The Wrecking Ball Begins Its Descent

I cannot express how happy I am that I have a chunk of spare time to do a little blogging. Right now we were supposed to be doing bid day pictures for my chapter, but they got moved due to rainy weather. Boo! Luckily, that gave me a chance to do whatever I want…Well there is homework I could do, but I’ll do it tomorrow. Blogging is my weapon of choice. Barnes & Nobles is my haven.


That chocolate bar is rich let me warn you.

Anyways, the past few weeks have been hectic to say the least. Y’all will understand I hope. You know how you get back to school and you’re just trying to get your schedule and routine figured out? Well I’ve finally figured mine out for the semester! Basically I’m in the classroom doing practicum hours, at work, or am in my college classes all day and most evenings.  A little bit of order has been established in my life.

I like to think I’m not an orderly person. That I’m just real laidback and go with the flow, which I am, but in a way I really do like to have a routine. I guess when I’m busy I like to have something to direct my days/weeks with.


I have almost established a consistent workout schedule. I say almost because I’ve finally worked out 4 days in a row just not at consistent times. Yesterday I got to go on a nice 3 mile run along the ditch bank. For my strength I’ve made it to fit camp twice and now my addiction for this group class has been rekindled. There is just something about working out in a group setting that really motivates me and pushes me to do my best in front of others.


Going to Fit Camp means I’m back to getting my weekly Herbalife shake. I always get a shake with a peanut butter bar.


Oatmeal has been my go-to breakfast these past couple of weeks and I’m so happy it has made a consistent appearance again in my life. It fills me with warmth and…fiber. Good fiber!


I’ve been packing my lunch like nobody’s business. I’ve been doing salads for lunch which so far I have yet to tire of. I just need to find a tiny container to put my dressing in so it doesn’t drench parts of my salad. Whoops.

I’ve been eating Think Thin and Quest bars like they’re going out of style.


Think Thin bars don’t have as much dietary fiber as I would like them too, but they remind me of eating a candy bar or a brownie. Maybe that’s a sign I should find a different bar. Any thoughts on these?


Quest bars are simply amazing. They are one of the only bars that truly fill me up after eating one and satisfy my sweet cravings in the afternoon. I love them.


Classes have been going well. I’m so happy I decided to take my photojournalism class. That’s my creative outlet. The class I’m free to do whatever I want and something that is truly fun for me. I’ll post my work on here throughout the semester. As for now I’m doing my first shoot for our assignment this weekend, so hopefully I’ll have some good work to show off!

I’m loving the English classroom I’ve been placed in this semester. The teacher is someone I truly look up to and see as a mentor, someone I’ll want to emulate in the future. I love her style of teaching and am so blessed to be placed with her. The students also seem like a really good group. Though I’m nervous to teach them, I’m really excited to work with them.

As far as this weekend my plans are pretty much non-existent which makes me happy. I have plenty to keep me busy and am looking forward to a chill weekend.

Like I mentioned in my last post (Recruitment & Rain) my parents came down last weekend and when I left off we were headed to a football game. I’ll share a few pictures I took from there.



Ahh I truly love sunsets and sunrises.You never know what kind of light you’ll get in the morning or at the end of the day.

So yeah my life has been crazy lately, but hey it’s just the beginning. Assignments are just now beginning to show up on my planner, so next week the wrecking ball starts to make its descent down and will swing through till November. Wrecking my life into complete and utter chaos and confusion until Thanksgiving break.

But there’s only one way I can face each morning and each project in my planner with a smile in my eyes. That’s with my hope and trust in God. I know he has a plan for me and has intentions for me being where I am. It’s easier said than done, but I need to release the tension in my shoulders and swing my backpack of heavy burdens over to Him. Dealing with things as they come instead of in my head ahead of time like so many of us like to do.

P.S. I really want to work on improving the overall quality of my blog. That means better quality pictures rather than my haphazardly snapped iphone photos and monotone sentences about what I’ve been eating and how my workouts have been. So hopefully you’ll start to see some changes for the better, but like everything else it’ll take some time.

I hope everyone has a delightful weekend and I hope to write another post soon, but we’ll see!

Have you settled into your routine for fall semester? How cope with stress and being busy?


Recruitment & Rain

Last weekend was filled 24/7 with sorority recruitment. I’ll spare you with having to go into details about it and just share some pictures from the week.

But first of all I finally got to go to the farmer’s market this morning!! My Mom and Dad came down this weekend, so I wanted to take my Mom to the farmer’s market. First though my Mom went on a walk around the neighborhood this morning to get a little exercise in and look around the neighborhood. Then we got back to my house and gathered up the family to head out!


Of course I had to introduce my family to the best waffles ever. The guy who makes these waffles is from Belgium and he uses dough instead of batter. They are seriously sooo good!!


And a morning isn’t complete without some coffee. Other than waffles and coffee all we got was some vegetables, tomatoes and squash.


This past week has been crazy here at school not only with sorority recruitment and classes, but the weather!! It’s been raining since Wednesday and if you’ve been to New Mexico within the past 3 years you would know how scarce rain is.

Each morning and throughout the day the Organ mountains have been covered in fog. Luckily I’ve been able to get some pictures of them.

DSC_0211 copy

I’ve seriously felt like I’ve lived in a completely different state these past couple of days. Fog, overcast days, and rain is a rare happening. Though I really wanted to be curled up at home with a book and a movie to watch, I was still happy to be at school. The weather just filled me with joy!

DSC_0165 copy


Now here’s a few pictures from recruitment this past weekend. It went really well and all of our hard work and long hours paid off because we got some really amazing and gorgeous new Zetas!

rainbow uncropped


One exciting bonus about recruitment is that my real sister is now my ZTA sister!! Sister sister club!!

After an afternoon of some shopping we’re off to an Aggie football game!! Let’s go Aggies!!

I’m glad I got a few spare moments to finally blog again! Hopefully I’ll be back soon, but I can’t make any promises!

How is your weekend going?! Any farmer’s markets or football games this weekend?

Friday Faves: Back-To-College Basics

Guess what!! It’s Friday y’all!!

I got to start my Friday with my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year. Bad decision. I forgot how good these are!!

first PSL

And in the office I work for the secretary for the part I’m in gave us all a Twinkie today. I don’t know how long it has been since I last had one of these, so I’m excited to eat mine in a little bit as a nostalgic snack.

One more thing. Our gym on campus got a couple new treadmills and I got to use one yesterday! These new ones are sooo much nicer than the old ones. Sadly there is only 2 new ones in a sea of old treadmills.treadmill

Anyways, the rest of this post I wrote on Tuesday night and am just getting to publish it. Have a great Friday and enjoy reading about my back-to-college basics!

As I’m sitting here in my bed waiting on my hair to dry and after eating a stupid good brownie my sister made, I thought “hey I should post my back to school blog post before everyone is already too far into school to care.”


Back to the brownie for a sec. You know why this brownie is called stupid good? Because I really didn’t plan on eating a brownie tonight, but my sister is now in charge of making desert for a college bible study and had left over brownies to bring home. She insisted I have one because they were so good. She was right too. They are really good…but stupid because I caved in.

Anyways, here are some of my back-to school essentials! Since I already showed y’all my new tote bag it was omitted from this list, but definitely is a back-to-college essential.

1. Planner


Without a planner I would be so lost and unorganized. I would never turn in my assignments on time nor would I know where I needed to be. I have to write things down and a good planner makes that process much more enjoyable. I have a few requirements when it comes to planner.

My planner must have a monthly view with room to write in things.


And it must have a weekly view with lines and room to write in as well.


Last spring I used a Lilly Pulitzer planner and loved it, but I like to start each semester with a clean and fresh planner. I got this one from Wal-Mart and plan on getting some washi tape and using my Lilly stickers to add some color!

2. Black Pens and Highlighters

Take special note of the black pen at the very far right. I insist and prefer writing in black ink with this particular brand of pen. Other brands are okay if that’s my only option. Writing in another color on the other hand is avoided at all cost.


Highlighters are just nice to manage things in my planner and of course to highlight things in everything I have to read.

3. Notebooks & Folders

They should be obvious and necessary school supplies, but to people like my boyfriend a notebook is completely optional. I just like to take notes and I pretty much need to take notes if I want to remember anything.


Folders are a simple solution to organizing your class papers without having them all jumbled up in your notebooks.


4. Books

Once again another obvious item, but for a girl who loves literature a stack of novels is pretty dang exciting. These are all for my Modern British Fiction class this semester.


5. Skinnies

Do I need to write an explanation? I think not. Black skinnies and maroon skinnies are two pairs I’m pretty excited about. You can dress them up for a day at work (or at a school for me) or just wear them with a simple v-neck for a casual day.


Sorry about the awkward poses. I tried to model them haha


6. Nude Flats

You can wear them with anything and they look professional too. Ding Ding Ding!


7. New Sorority Junk

I got a lot of little sorority nick nacks this summer at some boutique that will be perfect for gifts and to giveaway with my exec position. A girl can never have too much sorority gear!


Those are all of the back to school basics that I have!! (Or that I have pictures of!) Tonight starts Fall Recruitment for our university, so this weekend will be cray. We’ll be talking our heads off and singing till we can’t sing no more!

What are some of your back-to-school must-haves? What color do you prefer to write in?