Finding My Blog Identity

I’ve known for awhile that I needed to become self-hosted. This weekend bluehost was having a great deal so I new I needed to take the next step for my blog.

Well I took the step and this little blonde brain didn’t think too much about it. Evidently I would want my blog address to be Unfortunately I put off purchasing my domain for too long and now there already exists a blog with that exact address. I discovered this after I did my checkout. This time last year I had registered for hosting that domain, but that didn’t mean it saved the domain name for me like I assumed. I cancelled the account this morning and am looking to start over.

So that’s the dilemma.

It’s almost like it happened on purpose. These last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about reevaluating the purpose of my blog and the content I want to appear on here.

I could easy use a domain that still incorporates the name of this blog like theblondeinblackblog or thatblondeinblack. For some reason I don’t like that idea and am actually more okay with creating a new blog name. A new blog name represents a fresh start and that’s what I want.

I blog about health and fitness, but I don’t want to limit myself to those topics.

I blog a lot about happenings in my life which is more of a lifestyle blogger.

I don’t wear black all the time.

I’m about to be doing a lot of blogging about teaching once I start student teaching this fall.

I don’t think all health and fitness bloggers really want to read a recap of the ranch rodeo I went to this weekend.

I’ve said this multiple times that this is a year of change, so might as well change up this here blog.

Coming up with new blog names is a little harder than you would think. I’ve got a whole list of names and I think I’ve found the right one. Hopefully by next week I’ll be making the transition.

Come back tomorrow for a WIAW Ranch Rodeo Edition!

Any ideas for what my new blog name could be?



WIAW #5 The Struggle Bus

I was a bit hesitant to link up today for What I Ate Wednesday because I’m riding on the first seat of the What I Ate Struggle Bus.

What the heck does that mean?

Let me explain…

I read this verse in my devotional this morning: “Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else.” Galations 6:4

The devotional was about how we tend to fake it. We try to appear to others as everyone but our true authentic selves. We compare ourselves to others and want how we appear to be comparable to this other person. When in reality we just need to be ourselves.

Sometimes when it comes to WIAW I want to fake it. I want it to appear that I eat all this great and healthy and colorful food all the time, but I don’t. And I know nobody claims to do so with WIAW, but there is almost this added pressure and competition to do so. And like I listed in my July goals that I liked to cut back on bread, eat more fruits and vegetables, and try to eat more Paleo-ish, it can be freakin hard and life happens. Life happens a lot.

Like when you try to make perfectly round protein pancakes, but once again they end up falling apart or coming out in weird shapes.

wiaw pancakes july 2

Or when you have hot cheetos with your peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch because hot cheetos are the bomb dot com.

pb and j wiaw july 2

Every now and then I’ll make a delicious and healthy coffee protein shake. I’ll take picture of it on a pretty table outside. Because this is really where I drink my coffee shake. I lean over and take a sip while I fight the flies off. Sometimes I get a few leaves in it from that plant in the picture to get some added greens. Totally kidding. But hopefully you get my sarcastic point…

wiaw july 2 coffee shake

And when I celebrate my 22nd birthday with my best girlfriend, I like to drink things that have a sugary or salty rim. We won’t even go into how much sugar is in that thing…

wiaw margarita july 2

Then your parents take you to a church service that lasts for almost 2 hours and you don’t get to leave until 9:30 at night (I promise I’m not complaining about church). Leaving McDonald’s or Taco Box as your only options for dinner. And when I go to Taco Box, there’s no going “healthy.”


Even though you get the Paleo Kitchen cookbook for your birthday, you then realize you don’t have any groceries and need to buy a few lot of things to truly get started.

wiaw july 2 paleo kitchen

And that my dear friends is why I’m riding on the WIAW struggle bus. Because faking it is overrated. And people don’t eat perfectly. Next week my WIAW may be great. Maybe we’ll make it to the grocery store and I’ll eat a few things with some vegetables thrown in and take beautiful pictures of my plate.

I’ll end with the words of good ol’ Teddy Roosevelt:

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others?

21 Things I Learned My 21st Year

21 Things confetti

21 was an interesting year for me. Not because I was of legal age, but because of some other things that happened in my life. I learned a lot this year, a whole lot. That’s what led me to write this post for my 22nd birthday, not to try to teach someone anything but to have a place where I can come back for a reminder.

And thank you to all the lovely people who have wished me happy birthday this week and today. I am so incredibly blessed to have everyone in my life whether it’s my blog friends or people I know in person.

Anyways let’s begin…

1. You can’t make everyone happy. You can try as hard as you want, but eventually you have to do what’s best for you.

2. Being 21 is expensive. Drinks are expensive. Trips to Vegas are expensive. Save yo cash money $$$.

3. You need girlfriends, not a lot just a handful. Quality, loyal, honest girlfriends who you can go to at your lowest low, but the next moment double over in stomach aching laughter with.

4. You can’t buy cheap high heels. Go to Dillards. Pay $80 for a pair of high heels. Your feet will love you.

5. You don’t need toxic people in your life. People who gossip about you and aren’t trustworthy have no place in your life. Bye.

6. 4 years flies by fast. Don’t wish your life away because like Ferris Bueller says, “If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

7. I truly met my best friends through my sorority. You’ll reaffirm this when you are sitting in your bathroom crying because you don’t want your best friends to graduate and leave.

8. It’s okay to eat Taco Bell at 2am and listen to Christmas music, just not every night.

9. Take care of your body and make it a priority. Fuel your body with real food and spend some time at the gym.

10. Sleep over at your best friends house. Eat brunch together. Watch movies together. Someday you’ll miss this.

11. But allow yourself some alone time. It’s more rejuvenating and refreshing than you realize.

12. Not everyone has the same “life plan” as you and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just because you’re not ready to get married and don’t plan on staying in your hometown doesn’t mean it’s wrong to think that way.

13. If you want to make something happen in your life, it’s up to you to take action and make it happen.

14. I thought I’d have my life figured out by the time I turned 22, but I don’t and that’s okay.

15. Stop saying “I’m sorry” for things you don’t need to apologize for.

16. Say what you need to say. Be honest about what you’re feeling whether it’s good or bad. It could save you and someone else a lot of heartache.

17. It’s not the material things that matter. You will find that the people you surround yourself with can bring you more joy than something store bought ever can.

18. Don’t forget about your parents. They brought you into this world, so let them be a part of your life.

19. Don’t take life so seriously. Let your hair down and let it all go.

20. You aren’t like anyone else. Appreciate what makes you unique and chase what you are passionate about, not what someone else says you should.

21. God is my rock and my refuge. Even when it felt like He wasn’t listening to me, he was. I just had to wait for his own timing.

“The Lord is my shepherd; I have all that I need…He renews my strength. He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to his name. Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid for you are close beside me.” Psalm 23: 1,3-4