Memorial Weekend ’14

As I’m sitting at home writing a blog post today I was a bit intimidated about what to write about since it is Memorial Day Weekend. While everyone is out having BBQs and playing yard games, many people today are without their loved ones. As I’ve gotten to know and spend time with some people this past year who are part of the military, my understanding and appreciation for what they do has been greatly deepened. They sacrifice and risk their lives for the freedom of our country, so that we are able to go on with our every day life here in America. It’s easy to get caught up in the fun and relaxation that comes with this holiday weekend and all the great shopping deals, but it’s something we should give more thought to than we typically do. That being said, I am grateful for those who have served our country and made the ultimate sacrifice. I also want to thank those who have served and currently do serve along with their families to fight for our freedom.

On a more lighter note, Memorial Day weekend is known for a time for everyone to break out their grills and spend time outside. But for my family I don’t remember us doing anything special for this holiday weekend and this weekend has been no different. Scrolling through my Instagram feed and Twitter, I see pictures and tweets about people who are going to a cook-out or pool party while I’m just here at home trying to entertain myself. I’m not complaining, though it may seem like it. I definitely enjoy having a weekend with nothing to do.

So here’s just a few pictures of what my weekend looked like:

It’s been raining here since Thursday night which has been a huge blessing. Our land has been incredibly dry.


Friday lunch in town at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Chicken enchiladas with green sauce.


We’ve been on pregnant cat watch and are expecting to have some new little kittens running around soon!


Saturday my Mom made French Toast for breakfast. French toast isn’t a normal breakfast food for our family, but it sure was tasty!


And this finally happened. My Mom and I went to a Crossfit fundamentals class on Saturday morning and we both fell in love with it. So this week we can start going to their normal classes. I’m super pumped to finally start doing Crossfit!

My family ate all the chocolate chip cookies I made last week in about two days, so I made some more on Saturday and enjoyed a few while watching Downton Abbey.


Sunday morning my grandpa got a load of calves in so we spent our morning branding and doctoring the calves. The best part of branding is when you’re finished and your grandma greets you with a yummy breakfast burrito!


Marley gets pretty lazy on Sunday afternoons. Actually Marley is lazy every day of the week.


And that’s about all for today! I’m hoping to go for a run in a bit, but it’s really thundering and sounding like it may rain again. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day!


5 thoughts on “Memorial Weekend ’14

  1. Who needs barbecue when you have enchiladas that look like that?! OMG drooling over here hahah! I’d take a plate of those over BBQ chicken any day ;). Exciting about your kitty! My dad was born and raised on a potato farm in Norway and we go back to visit every 2 years or so. Some of my best memories come from when there was a new litter of kittens and I used to get up early from jet lag and cuddle them for HOURS. I’m expecting lots of pics when they come!

  2. A sorority girl who is branding and doctoring calves? You sound just like my hero the Pioneer Woman! (I hope you know who she is or I look weird right now…)

    Your weekend looked awesome. I’m especially jealous of the part where you ate chocolate chip cookies while watching Downton Abbey!

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