WIAW #4 Mom’s Birthday

It’s a foggy morning here as I’m constructing this blog post and it’s Wednesday so that means I’m linking up with Peas and Crayons for:

Peas and Crayons

On a foggy morning I always crave something warm, so oatmeal was my breakfast of choice. And if you’re really curious you could probably zoom in and read my to-do list. It’ll blow your mind. Actually if you can even read my handwriting you’re doing pretty good.

WIAW jun 25 breakfast

Speaking of oatmeal I had it a few more times for breakfast this past week.

WIAW 1 jun 25On the left: Peaches aren’t something you normally see on my blog, but whenever we make a trip to Austin we always bring home peaches. These peaches are pretty tasty.

On the right: One of my more normal oatmeal combinations: strawberries, bananas, peanut butter, cinnamon, and honey.

Keeping with the breakfast theme we’ll move on to pancakes.

WIAW 2 jun 25On the left: I made these pancakes for my Mom on her birthday last Friday. I’ll have to share the recipe for these sometime on my blog because they were amazing! I had a hard time finishing those two on my plate which isn’t normal for me. They were dense with great flavor. Good pancakes just make my day.

On the right: Once again I made some protein pancakes that had came out in weird oblong shapes. At least they had more of a circular form to them than my continent pancakes.

WIAW #4 jun 25Top: For some odd reason I just felt weird about putting seafood right across from a chocolate cake in my collage, so I gave them some respectful distance. For my mom’s birthday we went to eat at Red Lobster. I’m not the most experienced see food eater, so I stuck with coconut shrimp. I got a little wild by ordering crab legs which I know are pretty tasty.

However, I always forget how much work crab legs are. I crunched and cracked trying to get a decent amount of meat out of the legs. Most of the time I just got a baby bite, but the few times I actually got a whole chunk of crab leg meat out was pretty exciting. And it probably only happened twice.

Bottom: My mom requested a Dr. Pepper cake for her birthday, so that’s what I made her. I was worried it wasn’t going to turn out very good, but it was thankfully a success. The cake part reminded us of a Texas sheet cake taste and texture (if you haven’t had Texas sheet cake you need to check your priorities). The frosting part was drizzled over the top and sank into the cake. If you really, really want the recipe for Dr. Pepper cake I can give it to you. Es pretty bueno.

CrossFit Interruption: At the box we’ve been going to they do something special when it’s your birthday. So last Friday they made a WOD just for my mom. You’re thinking “Awww how nice!” No. No it wasn’t nice at all.

WIAW jun 25 mom's wod

Here’s what went down:

Buy-in 19 Burpee Box Jumps: Those were fun until I got to around my 10th one.

4 rounds of:

6 Thrusters: I looked forward to these…

20 hand release push-ups: Because push-ups are rough and I hated the moment when I finished thrusters and had to start push-ups again.

Buy-Out: 67 Kettlebell swings. These were okay. If you look at the numbers for the buy-in and buy-out they form the year my mom was born. (Mom notice that I didn’t outright give away your birth year!)

My birthday is this Friday, so I’m a bit nervous to see what they have designed for us. I was born in 1992 so there will likely be 92 of something. What that 92 will be is the big question.

Let’s move on to happier things.

WIAW #5 jun 25Left: Ater dinner plate of strawberries and bananas with peanut butter and a few chocolate chips.

Right: Quest bars are still making an appearance when I need a snack and Cookies & Cream has remained as my favorite flavor. I had the one above yesterday afternoon while I was driving the tractor. I have to stay alert somehow.

WIAW #3 jun 25

On the left: One night this week we had salmon with green beans, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. And I had a big crunchy carrot too.

On the right: We needed to do something with the peaches before they went bad, so my mom made a peach crisp. Basically a crisp is oatmeal and brown sugar covering whatever fruit you are using. And it was delicious. I may have had more than one bowl of it.

Though my actual birthday isn’t till Friday we’re having family over tonight to have my birthday dinner. You mean you still have birthday parties with your family. Yes, we sure do. I don’t care about presents anymore, it’s just a great reasons for us to all get together. That also means another chocolate cake will be making an appearance tonight.

That’s all I have for you today! If you feel up to it check out my first article on FitBodyHQ called 7 Things to Expect Your First Time Trying Crossfit.

Have a great Wednesday erry’body!!

Do you like peaches? What kind of birthday cake do you like?



2 thoughts on “WIAW #4 Mom’s Birthday

  1. What? People have birthdays without their family? Well I do, only because I live no where near mine. Haha! However, if I did live near by, you bet I’d be having my mom bake some of her famous lasagna! Besides, this lady can’t eat a whole cake herself… well maybe if you give me a few days 🙂

    Happy early birthday, sweetie!

  2. Mhmm oatmeal all day, every day! And I’ve been making some porting pancakes lately as well! Not so much with added protein powder, but I use extra egg white to bump up the protein content and make dense, moist ones :). You had me laughing at your crab leg incident. SO much work for so little food haha! It’s like a treasure hunt ;).

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