Five on Friday: No Ragrets

I’m sitting at home at my desk enjoying a cup of coffee and a peanut butter cookie that my mom sent. I should be working on some homework that I need to get done, but I just don’t feel like I can really concentrate on that right now. Sometime I just like to write for fun.

This week has been another crazy week. I make it seem like every week of my life during school is a super busy time and most of the time I’m not exaggerating.

1) Greek Sing is on Sunday!! Two days away! It always takes a lot of work, but it pays off in the end. And with my job I get to spend my time with a group of my closest friends and even girls I’m not close with. My parents are also coming down this weekend to watch so I’m excited to see them too! Throwback picture from last year:


2) A week from today I will be heading to Albuquerque with my best friends to be there to catch our flight to LAS VEGAS on Saturday morning! It’s surreal that Vegas is only a week away. Spring break is a sneaky rascal. All semester long you are wishing and waiting for it to arrive. Now it’s just around the corner and I’m a little freaked out about it. I definitely am not tan enough (not one bit) to be wearing a bikini there and I haven’t had the chance to go shopping for this trip yet. But I can’t do too much about it. #YOLO (please know I’m 90% sarcastic when I use that phrase).


3) Fitness. Once again my workout plan has had me pretty sore all week, especially legs. This isn’t the most flattering picture, but I just wanted to show you proof I do go to the weight room!


And I also did some 60/30s and ran for a bit one day.


4) Food. Food prep was a great decision on Sunday. I roasted broccoli, carrots, and green beans. Then I cooked some chicken breasts in the crock pot.


I am 95% of the time great at eating a healthy breakfast. (Aside from dipping a peanut butter cookie in my morning coffee).

However, Greek Sing also tends to make you have the “I don’t care what I eat. It’s Greek Sing” attitude. It’s basically like an excuse and justification for any bad eating choices. So this cup of fro-yo happened last night and I have no “ragrets” about it:


And if I had this tattoo I would proudly display it when anyone started to say anything about this choice:

And Monday iced coffee made a return into my life because without it I may have fallen asleep in class. Ahhh my iced coffee addiction is being revived. I don’t know whether to be more scared for my checking account or for the addiction that will follow.


5) Freestylin’.

Yeah that’s right this little section is just a freestyle. Sooo….

Check out this guy called TimeFlies. He is awesome and kinda cute too:

As you know I’ve been questioning and dreaming about what my future will look like as far as post-college endeavors. Through experiences here at school I’m beginning to unearth talents that I have and that I know make me unique. How will I use them in the future? Will I simply ignore them and do what I’m expected to do? Or do what my degree says I do? Anyways here’s a quote I want to keep in mind:

Have a great Friday everyone and a wonderful weekend!!

Do you have any “ragrets” from this week? What are your weekend plans?


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