Life Lately: Bagels & Skiing

There’s really no good reason I haven’t blogged lately except that life just happens and I just found myself wanting to do other things with my spare time than blog. Things like sleeping and eating.

1. Paleo

At the beginning of the year my Mom and I decided we were going to try this eating Paleo thing. For awhile we did pretty well at it. I know I haven’t addressed it in awhile because I haven’t really been sticking to it. Paleo is hard to be honest. Especially being in college which for me means I’m super busy all the time. I think if I had more time to cook then I could do it, but until then I try to eat Paleo some of the time.

2.  Banana Bread Bagels

Obviously bagels are not Paleo, so more evidence I haven’t stuck with it.


So while I was carousing the aisles at Wal-Mart the other day I spotted Thomas Banana Bread Bagels displayed on the end of an aisle. I was only sticking to shopping in the outer part of the food section and avoiding the aisles. I wasn’t even going to go down the bread section, but their product display totally seduced me.


I was a little skeptical at the idea of Banana Bread bagels, but they are soooo good!! I would have half of one with a green monster in the morning or after my workout class for a snack. They have a slight banana bread flavor and I love banana bread so I liked it. I always use peanut butter for things like that so peanut butter, honey, and banana was a common combination. I definitely recommend trying them out.

3. All the other food

Five Guys Burgers. Heaven in your mouth. My first bite was the type where you bite in and sigh as it just melts in your mouth. Well actually I did have to chew a bit, but you know what I mean. Their burgers are great and freakin huge!! They don’t skimp you on the fries either, I had enough for like 3 meals.


Best part of Valentine’s Day. Chocolate.


Reeses hearts are my favorite. I also got some Godiva chocolate that was great, because every piece had chocolate inside. I didn’t have to worry about biting into one and being grossed out by strawberry filling. That’s always a disappointing experience.

I was basically in a chocolate/food coma all weekend. It was great.

4. Skiing & Parents

My sister and I met my parents in Ruidoso on Friday for a little weekend get-away.


I love going to Ruidoso, it’s not my favorite New Mexico mountain town, but it’s nice because it’s super close for us.

We went skiing on Saturday. Despite my expectations of skiing on grass and rocks, the snow was pretty decent! We had a blast and were worn out at the end of the day. Instead of shredding the nar nar we were shredding some slush. The snow was a little slushie around the lift lines, but we survived it.

Take note of the non-snowy backgrounds in the picture below. That’s why I was worried about there being enough snow.


I come from a family of dare devils and risk takers. We only ski black diamonds.


I’m totally kidding about that. My parents are great skiers and they taught both me and my sister to ski. We’re almost as good as they are haha they really did teach us everything we know about skiing.


Sunday we ate breakfast at Jorge’s which was pretty great.



Then we just went shopping downtown the rest of the day until it was time to part ways.

A weekend away from this college town was exactly what I needed. I always enjoy seeing my parents too because it’s just refreshing and rejuvenating. I’m going home this weekend so it’ll be another one to spend with my parents at one of my favorite places in the world.

And now I’ll leave you with this thought. Have a great evening!!


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