Finding My Blog Identity

I’ve known for awhile that I needed to become self-hosted. This weekend bluehost was having a great deal so I new I needed to take the next step for my blog.

Well I took the step and this little blonde brain didn’t think too much about it. Evidently I would want my blog address to be Unfortunately I put off purchasing my domain for too long and now there already exists a blog with that exact address. I discovered this after I did my checkout. This time last year I had registered for hosting that domain, but that didn’t mean it saved the domain name for me like I assumed. I cancelled the account this morning and am looking to start over.

So that’s the dilemma.

It’s almost like it happened on purpose. These last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about reevaluating the purpose of my blog and the content I want to appear on here.

I could easy use a domain that still incorporates the name of this blog like theblondeinblackblog or thatblondeinblack. For some reason I don’t like that idea and am actually more okay with creating a new blog name. A new blog name represents a fresh start and that’s what I want.

I blog about health and fitness, but I don’t want to limit myself to those topics.

I blog a lot about happenings in my life which is more of a lifestyle blogger.

I don’t wear black all the time.

I’m about to be doing a lot of blogging about teaching once I start student teaching this fall.

I don’t think all health and fitness bloggers really want to read a recap of the ranch rodeo I went to this weekend.

I’ve said this multiple times that this is a year of change, so might as well change up this here blog.

Coming up with new blog names is a little harder than you would think. I’ve got a whole list of names and I think I’ve found the right one. Hopefully by next week I’ll be making the transition.

Come back tomorrow for a WIAW Ranch Rodeo Edition!

Any ideas for what my new blog name could be?



4 thoughts on “Finding My Blog Identity

  1. I don’t want to sound corny or anything, but sometimes these things happen for a reason! It sounds like you’re ready for a new change and there’s no shame is wanting to pick out a brand spankin’ new blog name that represents you more now in the present than in the past. Though I must say, you look killer in black haha ;).

  2. new reader here! i have yet to go self-hosted mainly cause right now in my life i can’t consistently blog like i’d like to. but i did create a new blog back in september and i really sat on it for a few weeks what i wanted it to be called and where i wanted to go with it. ironically now my life has taken a huge turn since i came up with the name but it still works 🙂 the idea will come to you!

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