WIAW 1: I Want All the Things

I’m officially participating in my first What I Ate Wednesday!! This definitely does not cover a day of eats, but is more like a collection of random things throughout the past week. This is probably one of the most unhealthy WIAW’s too! I’ll get better at this I promise.

First there is an exciting new store that has come into my little college town that I’m super pumped about!! We recently got a Natural Grocers!!!

We don’t have a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s here. Only a couple  of local health food stores that I think are overly pricy.

Once I walked through the doors I was instantly in heaven and instantly wishing I had more $$$ in my bank account. I meandered through every aisle, looking at all the awesome food products I could be buying.

Snacks: I ended up just getting a granola bar and a bottle of iced coffee from Natural Grocers. I wish I could tell you what I thought about the iced coffee, but I ended up getting distracted and not finishing it.


Current Addiction: Speaking of iced coffee, my addiction to it has definitely kicked back in. I haven’t been as strict on myself about not eating dairy.


Dinner: Every weekend I get pretty lax about not eating dairy and tend to indulge. Hence the picture below. Pizzaaa. Pepporoni with green chile is the only way to go.


Brunch: I had a “see you later” brunch with my best friend before she headed back home after graduating.We had brunch at our Univserity’s golf course.The pancakes were so fluffy and delicious. The scrambled eggs looked like they were home cooked (because they were), not those faking looking eggs you get at Denny’s. Their coffee cup are homey and add a level of comfort to the setting where it fills like I’m we’re just having brunch at one of our homes.


Failure: On a more disappointing note I went big on Saturday by trying a chocolate chip frappe from McDonald’s and it was honestly a fail. I don’t know if it was the caramel or texture, but I was not feeling it.


Lunch: And here in New Mexico we love our burritos! The secretary woman I work with had this brought to her for lunch and since it was double the size pictured below she insisted we half it. Luckily I didn’t bring my lunch that day so it worked out. It was a red chile pork burrito with beans and man was that satisfying. I know that picture isn’t all the appealing and on a side note she got me a Fanta that I didn’t drink. Oops.


Over It: The only thing I’ve been eating for breakfast lately is oatmeal and to be honest it’s starting to get a little old. After I go home for the summer next week I’ll have to start switching it up. I’m just being really cheap right now and not stocking up on many groceries since I know I’m about to leave for the summer.


Hopefully, next time I post a WIAW or blog in general about eating, I’ll have healthier foods to report because lately I’ve been slacking at making good food choices.

Do you have a health food store in your area? Was your week a healthy eating week or not?


4 thoughts on “WIAW 1: I Want All the Things

  1. Don’t worry about all your food not being the healthiest! Everything still looks super yummy! I don’t have a Trader Joes or Whole Foods near me either… the closest one is 4 hours away!! Found your blog through WIAW… love it! I hope we become friends 🙂 🙂

  2. Your brunch looks yummy!! And burritos are always super fantastic. And I totally feel you on oatmeal getting a little old… I have been a bit over it lately, too!! I made some baked oatmeal muffins today to switch it up– recipe will be up on the blog tomorrow or the next day!! Xox

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