Thinking Out Loud: Rest & Airports

Oh hey everyone! I’ve been missing from the blog world for the past week and it’s truly been a nice break. So let’s try to catch up by linking up with Thinking Out Loud!


  • Coffee and kitties are my favorite way to start my morning!photo(153)
  • In just a few hours I go into the dentist office and get my wisdom teeth taken out. I’m not excited about it, but I know I need to stop putting it off. Bring on the chipmunk cheeks!
  • While I’ve been away I was able to truly rest. I think my body needed and enjoyed a break from Crossfit. It was also refreshing for my mind to get away to a new place and not have the stress and worries that fill my mind while at home. And it’s always nice to spend time with people who fill you with happiness.Jul 31 rest week
  • Airports are one of the most fascinating places to me. I absolutely love being in the airport. I love looking at all the people. Where are they going? What are they doing? Who are they? You see the true colors of people when they are dealing with delays and cancelled flights. After a evening filled with delays I was thankful to finally get home.jul 31 rain airport
  • A rainy day afternoon/night in the airport made me crave warm, savory foods. I had a cappuccino from Starbucks with a cinnamon chip scone. I forget how good cappuccinos are. I was also so thankful that I had chosen to wear skinny jeans and bring a hoodie since I was sitting in a cold place for a long time!Jul 31 Starbucks
  • Yesterday was my last Crossfit workout at the box I’ve been going to all summer. Next week I’ll return to school and will be trying out a new box once my wisdom teeth heal up. Yesterday’s workout was fun and I really enjoyed it. For 20 minutes we worked on gymnastics moves that we wanted to improve on. Many of us worked on handstands and it was a lot of fun. I definitely improved and got more okay with getting up on the wall. The WOD: 3 rounds of 3 min: 500 meter row then wall balls until time ran out. My quads were so tired!Jul 31 crossfit
  • It’s always nice to catch up with you old friends from home. It’s neat how we can be at completely different stages of our lives, but still can talk about anything.
  • I know I’ve been saying I’m moving to a new blog and I promise it’s happening soon. The design is almost done and I’m thinking by next week it’ll be complete! Eeeek! I cannot wait!
  • I can’t believe my summer is basically over. All of a sudden last week was my last time working with my Dad since I’ll be out of commission this weekend due to my wisdom teeth. But I’m ready to get my final semester of school started. Jul 31 sprinkler and dad

That’s all for today!

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Thinking Out Loud: I Met Jackie

It’s Thursdayyyy! Of course that means linking up with Running With Spoons for Thinking Out Loud!Thinking-Out-Loud

  •  I met Jackie on Tuesday.jackie jul 17
  • She’s not a nice lady. For the WOD we did 1000 meter row, 50 Thrusters with 35lb bar, then 30 pull-ups. My quads have been soooo sore!! It doesn’t look like much, but I think our strength definitely was a contributing factor to my soreness of course on top of rowing and thrusters. We did 8 min of Every Minute On The Minute (EMOM) of a power clean down into a front squat and then a squat clean. We increased the weight we had on the bar after each minute. I got up to 70 or 75lbs I don’t remember. I have weak little chicken legs. I know hahaquads jul 17
  • Tuesday we worked on what I think is my favorite CrossFit move. The split jerk.
  • I got to start season 4 of Downton Abbey last night. I decided to check to see if Amazon had made that season available for free streaming. They did and I was so happy!
  • This week working with my Dad has consisted of being out in the mud working on a sprinkler. This sprinkler is on a field of sorghum silage. I got some spiffy pictures out there. My Dad was probably waiting for me to get a tool. Oops. sprinkler jul 17
  • I went to a baby shower this weekend for a guy I went to high school with and his wife. It was lovely and the decorations were cute. I have a hard time believing people my age are having babies!! Everyone is having babies and being married while I’m over here making photo collages for my kitties. baby shower jul 17
  • My decision to change my blog name is in process! I’m getting a blog design done so I’m waiting on that. I don’t know how long it’ll take, but I’m getting super excited about my new blog and to have a more focused direction for my blogging.
  • After my little talk on Sunday and my Monday blog post I’ve been more mindful of taking in the moment. Prime example taking an hour with no phone/computer to watch Jimmy Fallon. It was great.
  • Kitties! They are growing too fast! I seriously could spend hours outside watching them play around in their jungle. AKA my mom’s flower bed. And now for some kitten collages. kitty collage jul 17kittie collage 2 jul17
  • Lastly, this is one of my favorite pins from Pinterest this week: Beauty4ashes

Have a terrific Thursday everyone!

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Thinking Out Loud #4

I’m linking up with Running With Spoons today for Thinking Out Loud!

1. My back is incredibly sore this morning. My Dad and I cleaned out troughs that we feed our cattle out of. That consisted of first removing all the tumbleweeds with a pitchfork. Then we scooped dirt out of the troughs. Doesn’t seem too bad right? But all that scooping and twisting and lifting heaving shovelfuls of dirt add up. I forget about all the manual labor that is done on our farm. Maybe I should have really gotten a job in town. Totally kidding! I definitely got in my workout for the day and am for sure feeling it this morning.



2. On a positive note after  I finished with  Dad and got to take a shower, I made some chocolate chip cookies. I used a recipe from this link: Chocolate Chip Cookies. The only thing I changed was using whole wheat flour. They’re really good just a little crispy on the bottom! Next time I make them I’m going to change a couple more things.


3. Anndd I’ve made protein pancakes a couple times for breakfast this week! I love, love, love protein pancakes and I’m always happy when I have a bit of extra time to make them.


4. Yesterday I finished reading “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls. My mind was blown by the conditions that her and her siblings grew up in. It was very eye opening and made me so thankful that I have parents who get up every morning and work to provide for our family. I cannot imagine having unmotivated parents who are okay with their kids not getting to eat a meal every day. But it’s great to see that those kids escaped what lifestyle their parents had raised them in and they all began their own lives. I’ll be reading more of her works.


5. Notebooks make me happy. I got two delightful notebooks at the good ol’ Wal-Mart with my Mom this week. The grey one will be used for bible study/journal type things. I haven’t decided what I’m going to use the navy notebook for yet, but it’s pretty and looks sophisticated.



Ummm yeah. That perfectly describes how I’m feeling in regards to trying to eat healthier and do Paleo again. However, I’m already tired of eating burgers, steak fingers, and ice cream every other day. I think my cure to this mindset is to go on a run and have a green monster smoothie. I’m also going to check out a Crossfit gym and another fitness gym that seems similar to Crossfit to see which one I want to join for the summer.  Hopefully that’ll help kick me out of this unmotivated phase I’m in.

How do you get yourself motivated to get back into eating healthier and working out? Any recommendations for books to read this summer?