And It Begins: Crossfit

My love for Crossfit has officially begun and I’ve only been twice.

I mentioned in my Monday blog post that my mom and I went to a Crossfit fundamentals class on Saturday. Yesterday, we returned and were able to join in with a regular Crossfit class at the box. Saturday I knew I would really love Crossfit and yesterday’s class reaffirmed that. Here 5 things I learned from our first two Crossfit functions that I think are important. And I probably learned a lot more than that already, but this is what came to mind.

1. Form is key.

On Saturday we spent the majority of time in fundamentals working on proper squat, push-up, pull-up, and sit-up form for Crossfit. The squats and push-ups are a little different than what I have been doing in weight-lifting or whenever I workout. But the coach closely worked with my mom and I to make sure we had the form down right before he gave us permission to jump into a regular class.

Yesterday when we went to our first regular class, another one of the coaches worked closely with my mom and I during the warm-up, strength, and WOD (Workout Of the Day) to show us modifications that were appropriate to our skill level. He made sure we had the form down correctly before allowing us to go up a step in modifications. Grant it, the box only had 4 people taking the class including my mom and I, so he really was able to make sure we were doing okay without ignoring the other 2 classmates.

2. Friendly, supportive atmosphere.

Immediately upon walking into the box on Saturday my mom and I felt welcome there. We were introduced to the people working out in there and to the coaches. Throughout our fundamental WOD and the WOD yesterday everyone was supporting and encouraging each other. It’s hard to describe, but the atmosphere the box has is one that is supportive, motivating, and challenging.

3. Modifications for everything.

There truly are modifications for everything. For push-ups it’s okay to do them on your knees which is what my mom does and I do after I try about 5 normal ones haha. Our WOD included kettle bell swings yesterday so our coach had my Mom and I do Russian kettlebell swings which is bringing the kettlebell to shoulder height rather than overhead. For toes to bar during the warmup, it was okay to just do knees to chest. The coach on Saturday told us that’s it’s okay to do modified versions. While he may be killing himself doing all the advanced versions, we’ll be killing ourselves doing the modified versions.

4. It’s more than just a WOD.

I didn’t realize how much more there was to a Crossfit class than a WOD. There is always a warm-up which is targeted to preparing your body for the following exercises. There is a skill and/or strength. For example, we worked on deadlifts yesterday. Then there is the WOD. Followed by cool down where you stretch  and target those areas that you worked. The coach also mentioned they’ll talk about proper nutrition as well.

5. It’s going to be a challenge.

It’s going to be a challenge and that’s what I was looking for. It’s easy for me to come home and slack off on my workouts and especially making healthy eating choices, but this will add a new challenge to my workouts this summer. And I think it’ll take me to a new level of my fitness where I’ll be able to push my body harder and see more of what my body is capable of. .

And this was what we did in class yesterday:


Warm-Up: 400 m run, 2 rounds of 10 squat jumps, 10 toes to bar, 10 banded chest stretch

Strength: 10 min to find your snatch-grip deadlift 5 max rep

WOD:  3 rounds of 2 min max effort double unders, 1 min rest. 21-15-9 kettlebell swings and ring push-ups.

Cool-down: Mobility

The coaches worked with the four in our class for almost 10 minutes working on proper form for deadlifts before we went on to find our deadlift 5 max rep. For modifications during the WOD they just had my mom and I do regular jump roping and regular push-ups rather than using the rings.

This is based on only two experiences I’ve had with Crossfit and I know once I keep going to the classes I’ll continue to learn a lot more. I know there is a lot of good and bad stuff about Crossfit going around in the world of the internet, but so far my experience has been very positive and I have not had one thought that Crossfit is not good for me to be doing. I’m excited to go back to class tomorrow and to do MURPH on Friday!

Have you tried Crossfit? What is a new workout you’ve been loving or wanting to try?

Thinking Out Loud #3

I’m linking up Running With Spoons for today’s Thinking Out Loud post.

This is my last day of work for the university, so I’m pretty pumped about that! The woman I work under took me out to lunch at an Italian restaurant and of course we had to grab some ice cream for dessert. Caliches is a local favorite and definitely has amazing ice cream. I got a Straw-anna which is vanilla ice cream, strawberries, and bananas. Needless to say this afternoon will be a struggle between taking a nap and staying awake.


In personal celebration for my last week I went by my favorite local coffee shop to get one of these babies. A whole wheat bagel with peanut butter. These monster bagels are delicious and just half of one fills me up.


Did graduation really happen a week ago?! Going to graduation made me excited about getting to graduate in December. I’m ready for it. And I decided I am going to decorate my graduation cap. There were a lot of people (girls I’m guessing) who decorated their hats and they stood out from the rest of the crowd.


Denim on denim. Fashion fail? Or is it okay? Lighter denim shirt with dark denim skinnies. I thought it worked.


You cannot pass up a good green chile cheeseburger and fries. For lunch on Wednesday the boss took a handful us out for lunch and I sure took advantage of a free meal, but once again the afternoon was rough with being so full.


I saw “The Neighbors” last night and it was pretty good. It wasn’t what I expected. I can’t even put into words what I expected. The only thing is it bothers me how movies like this make marriage and having kids appear like the worst thing you could ever do and that your life is over after that point. They did kind of make up for that vibe at the end of the movie, but still. No wonder our generation freaks out about the idea of “gettin hitched.”

Ooh but of course I enjoyed watching Zac Efron. His body is pretty hot I guess…actually it is. No guessing about it.

I’ve enjoyed going to the gym this week with not as many people as during the school year. Monday I did an arm workout and Wednesday I did legs.


As for the rest of my afternoon, I’ll hopefully go to the gym after work and see where the evening takes me. I’m going home for the summer on Saturday, so next time you visit I’ll be blogging from home!! Enjoy the rest of your Thursday everyone!!

Do you go out for lunch at work? What’s a good movie that you’ve seen lately?

I Dropped My Iced Coffee

So this happened this morning:

Luckily it was a slow morning so nobody actually saw the incident, but basically it went everywhere except on my clothes. I went back inside prepared to whip out my card, but when I told the barista what happened she said not to worry about it and hooked me up with a new one. My day was truly made by the people working at Barnes & Noble this morning.


Summer has officially arrived for me!! In celebration we’re going to listen to “Summer” by my boyfriend Calvin Harris. You didn’t know we were dating? Hmm…everyone seems to be surprised when I say that.

I can’t believe I’m done with having undergrad classes and finals to take. Next semester I’ll be student teaching and will only have a seminar class once a week that won’t even be on the university campus. I truly am looking forward to all these changes coming up and summer is going to fly by.

Last night after my class ended I headed to the gym to get in a much needed workout. I went to the weight room and worked my legs. Sometimes I forgot how much I love working out after I’ve been stressed or after a long day which Thursday was a combination of both. I enjoy being by myself in there and being able to escape from the world for a little while.


I went out with my friends last night for one of our last Thursdays out together. To be honest I’m glad this “going out” stage is coming to an end and I think my friends would agree. We had a lot of fun together, but it’s just the same places and the same weird people. And sometimes I just want to stay at home and watch Downton Abbey.


Some hard “goodbyes” are going to be said this weekend and the emotions I expected to be feeling just haven’t risen up yet. It’s comforting to know that it’s not like I won’t see these girls again because I’ll see them a few times this summer. We’re saying goodbye to the life we’ve known for four years together and hello to a new stage in our lives. Maybe I’m being too reflective on this whole “everyone is leaving” crisis, but it’s nice to write about it. I promise after this weekend I won’t talk about it anymore.

And now let’s enjoy some great random pins from Pinterest:


Aside from graduation this weekend I plan on spending my weekend doing some cleaning and hopefully spending some time outside. I’m praying the wind will settle down this weekend so I can enjoy the beautiful weather out here in the Land of Enchantment. Have a great Friday everyone and enjoy your weekend!

Have you ever dropped your coffee after just getting it? What’s on your weekend agenda?