Thinking Out Loud #2

  • I”m linking up with Running With Spoons for today’s Thinking Out Loud post.
  • I’m done with all of my work with finals!!! I just have to go to class tonight and meet with my photography professor tomorrow. I feel like I’m on summer break because I don’t have any school work to be working on! It’s amazing how at that the beginning of the semester I always wonder how I’m going to get all this work done, but somehow I always get it done! It’s such a relieving feeling.

  • I had brownies for breakfast this morning. My sister had made brownies one night earlier this week. I got up early this morning to finish a paper revision and I thought coffee and a brownie would give me the encouragement I needed. It definitely did because I finished my paper, but I had to have another brownie for celebratory reasons of being done.


  • I had so much fun at my sorority’s Crown Ball last Friday! I took the best date and had a great time with my sorority sisters and their dates too! We started our evening out at a nice restaurant that is also a winery. I don’t drink wine normally, but it was nice to do it for a special occasion. It’s not like I’m a serious wine drinker because I only like moscato which basically tastes like juice!




  • Hamlet I’m so glad to be done working with you this semester. I enjoyed trying to decipher your inconsistent behavior, but in the end I’m glad I can finally put your play and the rest of this Shakespeare book on the shelf.


  • Finals week has been rough as far as eating healthy goes. A lot of my classes always have food there like pizza or sweet things like cupcakes. And at work this week it seems like there is cake or cookies every day! But honestly am I complaining about it? No I’m really not. I’m just pointing out why my health is in the decline this week. Sometimes I really do wish I didn’t like sweet stuff.


  • Doesn’t making decisions suck? I had to make a decision today that I didn’t want to make. I’m someone who is very aware and conscious of the feelings of other people. When you have to make a decision that will be negative for one party and positive for another party it’s really tough. But at the end of the day my family has to come first and though it sucks to have to make hard decisions I know I made the right one.


That’s about all I have left to say for today! Soon I’ll be off to my last class for the semester!

Do you ever have dessert for breakfast? Do you like wine?


3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #2

  1. If it makes you feel any better, my health definitely suffers as well when I have a lot of other things going on. I try not to worry about it too much because I always find that things have a way of balancing out in the long run. I overdid it on the sugar a few too many days this week and now all I’m craving is veggies. Thank goodness my body is smarter than I am 😆

  2. I feel you on the food thing. And making decisions. I feel my best when I’m eating healthy mosttttt of the time although I do enjoy my sugar and pizza once in awhile. I can tell when I’ve gone off the deep end because I feel bloated and sluggish right away. Sometimes it’s worth it but finals is definitely a time that it is more likely to occur. As for the decisions, GIRL preach. I’m at that in-between spot right now on multiple decisions I’m making right now, so I completely understand. Lots of tears in these parts haha but like you, family is most important and as long as you keep your priorities in mind, you can’t go wrong. Hang in there ❤

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