Post-Thanksgiving ’13 Recap & Fall Confessions Part 2

  •  Thanksgiving was great. I am so very blessed and I could make a list about what all I’m thankful for, but I think we’re all over that stuff. I’m not going to bore you with a picture from Thanksgiving dinner  because well I think none of us want to even think about Thanksgiving until next July. But I did make some delicious pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I got the recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction: My Favorite Pumpkin Cupcakes


  •  For my photojournalism class I have an assignment due next week for our final, so I’ve getting getting up and going out in the mornings with my Dad. I love taking pictures at home and I hope these turn out good. Here’s just a couple for funsies.

DSC_0874  DSC_1052

  •  Have you every had hot chocolate coffee?! I just put a few scoops of hot chocolate in the bottom of my coffee cup and mix it up. It’s delicious and a great alternative if you are trying to avoid creamer!


  • Isn’t eating at a place that is only in your hometown the best when you haven’t had it in months. Ahhh I love Taco Box. Someone used to tell me that only people who are born and raised here think it’s great and love it. Well I don’t care if that’s true or not. I love a good beef soft taco, cheesesticks, and I even splurged with a vanilla Dr. Pepper.
  • photo(9) I’ll be honest. Be home on break and trying to keep with your workout routine and normal eating is really hard. I have an upcoming trip where I want to look really good, but working out was just not consistent this week. I think I’ve worked out 3 or 4 times maybe…My body is also just bloated…and blah. Thanksgiving and eating all this good food at home just slows it down. Next week I’ll definitely be working on detoxing, debloating, and getting back into my workout routine. Of course pizza after a big lunch at Taco Box definitely doesn’t help, but hey it’s break.


Now I just want to get out the last of my fall confessions.

  1. I really don’t want to go back to school for the last two weeks. In my head I’ve been referring to next week as “hell week.” If I make it through next week then the I’ll be golden.
  2. I gave up eating dairy. Yes. Pretend the picture of the pizza and the cupcakes with cream cheese don’t exist. But for about a solid month I’ve really stuck to eating no dairy. That means I’ve been using almond milk, no Greek Yogurt, my coffee consumption has become almost non-existent. Why? Because of my complexion/acne. My chiropractor and my dermatologist both said that I need to cut it to an absolute minimum. Trust me I didn’t want to give it up, but for my skin I did.
  3. This big trip I’ve been referring to is my trip with my girlfriends right after finals to Las Vegas. That trip has been my main source of motivation for the semester.
  4. Last but not least…I don’t even want to put it on here, but it’s a pretty big and life altering event, but I’m no longer with my boyfriend from former posts. Someday when I’ve had more time to reflect on it and whatnot maybe I’ll post something about it, but for now I’m just doing the single life. I haven’t been this happy or relieved in a long time, so don’t worry about me.

On a more lighter note I love Jimmy Fallon. Yes, Jimmy Fallon is my new boyfriend. Wait? You haven’t heard? I wonder why. Anyways, he cracks me up and he’s so good at what he does.

I love this picture below. It’s beautiful, rustic, and makes me want a dog.

And some ending words:

Have a great Saturday! Who knows when I’ll blog next, but it could possibly be about 3 weeks from now after school is out and I’m back from Vegas. I’ll come back around eventually.

Is it hard for you to stay on track with working out and eating right when home for break? Isn’t Jimmy Fallon hilarious?! What’s one place you must always eat at when you go home?


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