WIAW #5 The Struggle Bus

I was a bit hesitant to link up today for What I Ate Wednesday because I’m riding on the first seat of the What I Ate Struggle Bus.

What the heck does that mean?

Let me explain…

I read this verse in my devotional this morning: “Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else.” Galations 6:4

The devotional was about how we tend to fake it. We try to appear to others as everyone but our true authentic selves. We compare ourselves to others and want how we appear to be comparable to this other person. When in reality we just need to be ourselves.

Sometimes when it comes to WIAW I want to fake it. I want it to appear that I eat all this great and healthy and colorful food all the time, but I don’t. And I know nobody claims to do so with WIAW, but there is almost this added pressure and competition to do so. And like I listed in my July goals that I liked to cut back on bread, eat more fruits and vegetables, and try to eat more Paleo-ish, it can be freakin hard and life happens. Life happens a lot.

Like when you try to make perfectly round protein pancakes, but once again they end up falling apart or coming out in weird shapes.

wiaw pancakes july 2

Or when you have hot cheetos with your peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch because hot cheetos are the bomb dot com.

pb and j wiaw july 2

Every now and then I’ll make a delicious and healthy coffee protein shake. I’ll take picture of it on a pretty table outside. Because this is really where I drink my coffee shake. I lean over and take a sip while I fight the flies off. Sometimes I get a few leaves in it from that plant in the picture to get some added greens. Totally kidding. But hopefully you get my sarcastic point…

wiaw july 2 coffee shake

And when I celebrate my 22nd birthday with my best girlfriend, I like to drink things that have a sugary or salty rim. We won’t even go into how much sugar is in that thing…

wiaw margarita july 2

Then your parents take you to a church service that lasts for almost 2 hours and you don’t get to leave until 9:30 at night (I promise I’m not complaining about church). Leaving McDonald’s or Taco Box as your only options for dinner. And when I go to Taco Box, there’s no going “healthy.”


Even though you get the Paleo Kitchen cookbook for your birthday, you then realize you don’t have any groceries and need to buy a few lot of things to truly get started.

wiaw july 2 paleo kitchen

And that my dear friends is why I’m riding on the WIAW struggle bus. Because faking it is overrated. And people don’t eat perfectly. Next week my WIAW may be great. Maybe we’ll make it to the grocery store and I’ll eat a few things with some vegetables thrown in and take beautiful pictures of my plate.

I’ll end with the words of good ol’ Teddy Roosevelt:

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others?


6 thoughts on “WIAW #5 The Struggle Bus

  1. Faking it is for the birds. I own my crazy eats [and the obscene amount of cheese that accompanies them] and hope everyone else will too! Loved the post =) And kick any sort of comparison in the face and just be the you that makes you happy! We love ya for it =)

  2. YES. I love this so much. I don’t relate (or enjoy) reading blogs where people only showcase healthy meals all the time. I eat my bagel and hot chocolate in the morning, a cheese quesadilla at lunch, and usually a salad for dinner with a half a box of crackers on the side. Oh, and double desserts every night- chocolate and ice cream. Sorry not sorry. Keep doing your thang with those hot flaming cheetos. I like the real you better ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. just found your blog, blondes unite hahah!

    but i actually used to care about eating clean, but not at all anymore.
    I think that i would rather eat healthy most of the time, but then i remember that cake and ice cream exist, sooooo that is a fail for me!

    I say just do you and whatever works best. Nobody is perfect ๐Ÿ™‚


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