Peace Out LC, Hello Vegas!!

Another semester has come to an end. Somehow I survived these past two weeks and managed to get all of my papers written and turned in.  I stayed up way too late on some nights and procrastination definitely caught up with me. My finals weeks was just like everybody else’s in college…just awful haha I spent wayyy too much time researching Virginia Woolf, Great Gatsby lesson plans, and Russian soldiers in WWI.


On a positive note the junior English class I was with this semester surprised me on my last day last week with a thank you card and the teacher gave me some earrings. It made me tear up a little bit I was not expecting that at all. All the time I spent in there was beyond worth it and I learned so much about teaching. 

photo (1)

But now it’s over and I’m so relieved to be sitting here with no homework to get done or upcoming assignments to be thinking about. All I have to worry about is getting packed to leave for Vegas today with two of my best girlfriends. Tomorrow morning bright and early we’ll be on a plane from Albuquerque and will arrive in Las Vegas!!!

This Vegas trip has been my motivation for this semester: to workout, eat healthy, and to keep pushing through school. I have been to Vegas once before, but not when I was 21 so this will be a whole other level of a Vegas experience. 

So be on the look out on Instagram for a major picture dump of Vegas. I promise all of my pictures will be pretty at least.

Next, Tuesday we’ll fly back and I’ll come back to pack and head home for winter break!! Peace and blessings LC. Peace and blessings. (check out the YouTube video below to catch on to my peace and blessing reference. It’ll make your day.)




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