Thinking Out Loud: Rest & Airports

Oh hey everyone! I’ve been missing from the blog world for the past week and it’s truly been a nice break. So let’s try to catch up by linking up with Thinking Out Loud!


  • Coffee and kitties are my favorite way to start my morning!photo(153)
  • In just a few hours I go into the dentist office and get my wisdom teeth taken out. I’m not excited about it, but I know I need to stop putting it off. Bring on the chipmunk cheeks!
  • While I’ve been away I was able to truly rest. I think my body needed and enjoyed a break from Crossfit. It was also refreshing for my mind to get away to a new place and not have the stress and worries that fill my mind while at home. And it’s always nice to spend time with people who fill you with happiness.Jul 31 rest week
  • Airports are one of the most fascinating places to me. I absolutely love being in the airport. I love looking at all the people. Where are they going? What are they doing? Who are they? You see the true colors of people when they are dealing with delays and cancelled flights. After a evening filled with delays I was thankful to finally get home.jul 31 rain airport
  • A rainy day afternoon/night in the airport made me crave warm, savory foods. I had a cappuccino from Starbucks with a cinnamon chip scone. I forget how good cappuccinos are. I was also so thankful that I had chosen to wear skinny jeans and bring a hoodie since I was sitting in a cold place for a long time!Jul 31 Starbucks
  • Yesterday was my last Crossfit workout at the box I’ve been going to all summer. Next week I’ll return to school and will be trying out a new box once my wisdom teeth heal up. Yesterday’s workout was fun and I really enjoyed it. For 20 minutes we worked on gymnastics moves that we wanted to improve on. Many of us worked on handstands and it was a lot of fun. I definitely improved and got more okay with getting up on the wall. The WOD: 3 rounds of 3 min: 500 meter row then wall balls until time ran out. My quads were so tired!Jul 31 crossfit
  • It’s always nice to catch up with you old friends from home. It’s neat how we can be at completely different stages of our lives, but still can talk about anything.
  • I know I’ve been saying I’m moving to a new blog and I promise it’s happening soon. The design is almost done and I’m thinking by next week it’ll be complete! Eeeek! I cannot wait!
  • I can’t believe my summer is basically over. All of a sudden last week was my last time working with my Dad since I’ll be out of commission this weekend due to my wisdom teeth. But I’m ready to get my final semester of school started. Jul 31 sprinkler and dad

That’s all for today!

Tell me your thoughts!


Five for Friday: I’ve Had Starbucks 4 Times This Week

1) That’s right. I have an addiction. An addiction to Starbucks. I’ve  had a drink from there every day this week, that is Monday-Thursday. So far on this Friday I’m Starbucks free. The question is will I give in or not?? Hmmm. My mom is reading this and probably hoping that I resist this Starbucks temptation (I’ll use my gift card I have).

I even have picture evidence of 3 of the 4 drinks. Dun Dun Dun (My pictures look squished haha):

photo (4)

photo (2)

photo (8)

PS: Luna bars are my favorite to have for a snack on-the-go. Peanut Butter Cookie is pretty tasty. I just can’t this flavor sold in a normal box 😦

2) I have to take my lunch to work. I feel like a little school kid again. I learned this lesson on Monday when it was 2 pm and I was starving because I didn’t bring lunch to my first day back to work. I typically eat lunch at my sorority house, but it’s wayy up campus on the opposite side, I can’t really walk up campus every day for lunch sadly. I’m thinking I may have to start doing meal prep Sunday. That could be fun!

photo (3)

3) I’m in need of a new tote bag for this semester. I have a decent tote bag from Victoria’s Secret, but I want an upgrade. It needs to be able to fit my 17″ laptop horizontally and my books and notebooks. Thankfully I don’t have to carry around huge heavy textbooks, but the novels and thinner textbooks I need to carry add up.  Also, it needs to be made of canvas or of a pretty durable material. Any suggestions? Here’s a few I’m looking at:

4) I love Mexican food. I eat lots of Mexican food. Yesterday after a day of classes and work I went with my friends to a Mexican food restaurant to hang out with them while they had dinner.

photo (5)

Then later last night my boyfriend, sister and I went to eat at one of the best Mexican food places here called Andeles. I ordered the beef taco plate and the picture shows everything it came with. Ahh it was sooo good!! I didn’t mind feeling like my stomach was 50 times bigger than normal.  It was well worth it. I had lunch taken care of today because I had about 3/4 of my plate left, but then I accidentally left the box in the restaurant. I hate when that happens!! Sandwich for lunch it is then.

photo (6)

5) I wish I was in the movie “The Gangster Squad” with Ryan Gosling. Too bad I missed out on that casting call.

Honestly, “The Gangster Squad” was a really good movie! I typically like gangster movies for some reason, so if you like gangster movies or Ryan Gosling you should watch it.

In just a few hours after my sister gets out of class I’ll leave work and we’ll pack up to head home! I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home with my family. We don’t have any big plans, but it’ll be nice just to hang out.

Any recommendations for a good tote bag? What have you been “addicted” to this week?

End of Spring 13’ Junior Year in Pictures

Finally, I have gotten a chance to blog again! Last week was finals and what I thought would be an easy week was jam packed with things to finish up the school year. When I did have a split second the last thing I wanted to do was try to compose a blog post. If I wasn’t busy with school I was either at work or hanging out with my girl friends.

Now to the fun part. Pictures with captions to summarize the end of the semester!


The most wonderful time of the year: Greek Olympics!!


My chariot team! I had so much fun having practices with these girls and getting to know them.


Made a book as my portfolio for my documentary photography term project, so I laid them out and decided the order while standing on a chair in the dining room of our sorority house.


Aced my third Grammar exam which means I will most likely get an A in that class. IMG_20130502_063103

While working out for the most part went to the back burner, I did make it to Tuesday Thursday Fit Camp three weeks in a row! Most of the time I followed up the workout by going to the nutrition club to get a Herbalife shake. Peanut Butter is my favorite. Go figure.


My Little and I got to see our boyfriends, Jason Aldean and Jake Owen, put on an amazing concert! We were in heaven every second.


Crown Ball with Cooper Smile We had fun, but it sure was a wild night is all I will say.


Spent a lot of time writing papers and drinking iced coffee. I used up all of my Starbucks gifts cards. Definitely went there a little too much.


Displayed my pictures in my first photo gallery with the NMSU photojournalism club!



Fro-yo. Enough said.



The only way I made it through these last few weeks is with a lot of help from God!


This last weekend I went to watch my cousin and sister run at state track! My sister made it to the podium in the 800 meter run and our cousin crossed the line at the same, but ended up 7th.


Before I headed home I had to get one last Starbucks iced coffee. Maybe I’m obsessed with iced coffee.

I’m excited for summer to really begin and to be back on the blogging train!!