5 on Friday: Cake & Fro-yo

1. We got cake today at work and I’m not sad about it. I had fro-yo for dinner too on Wednesday with my sister. Lots of healthy eating going on over here lately.


Oh wait…I have been eating oatmeal for breakfast every day. Oatmeal is my jammm.


2. I’ve been sore all week from getting back in the weight room and Greek Olympic practices. I love feeling sore except when it inhibits your ability to run or jump like normal. Not good for Greek Olympic stuff. Most of you may not know what I mean by Greek Olympics and well…after it happens next week I might elaborate.

I took a picture of myself before going to practice one night. I don’t know what to say about it, but there I am being super excited. Excuse the messy bathroom clutter.


3.  I looovvveee to write. I just love how it feels. If you ever talk to me in person you’ll know I’m not the best at telling a story. I’m quite horrible actually. But after reading this post from Life of Bon: Do you love blogging?  it reminded me why I love blogging and why I’m always “writing” blog posts in my head. And why though not many people read my blog I still like to do it.She included this quote from Tim O’Brien on her blog and I had to pin it on Pinterest:

4. And words for thought.


5.  I finally watched Downton Abbey before going to bed last night. I love reading or watching anything from this time period and I truly like this show.

As far as my weekend plans I have sorority obligations tonight and then tomorrow we’ll have some Greek Olympic practices and hopefully the rest of the day can be for relaxing! 


What show are you currently in love with? Do you like being sore?



2 thoughts on “5 on Friday: Cake & Fro-yo

  1. Mhmm all those treats are healthy for the mind haha! Gotta have a balance of body-food and comfort food :). Oatmeal has totally been my jam lately as well! I’m lazy with them and cook them in the microwave (what can I say, I’m a college student haha) with sliced bananas and vanilla extract. Everything gets all gloriously cooked together and I top it with melty brown sugar… can you tell I’m drooling right now?

    Gosh, that quote gave me chills. So true, but I’ve never thought of it that way!

    My mom is a HUGE fan of Downtown Abbey, but I was never able to get into it. Granted I kinda just half-watch it with her when I’m home, so I should try watching it from the beginning and seeing if I like it anymore when I understand what’s happening haha.

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