Thinking Out Loud: Towww Up

Good morning everyone! For today’s post I’m linking up with Running With Spoons for Thinking Out Loud!


  • I had almost finished typing my blog post when I hit some unknown key accidentally and deleted all the text and pictures I had written. That was an awesome moment.
  • My hands are towww up. Towww up. (if you can’t here the voice I’m using while saying “towww up” watch the Push Up Bra video on Youtube) At Crossfit on Tuesday I got little blisters on my hand that proceeded to rip during the workout. It was a lovely feeling. My hands are real pleasant to look at now. I guess that’s something I’ll have to get used to in this Crossfit business. It may not look to bad in the picture, but just trust me when I say they hurt. photo(128)
  • Coconut flour and I are not friends. Yesterday my post title was : WIAW #3: Coconut Flour is Weird   and that still rings true. That afternoon I proceeded to try this fancy little coconut flour chocolate chip cookie recipe. I’m not one to rant much, but I’m almost tempted to dedicate an entire blog post to my dislike of coconut flour. These cookies right here are the cause of true dislike to the dry substance. They aren’t as yummy and  innocent as they appear. coconut flour cookies jun 19It’s the dry texture of coconut flour that gets to me. First you bite into a nice chewy cookie, but as you continue to chew it’s like you just put a spoonful of sawdust in your mouth. The lady who had the recipe for these cookies was sketch about them too. She said something like: “These cookies don’t fit into my training, so I don’t get to have any. But here’s a recipe for you to try and enjoy.” Yeah right lady. These cookies don’t fit into your training because they don’t taste good! For the sake of coconut flour I will admit that my mom, sister, and dad said they weren’t too bad.
  • On a fluffier note, the new kitties we have at our house are continually growing and becoming more fun to watch. They’re starting to get playful with each other and are becoming really curious and adventurous. They’re also really difficult to take selfies with since they are constantly moving! And now I’m dropping a bomb of kittie pictures…photo(115)photo(126)photo(127)Top photo is already captioned. Middle photo tabby kitty is saying: “Mommy come take me away from dis crazy lady!” Bottom photo: Sleepy kitties.
  • While we’re on the subject of cute things…I don’t know what it is, but since last summer I’ve had a crush on Calvin Harris. And things like this end up happening:

  • I forget how much I enjoy yoga. Yesterday it was super windy outside and I had originally planned to go for a run. Since I wasn’t going to take on the wind I did a yoga video instead. I enjoyed the style of this instructor for the most part and I also liked all the back bends we did.
  • Meanwhile the kitties are being all adorable, our dog Marley is jumping into the stock tank to cool off. That means when she gets out she likes to roll her soaking wet self in the dirt. Then she sits around playing it cool like her white coat of dog hair isn’t a completely different shade. Note the momma cat doesn’t appear to feel the need to submerse herself in water and roll in the dirt.marley jun 19
  • I’m really hoping I get The Paleo Kitchen next week for my birthday (hint: see how much I want this). I really want to make the pancakes on the front and I’ve heard how awesome the other recipes she has in there are.  PaleOMG has been one of my favorite paleo bloggers. She doesn’t care what people think and her blog posts crack me up.

Custom Magimix Food Processor Giveaway – The Paleo Kitchen

  •  Last but not least here are some beautiful words to leave you with. Be humble and stop comparing yourself to others. We’re all at a different place.

No questions! Just tell me some of your thoughts today!


4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Towww Up

  1. Your hands! Omigosh that looks crazy painful. I’ve never experienced blisters like that as a result of training, but I remember dealing with some crazy bloody fingers when I was learning to play the guitar before my calluses developed. No fun. And those kittens! Adorable doesn’t even begin to capture it. Can I have one? 😀 I wish… I’ve always wanted a cat, but crazy allergies keep it from happening. Le boo.

  2. I don’t do crossfit but because of my love for my kettlebell, my hands have a similar look to them. Kbell snatches tear me up!
    And I totally agree on the coconut flour. Ive found that I cant go ALL coconut flour in my goodies. I mix it with oat flour for pancakes and waffles an typically end up with good results. OR you can try adding like a T to smoothies. I like it that way too 🙂

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