Banana Chobani & A Nap

A cup of banana chobani and a nap was all I needed this afternoon. After a day of class and work and then class again, I was super tired and ready for a snack.

My sister texted me right as I got out of class and told me she found banana Chobani at the grocery store. I was soooo excited!! I went straight home and grabbed a cup. I mixed in peanut butter and some Kashi cereal. Mmmmm that helped make my afternoon right.20130828-174911.jpg


Next, I finally got to take a nap. Only 30 minutes, but hey I woke up feeling refreshed and confident that I can stay awake during my night class tonight.

Let me take a power nap

I don’t know why, but the past couple of days I’ve been having trouble staying attentive during class. My 2:35 pm Modern British Fiction class truly is interesting, but I find my eyes getting heavy and today I had to pinch myself from letting my head fall to my desk in surrender to sleep.


I haven’t been going to bed super late…but I probably could go to bed earlier. And I haven’t been having coffee in the mornings. It’s too hot and humid for hot coffee and I don’t ever get ready in time to grab some before class. Maybe coffee is what I need.

I’ve also been happily getting to workout this week! Monday morning my sister and I went for a run and then did some abs. Tuesday morning I did a strength video on Youtube (not my favorite so I won’t share it haha). This morning I did some HIIT running and did some sprints and such for a little over 3 miles.

Green monsters have continued to make an appearance this week and I’ve been making some pretty tasty ones.


I still can’t resist those cinnamon bagels either. Thankfully they’re almost gone!



Just a few more days left here at school and then my sister and I will head home for Labor Day weekend. I can’t wait to go back and spend a couple relaxing days with my family.

You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in Your word. (Psalms 119:114 NKJV)

How do you stay attentive in class when sleep tries to take over? Favorite Chobani flavor?


Last Post as a 20 Year Old

Yep today is my last day being 20 years old. I’ve been waiting for this day to get here for the past year, but now that it has arrived I wish it would go back a couple of days. So does that mean my 21st birthday is tomorrow. No. No it does not. Actually I’m turning 22 tomorrow.

Kidding. Tomorrow is my 21st birthday! June 27 Smile

21st Birthday Pin

I’ll entering into the beginning of my third decade here on earth. What is that! I’m getting old. It seems like just the other day we were at my house having my 20th birthday party. I got  “The Lion King” on DVD and I was super excited. My face was appears to have been really oily that day haha.

7572068346_65b7a8ab90_z (2)

I have been missing from my blog all week, so let me catch y’all up on some happenings. As I mentioned in my last post last weekend one of my best friends got married.

It was a simple and sweet wedding. I enjoyed hanging out with the bride and the bridesmaids all day Saturday before the wedding. We got a little bored so we acted a little weird…



We had enough time to grow some beards.


And now for a picture of me with the bride. She was beautiful and was literally glowing all day!


I wish Kaitlen and Seth the best and pray that they have a very blessed marriage.

I’ve been slacking at waking up and getting my workout in lately. Monday night I did have sand volleyball so that definitely worked out some muscles I don’t use all the time anymore. Tuesday I was lazy and didn’t get up to work out nor did I have time after working to work out.

Today I finally got a morning workout in. I did running intervals that Sarah posted on her blog: Self Magazine Editor’s Favorite Cardio Workout. I enjoyed doing it and it made my workout fly by. It was what I needed to get back into my workout groove this week.

After I got done working today with my Dad, I came home and did this yoga/stretch video from Tone It Up. It was my ideal way to stretch and cool down after a workout or at the end of the day. A regular yogi might not like it, but since I haven’t been doing as much yoga lately it was a nice video to get me back into it. (The link to make it appear on the page wasn’t working for some odd reason.)

Now I have to show y’all the maxi skirt I got a few weeks ago. It’s really hard for me to find maxi skirts or dresses that are long enough and are still my size. Being tall sucks sometimes. So if you’re short just tell God thank you. Finally I found one that is cute and long enough.


I like to wear a black or red tank with a chambray denim shirt over it. In the picture I’m wearing a denim jacket. It’s a really comfy skirt that can either be worn as casual or Sunday dress attire.

And I made an investment by picking up some cinnamon bagels at Wal-Mart the other morning. They are never at the Wal-Mart or Albertson’s we go to, so when I saw them I had to get them. I’ve had a 1/2 with a bowl of yogurt, peanut butter, and bananas.



And today I had 1/2 of a cinnamon bagel with a green monster smoothie after my run.


Cinnamon bagels are simply delicious. My sister, mom, and I absolutely love them.

Well that’s it for tonight! My birthday plans for tomorrow are to actually wake up to work out,  to go get my horizontal i.d., get a pedicure with the bride-to-be of this weekend, go to Kelly’s (a lunch bar type place), and then later that evening go to dinner with my family and a certain boy who makes me laugh.

Oh just so you know I’ll be eating chocolate cake for breakfast. That’s right be jealous.

So I don’t know about you, but I’m about to be 21. Take it over T-Swift.


What helps you get motivated to start working out again? Have you had your 21st birthday and what did you do or recommend doing?