like Fresca. The prices were surprisingly reasonable. My ticket was only $20.

My girl Michelle hooked us up again to get us into the Marquee club. I just texted her about how to get into Marquee and she sent my info to one of her club promoter friends. That girl took over and got us on the list. When we got there we got wristbands for free drinks and got in for free!!

The Marquee club was amazing. Definitely our favorite one for the weekend. It was huge!!!! On the inside part of the club they were playing like techno/club music and that’s not our favorite to dance to. In the outside part that was covered they were playing hip/hop top 40 music. So that’s where we spent our time dancing. Everyone in the room however wanted to stand around and socialize. No one wanted to dance. Except us. So that’s what we did.

photo (3)dark


The next morning we woke up and packed to fly home. We were completely exhausted and ready to be back in New Mexico. Lindsey (the girl in the blue ^) and I had yet to experience In-N-Out Burger. That’s where we went for lunch before we headed to the airport.


I had a chocolate milkshake with mine. I was really surprised at how cheap it was and it was super good! I’ll definitely go back!

Soon we were at the airport. We got there early so we hung out in the airport for awhile and our flight left late too. We just sat there and relived stories from the trip. We were laughing obnoxiously. I think everyone at our gate probably hated us.

Our plane ride home was packed and super hot. We were so happy to be back in Albuquerque and we were greeted with a beautiful New Mexico sunset. Sadly I failed as a photographer and didn’t take any pictures. Lindsey headed home and Jaci and I headed back to LC. It was officially back to reality. The best trip to Vegas had come to an end and we were ready for some sleep! Until next time Vegas.

And just for fun here’s the song Timber if you have no idea what I’m talking about. Prepare to be singing it all day.


The Wrecking Ball Begins Its Descent

I cannot express how happy I am that I have a chunk of spare time to do a little blogging. Right now we were supposed to be doing bid day pictures for my chapter, but they got moved due to rainy weather. Boo! Luckily, that gave me a chance to do whatever I want…Well there is homework I could do, but I’ll do it tomorrow. Blogging is my weapon of choice. Barnes & Nobles is my haven.


That chocolate bar is rich let me warn you.

Anyways, the past few weeks have been hectic to say the least. Y’all will understand I hope. You know how you get back to school and you’re just trying to get your schedule and routine figured out? Well I’ve finally figured mine out for the semester! Basically I’m in the classroom doing practicum hours, at work, or am in my college classes all day and most evenings.  A little bit of order has been established in my life.

I like to think I’m not an orderly person. That I’m just real laidback and go with the flow, which I am, but in a way I really do like to have a routine. I guess when I’m busy I like to have something to direct my days/weeks with.


I have almost established a consistent workout schedule. I say almost because I’ve finally worked out 4 days in a row just not at consistent times. Yesterday I got to go on a nice 3 mile run along the ditch bank. For my strength I’ve made it to fit camp twice and now my addiction for this group class has been rekindled. There is just something about working out in a group setting that really motivates me and pushes me to do my best in front of others.


Going to Fit Camp means I’m back to getting my weekly Herbalife shake. I always get a shake with a peanut butter bar.


Oatmeal has been my go-to breakfast these past couple of weeks and I’m so happy it has made a consistent appearance again in my life. It fills me with warmth and…fiber. Good fiber!


I’ve been packing my lunch like nobody’s business. I’ve been doing salads for lunch which so far I have yet to tire of. I just need to find a tiny container to put my dressing in so it doesn’t drench parts of my salad. Whoops.

I’ve been eating Think Thin and Quest bars like they’re going out of style.


Think Thin bars don’t have as much dietary fiber as I would like them too, but they remind me of eating a candy bar or a brownie. Maybe that’s a sign I should find a different bar. Any thoughts on these?


Quest bars are simply amazing. They are one of the only bars that truly fill me up after eating one and satisfy my sweet cravings in the afternoon. I love them.


Classes have been going well. I’m so happy I decided to take my photojournalism class. That’s my creative outlet. The class I’m free to do whatever I want and something that is truly fun for me. I’ll post my work on here throughout the semester. As for now I’m doing my first shoot for our assignment this weekend, so hopefully I’ll have some good work to show off!

I’m loving the English classroom I’ve been placed in this semester. The teacher is someone I truly look up to and see as a mentor, someone I’ll want to emulate in the future. I love her style of teaching and am so blessed to be placed with her. The students also seem like a really good group. Though I’m nervous to teach them, I’m really excited to work with them.

As far as this weekend my plans are pretty much non-existent which makes me happy. I have plenty to keep me busy and am looking forward to a chill weekend.

Like I mentioned in my last post (Recruitment & Rain) my parents came down last weekend and when I left off we were headed to a football game. I’ll share a few pictures I took from there.



Ahh I truly love sunsets and sunrises.You never know what kind of light you’ll get in the morning or at the end of the day.

So yeah my life has been crazy lately, but hey it’s just the beginning. Assignments are just now beginning to show up on my planner, so next week the wrecking ball starts to make its descent down and will swing through till November. Wrecking my life into complete and utter chaos and confusion until Thanksgiving break.

But there’s only one way I can face each morning and each project in my planner with a smile in my eyes. That’s with my hope and trust in God. I know he has a plan for me and has intentions for me being where I am. It’s easier said than done, but I need to release the tension in my shoulders and swing my backpack of heavy burdens over to Him. Dealing with things as they come instead of in my head ahead of time like so many of us like to do.

P.S. I really want to work on improving the overall quality of my blog. That means better quality pictures rather than my haphazardly snapped iphone photos and monotone sentences about what I’ve been eating and how my workouts have been. So hopefully you’ll start to see some changes for the better, but like everything else it’ll take some time.

I hope everyone has a delightful weekend and I hope to write another post soon, but we’ll see!

Have you settled into your routine for fall semester? How cope with stress and being busy?

Hello September: Labor Day ‘13

Once again I’m shocked to see that September has already arrived!! I don’t know why I’m always surprised when a new month comes upon us. I use a calendar and see the days going by, so I should be ready for a new month every time. I never am ready though.

Well, this weekend my sister and I came home from college on Friday to spend the weekend at home. We had a nice relaxing weekend with our family and are definitely not ready to go back in a couple of hours.

Saturday morning started out with some buckwheat waffles made by my mom. They didn’t even taste “wheaty,” they tasted like a normal waffle. Needless to say breakfast was great that morning.



We spent Saturday shopping in town. We got pedicures too that were very much needed. I won’t post a picture because I think toes are kinda weird.

We had to have lunch at Taco Box which is always a must-eat place whenever I’m home. I had a combination burrito on wheat with some hot sauce.


Now let me show you some exciting finds from shopping.

You know on Friday how I was searching for a new school tote bag…well I found one Saturday. Dillard’s was having a great sale and I got this Fossil bag for the same price of the ones I was looking at to order.

DSC_1278 (2)

I’m in love with this bag. It’s perfect. It’s so big and spacious and my computer can fit horizontally. Even with my computer there is plenty of room for books, snacks, and kitty cats.

If only I really did carry kitty cats in my tote bag. Wouldn’t that be fun?!

And since now I’m of age to go to the bar whenever I please it has become absolutely necessary to have a good wristlet. With a Lifeproof case on my iPhone I was having trouble finding a wristlet that my phone would fit into.

This one from Kate Landry is the perfect size and has plenty of room for my phone, money, ID, lip gloss, hair ties etc.

DSC_1279 (2)

I also got some “big girl” clothes at Dillards since I’ll be spending lots of time in the classroom this semester. I definitely needed some more professional clothes. Since those types of clothes are boring and don’t excite me I’ll just post a picture of a shirt I am excited about.


I love this graphic t-shirt and can’t wait to wear it! I’m planning on wearing my denim shirt over this. It’ll be cute…hopefully. I bought this shirt in memory of Bambi’s Dad. You don’t think I’m serious, but I really am.

Eventually we spent too much money and had to head home before we couldn’t even afford to get home. My Aunt came in for the weekend, so we all went to my grandparent’s house for dinner. My grandma made brisket, beans, and homemade rolls. That’s heaven on a plate right there. The rolls are seriously soooo good!IMG_1242


After we all ate too much we just hung around and one of my aunts did my hair. She didn’t braid it, but instead twisted it. I have no idea how she did it, but for a split second I felt like I was Swedish with my hair like this…or Dutch too.


Sunday morning we met in town at a local Mexican restaurant that serves brunch called El Rancho. They have an omelet bar, so I had mine made with bacon and green chile.  IMG_1253

Once again I ate too much and then it was off to church.

Later that evening we all met up at my grandparents’ again for a “fish fry.” A fish fry isn’t a normal occurrence in our family, mostly because we don’t live near the ocean and we grow beef cattle. My grandparents had just recently returned from a big trip to Alaska, so they had some salmon they wanted to fry up for everyone. I didn’t take a picture because my plate was full of random stuff, but it was really good.

We did have a birthday to celebrate which meant cake for everyone!! Yayyy!!IMG_1273

Luckily, I was able to get in a hot and humid 3 mile run this morning, so that helped me feel a little refreshed today.

DSC_1294 (2)

My Mom is sending us back to school with Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies and some Zucchini bread, so we are set for the week.

Last but not least, I’ve got to spend the past two mornings with my Dad snapping some pictures and I’ve really enjoyed it.

Sorghum on the left and Corn on the right.



Feeding the steers some hay.

How was your Labor Day Weekend? What was the best thing you ate?