Christmas Through My Phone Camera

I’m finally getting a chance to sit down and do a recap of Christmas! I honestly can’t believe it’s already over. I came home Saturday to no more Christmas tree, decorations, or lights. It was sad for a moment. Christmas music will now go off the radio and Starbucks will no longer have their pumpkin spiced lattee…Ahhhh let it sink in. Take a deep breath…It will be okay. Life will go on and in a year Christmas will be back!

My Christmas began with a pair of cute boots from my boyfriend!! I requested a black pair and while in Vegas he found me the perfect pair! I’ve already worn them quite a few times!


On Sunday we had Christmas with my Dad’s family here at home. We went over to my grandparents house and began our evening with a feast of pulled pork and appetizers! IMG_20121223_182237

In this picture is my younger sister (red beside me), and my two beautiful cousins! I love those girls so so much! I didn’t do too shabby in the Christmas gift department either. I got a North Face hoodie, a maroon fedora (should be fun), black shirt (go figure), and money! My Uncle’s birthday is the day after Christmas, so we had chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert.

IMG_20121223_204724Honestly, out of all of the Christmas candy I would still rather have a piece of chocolate cake with sweet icing. Weird, but that’s just how much I love chocolate cake!

The next day we left for Colorado to spend Christmas with my mom’s family. Christmas in Colorado is always so much fun because we get to be with family who we may see only 3-4 times a year. Our Christmas Eve tradition is to have seafood for supper. There was shrimp and crab legs, and of course appetizer things. I ate a little bit of shrimp and crab. I like it, but I’m not a huge fan of it.

IMG_20121224_234818After supper we eventually begin the annual men vs. women Pictionary game! The competition amongst our teams is fierce and intense! The girls won again of course ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_20121224_202826ย ย ย ย ย  IMG_20121224_202537

Probably the best part of this years Christmas was getting to see my two baby cousins. Between my younger sister and I, they are the next set of grandchildren. The girl on the left is 18 months old and she is the most adorable little girl in the world. The baby on the right is D.L. who is around 6 months. They were so much fun to play with! I’m what I would call “baby challenged.” Babies just scare me and I’m worried that I’ll hurt them, drop them, or make them cry! D.L. was a great baby and I even held him a few times! Kendall is so stinkin cute, I don’t even know how to describe her!


Christmas morning we woke up to a white Christmas, which just made Christmas that much better ๐Ÿ™‚


There was a crap ton of presents to open, due mostly to the two little ones. I guess I was a pretty good kid this year because I was beyond spoiled with Christmas gifts. I mostly got a lot of cute clothes, money, and some workout things. I got a Garmin Forerunner watch and I still need to try it out on a run! I also got some new weights, so now I have heavier weights to use when doing my own workouts.

After all the gifts had been opened we cleaned up the living room and had breakfast of eggs and waffles. The rest of the day we just hung out and eventually we had Christmas dinner of prime rib, potatoes, homemade rolls (my favorite), and turtle cheesecake.

Typically, my family goes home the day after Christmas, but this year we stayed one extra day to spend time with those sweet babies. It was just great not to rush home and to really have that extra time with the family I love so much!

Of course during the Christmas season it’s so easy to forget the reason we even have it. God’s gift to us of his son Jesus is the most important gift one could ever receive. I am so blessed to have the promise of eternal life and to have Christ living in me.


Here are a few of my Christmas gifts, a beautiful turquoise necklace and a super cute long tribal print cardigan/sweater things. Christmas 2012 was a beautiful time of year filled with good friends, my beautiful family, and just spending my time with the people I love. I hope your Christmas was as blessed as mine!


Two More Days Until Christmas!

Happy Saturday night!! Just two more days until Christmas!


So that’s me. I am in the blonde in black. I know that picture is definitely high quality obviously haha not! Anyways, I was having some short-lived fun with my web-cam. You will probably be seeing many more web-cam pictures on this blog since I just figured out how awesome, easy and fun they are!

I just spent the last two days finishing up Christmas shopping and spending time with my boyfriend before Christmas. Not to mention I didn’t even work out yesterday or today…weird. It bothers me slightly because I’ve already ate so much more than normal and Christmas festivities haven’t even begun. However, I’m really not worried because I know I don’t do this every week and heck it is Christmas break! I’ll get back on track with my working out and eating better after Christmas is over!

On an ending note this blog thing really is going to be a little more work than I expected, but I’m going to make it happen ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s Christmas Break! Just Relax!

This past week has been the first week of my Christmas break. I had just gotten home on Saturday from finishing up my finals at college, not to mention I had suddenly become sick once I had finally gotten home (to my apartment) Thursday after my last final.

These past few days have consisted of a doctor’s appointment where I got a shot in the hip to take care of my sickness, naps, snacks, and doing things for my writing internship. As someone who likes to workout 4-6 times a week being sick is hard for me to do. I want to workout! But then again my body needed rest, so rest is what I gave it.

Yesterday, I did a half-hearted 30 minute workout and it was nice just to get my blood pumping again. Today I did a 30 minute treadmill interval run. I probably should have only done 20 minutes since I’m still trying to get rid of a cough and sinus junk. However, I’m pretty close to being 100% again.

Anyways, as I’ve been here hanging out at home I’ve felt guilty almost. Guilty for not doing anything really. Guilty for the wonderful nap I took yesterday and guilty for the hour and a half I spent watching The Family Man today. Then I have to remember that hey I’m on Christmas break and this is what I’m supposed to do! Now I’m watching Home Alone, a classic!

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย 

Since the end of August when school started back up I have been on-the-go all the time. I always had a sorority event, homework, boyfriend stuff, or just something that I needed to be doing. I even only came home for Labor and not again till Thanksgiving! For some reason this semester was hectic. I spent the last couple weeks at school finishing up projects, writing papers,and studying all the time. So I’d say I deserve a break. We all do sometimes and we need to let ourselves enjoy that break.

I’ve had to make myself almost shut down my computer set it aside, lay my phone down on the table, and just really lay back and relax. I also can finally read for enjoyment again and I chose “Sense & Sensibility” by Jane Austen. It’s been nice ๐Ÿ™‚

Now I have to get up and finally put make-up on to go shopping with my sister in town for their basketball Christmas party tomorrow. When I get home I”m going to grab my book, make myself a cup of something hot to drink, and just read until I feel like going to bed. Not letting anything else in the world distract me because hey it’s Christmas break!