How BBB week 7 killed my arms

The title explains it. Overall, week 7 of best body bootcamp truly killed my arms. They were like jello. I had difficulties taking off my hoodies and t-shirts even. You want to see why? I’m going to show you.

Strength workouts A & B had 10 reps of a strength move with 20 seconds of a cardio burst like high knees or pulse squats.

This move started the burning in my shoulders the first day:

Shoulder Press to Glute Extension

Along with this move:

Crossover Push-Ups

The workout I did on Tuesday was strength B and it definitely did not help my sore arm situation.

Downward dog is a yoga resting/transition move, but not when it includes push-ups. If anyone says to do downward dog push-ups just run. Run far, far away. Actually, I really like them because I know they work, but after 40 of them my shoulders (shoulders caps if that’s a word) were in serious pain the next day.

Downward Dog Push-Up

I thought Friday’s workout C would be better, but no I was wrong. Workout C was a power training workout. There were two moves and you started with 10 reps of the exercise followed by 2 burpees. Next, you did 8 reps and 4 burpees. This continued until the ratio was vice versa.  The first move wasn’t too terrible, but the second move was killer. I like doing push-ups and rows, but this was hard!

Push-Up to Plank Row

Another thing I liked about week 7 was that Tina let us decide what cardio to do for the cardio days. On strength days I did the maximum rounds of the exercise so that I wouldn’t have to do extra cardio. On Thursday I did this treadmill workout from PBfingers: 45 Minute “Make Your Face Sweat” Workout

Saturday my workout was a nice yoga video from Youtube and my body needed it:

My weekend was pretty good. Friday night I hung out with some of my girlfriends. Saturday was a beautiful spring day here in LC. I helped my boyfriend with a team roping they were having for older man who lets them keep their horses at his arena. I had to keep books for the roping, which actually made it a lot more fun to watch! We ended the afternoon by eating some posole and a really delicious pineapple upside down cake.

IMG_20130223_142951 IMG_20130223_161255 IMG_20130224_135048

Saturday night the NMSU aggies played our rival UTEP in basketball, so we went to the game. The Pan Am was packed full of people and we ended up winning so that was great!


Anyways, this week is the final week of bootcamp. Week 8 already! It has flown by and I’m so happy with the changes I have noticed it has made in me not only physically, but mentally as well. I’m excited to go through the workouts again and hopefully this week I’ll have an easier time taking off my sweatshirts!




5 Things Friday

1. I hate my phone. It sucks. The only thing I like about it is that it has a good camera with flash and I can turn the camera to face me, but that’s only when it works! It’s sooo slow. I really miss my Iphone 3g. Come back to me Iphone. Come back. Actually all I have to do is open a drawer and there it is!

2. I really want to go to London for a study abroad program this summer in July. It’s just wayyy expensive sadly. My Mom also thinks I will be a real life example of the Taken movies, which is a reasonable thought (sorry Mom). However, I really want to go by myself. No friends. Just me and a bunch of strangers hanging out and reading Shakespeare. Also, I can’t go during regular semesters because I’m already a semester behind and with education I wouldn’t be able to take the classes I need. So I’m just whining about most likely not going. I will go to London someday though. I will.

Love London!

3. I love to read. My class just finished “The Mill on the Floss” by George Eliot. It’s a really great book and has a very surprising ending. I’m glad I’m taking a class that allows me to read novels and not textbooks for class reading. It’s so nice to read for an hour or two before going to bed.

4. I’m almost out of Fitmixer protein powder and need to buy some more. I have 3 packets of Perfect Fit Protein from, so I’ll make it through next week. I’m considering trying Herbalife protein powder (Herbalife is huge here) or maybe Perfect Fit protein if I like it.

5. This made me laugh a bit.

Dorquisha The Explorer - NoWayGirl

Welp that was fun. Now I’m off to Big/Little Reveal! Not really any plans for the weekend. Just take some pictures for a project and do some yoga tomorrow. My body is begging me to do yoga. Anyways, have a great Fridayyyy!

BBB Week 6 & Race for the Cure

This past week I completed week 6 of Best Body Bootcamp! I really can’t believe there’s only 2 weeks left and I’m already halfway through with week 7! My favorite moves from the strength C workout were:

Single Arm Triceps Kickback

One Arm Dumbbell Row

I really enjoy working my arms. Much better than leg stuff, besides running. I’ve been able to notice an increase in my strength and endurance. My arms are really starting to tone up (from what I can tell). I really should have taken legitimate progress pictures. Fail on my part.  I’m already loving week 7 so far and will do a recap of it this weekend hopefully.

This weekend BBB cardio shined through during the Race for the Cure 5k. My time is in no way accurate because it took a little bit before we were actually able to get out and run. I was able to keep a pretty fast pace most of the time and really didn’t get tired. Not even at the end was I that tired.


The race went really well and it’s just an awesome experience. My sorority volunteers at the event, so after we were done racing we stood at the finish line and cheered on survivors coming through. Some are emotional and some aren’t, but I can’t put into words how much I love this event. It also has a very personal impact on me since my grandma died of breast cancer when I was around 2. My Mom also has an aunt who is a breast cancer survivor. So if you get a chance to do a Susan G. Komen race then do it!


I had my first Chipotle experience in El Paso after the race! It was soooo good. I just got a burrito bowl with rice, steak & chicken, and I don’t remember what else. I will definitely be going back there sometime!

Tuesday and today (Wednesday) the weather has been crazy. Tuesday it was cloudy then it sprinkled in the afternoon. Today it’s just windy and slightly chilly. I hate the wind. Hate it. That’s just New Mexico for you. You never know about the weather.


Yesterday, my professor for documentary photography had me take some pictures of him walking in the rain. A classmate took pictures of me taking pictures of my professor. Kinda cool right? I think so.

I’ve been having dreams lately of being in the mountains. Last night in my dream I was in some gorgeous mountainous place. It was so beautiful. I think it’s a sign I need to get away. Become a wild mountain woman maybe.

Now I’ll leave you with some fun links:

Vanilla Chocolate Chunk Whole Grain Muffins: I really want to try these soon!

Low Fat Oatmeal Banana Bread: Made this this week because I hate throwing away bananas!

Oatmeal Banana Breakfast Muffins: Really want to make these too!

And a link to a song I’ve been in love with since November. It’s a great running song too.

That’s it so have a great rest of your Wednesday! I’m off to grab coffee before my night class!