Murph & June Goals

It’s the best month of the entire year! June! Today I’ll go over some goals for June, but first let me talk about Crossfit.

On Friday I went to our box for a fundraiser/cookout/workout for the Murph WOD. Being that I’m new to Crossfit I did the half Murph. Supposedly the half Murph is only a 800 meter run instead of a 1 mile run, but I ended up doing the mile run. So I did 1 mile run, 50 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 150 squats, and finished with a 1 mile run.


I broke my sets up and did 5 rounds of 10 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, and 15 squats. I did the pull-ups with a band, so there was a band from the bar that I put my foot in that gave me an extra boost! The push-ups were the hardest part. I’m not yet used to these Crossfit push-ups, so getting through 20 at a time was a bit of a struggle. Squats were the easiest part and I was always sad when they were done. The 1 mile run after was a little rough. Though squats were easy I didn’t realize that my legs were pretty tired and that my sore arms would feel so heavy. Once I got to the half- mile mark my body seemed to loosen up and so the run back wasn’t too bad. I believe my time for the 1/2 was around 30 minutes! Once I crossed the finish line I was so relieved and couldn’t believe how fast the workout went by. Next year hopefully I’ll be in the place where I can do the full Murph.

I’m not going to lie. My body was incredibly sore the day after. I went to the box on Saturday and we worked on a few skills and some mobility, that afternoon when I got home the soreness really hit me. So that night I took an Epsom salt bath. It felt great and was relieving. I forget how nice an occasional bath can be!

Anyways time for some June goals:


-Kipping Pull-Up form

-Consistently get toes to bar

-Improve back squat form

-Run 5 miles (3 is too comfy)

-Don’t let this be me


– Cut back on grains.

-Eat more fruits and vegetable.

-Cook/bake more healthy variations of recipes


-Enjoy spending time with my family

-Get together with my girlfriends here at home

-See some of my sorority sisters


-Consistently read a devotional err’day.


-Don’t overdose on fun when I’m at the X-Games in Austin this weekend!!!

-Break out my camera more often & edit my photos

-Love on our sweet baby kitties


-Don’t let my 22nd birthday depress me.

-Read Anna Karenina & Divergent & a few other books.

-Find a way to watch Downton Abbey season 4 even if that means buying it.

-Stay on top of my online Art Appreciation class so I can graduate in December!

That’s all for today’s post! Have a great afternoon!

Do you have any goals for June?




4 thoughts on “Murph & June Goals

  1. Pretty good job for being a CrossFit newbie! Half hour for a half Murph gets my approval! I tackled Murph for the first time and I was sore for days after. Great job making it through and for your sets, 20 push-ups at one time is impressive! I’m looking forward to following you on your journey, and good luck not being the lady in your video missing the rings! =)

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