The Day I was a Pirate

Yesterday I was a pirate for the day.

Okay so I was really only a pirate for almost 3 hours, but still not many people can say that. It all began late Tuesday afternoon when I felt like there was something in my eye, but couldn’t find anything in it when I looked. It progressed from there and basically by the end of the night I was convinced I had pinkeye.

Bright early on Wednesday morning I woke up to find that I could only open one eye. This is where my practice being a pirate began. I proceeded to convince the other eye to open up with the help of a warm washrag. Then I made some coffee and got ready to head to the campus health center.

Long story short they numbed my eye, put dye in it, and saw it was all scratched up. Thankfully I didn’t have pinkeye. So they cleaned it up and some drops in then the nurse proceeded to put a patch on my eye.

Walking out of the health clinic and to my truck I couldn’t help but have a goofy smile on my face. Wearing an eye patch isn’t an everyday look for me. As you can see below I don’t look too impressed. It’s slightly embarrassing to post that picture, but it’s more humorous than embarrassing.


By the time I drove home and fixed oatmeal for breakfast my right eye was worn out. It’s crazy how much strength it takes for only one eye to do all the work. I was supposed to wear the patch for 2-3 hours so I used that as an excuse to take a long nap. When I woke up I was able to take it off, so after that I forfeited my right to be a pirate.

Though pirate life was good and fun while it lasted I definitely prefer my life as a normal person with two normal eyes.

So now that I’m almost back to normal here’s how my Thursday has started.

Leg day. Ouch. I’m going to be sore later. The bar is heavier than it looks I promise haha Don’t ask what’s going on with my hair. It was early and my hair just does what it wants.


I made oatmeal for breakfast with one egg white, almond milk, peanut butter, honey, cinnamon, raspberries, and blackberries.


Due to a new tv show obssession I had a spot of tea with my breakfast in my cup with a British flag.


Only today and Friday before the weekend is here again!! I hope everyone has a great day and doesn’t end up like this poor kitten:

I think he fell due to other not so natural causes.

Have a great day everyone!

Have you ever had to wear an eye-patch? How did you start your Thursday?


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