Thinking Out Loud #1

I’m trying something new today and linking up with Running With Spoons for her Thursday Thinking Out Loud!

  • It’s Thursday and that means after this week we’ll only have two weeks left of school!! Yayyy!!!
  • Wait….we only have two weeks left?! Ahhh I have so much to get done!! That’s the bad part about knowing the semester is about to end.

  • Actually my next two weeks will be slower than the prior weeks in the semester. I’ve gotten my teaching practicum hours done and just have a few projects left, but nothing super stressful.
  • I can’t believe we did Senior Walkouts at my sorority meeting on Monday. That really means our semester is coming to a close. *Sniff* *Sniff*


  • On a brighter note my boss brought us ladies flowers at work yesterday!! He handed me some of my favorite flowers! I’m normally not a flower person, but the genuine surprise of getting flowers made me truly happy.



  • Guess who I’m in love with. JT. I reallly like his new song.

  • I decided that I looked like a hippie grandma for Easter. My dress was cute and so was the shawl thing, but while my cousins and sisters are lookin like hotties I’m looking like I belonged at Woodstock.


  • There is nothing a spoonful of peanut butter with a few chocolate chips cannot help ease. Such as the need for a snack or a temporary moment of stress relief.



  • Aww puppies always make everything better. Especially German Shepard puppies! Don’t worry I seem like I’m seeking for sources of “relief” from something, but I promise I’m just fine! These things just make the day a little brighter.

  • I’m wanting to redo my room and desk space for next semester. I didn’t realize this about myself before, but I like spaces that have a light color and natural light. After 3 years of living in the same space with the same color scheme and decorations (with a few adjustments along the way) I’m needing a mini-makeover in my room! Pinterest of course is my go to source and here are a few things I’ve found.


Anyways, I guess I should head to work! I enjoyed the unstructured randomness that is encouraged and accepting for Thinking Out Loud Thursdays, so hopefully I will do this again.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!!

Tell me a random thought you have for today!

My Sister Graduated from High School! Weekend Recap

As I mentioned in former posts my sister graduated from high school this weekend! I really can’t believe that it’s been 3 years since I graduated. I feel old. Anyways, I’m super proud of my sister and so this little post is for her.

On Friday night we had my mom’s family come in who live in Colorado and the Austin, TX area. Both sets of Aunts & Uncles have new babies. One is almost 2 and the other is close to being 1 (I don’t know how many months they are haha). They are adorable and the whole family is pretty much obsessed with them. It’s kinda weird. So when they arrived the weekend began!

Saturday was graduation party madness. The whole day was spent scrambling around to get ready for my sister’s party that evening. But it all came together and here are some scenes from that.



We served some amazing brisket with beans and all that good stuff for dinner. There was a lot of people there and we have tons left over. You will probably be hearing how I had brisket for lunch throughout the summer.






Family fun in the photo booth.



I didn’t even take a picture of the best part of the party. Cake and ice cream! My mom bought this HUGE cake. It was a chocolate and vanilla swirl cake. Fortunately it was mostly vanilla because if it would have been chocolate I would have eaten the whole thing. I’ve eaten a lot of cake this weekend. I can’t even begin to tell you how much haha The ice cream that my aunt and her mom makes is to die for! One made vanilla and one made chocolate. They were both the textures of a Wendy’s frosty and I swear it’s better than most soft serve ice cream. I love dessert Smile

Now for a few pictures of my adorable cousins. Meet DL.


Now meet Kendall.


Sunday was their actual graduation so here is an actual picture from that. My sister is gorgeous right?


Well that’s a little update on what I’ve been up to lately. Monday morning all of our family went home and I helped my mom pack up her classroom. This post doesn’t give this past weekend near the amount of words it deserves, but when a weekend is full of family, friends, and celebrating you know it’s a good one.

Now back to reality. Today, I’ve just been working on things for my internship and helping my mom, dad, and sister get all ready to leave for the senior trip to Florida tonight! Lucky dogs.

Have you attended any graduations this past weekend? I’ll be back on Wednesday!

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