Friday Faves: Back-To-College Basics

Guess what!! It’s Friday y’all!!

I got to start my Friday with my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year. Bad decision. I forgot how good these are!!

first PSL

And in the office I work for the secretary for the part I’m in gave us all a Twinkie today. I don’t know how long it has been since I last had one of these, so I’m excited to eat mine in a little bit as a nostalgic snack.

One more thing. Our gym on campus got a couple new treadmills and I got to use one yesterday! These new ones are sooo much nicer than the old ones. Sadly there is only 2 new ones in a sea of old treadmills.treadmill

Anyways, the rest of this post I wrote on Tuesday night and am just getting to publish it. Have a great Friday and enjoy reading about my back-to-college basics!

As I’m sitting here in my bed waiting on my hair to dry and after eating a stupid good brownie my sister made, I thought “hey I should post my back to school blog post before everyone is already too far into school to care.”


Back to the brownie for a sec. You know why this brownie is called stupid good? Because I really didn’t plan on eating a brownie tonight, but my sister is now in charge of making desert for a college bible study and had left over brownies to bring home. She insisted I have one because they were so good. She was right too. They are really good…but stupid because I caved in.

Anyways, here are some of my back-to school essentials! Since I already showed y’all my new tote bag it was omitted from this list, but definitely is a back-to-college essential.

1. Planner


Without a planner I would be so lost and unorganized. I would never turn in my assignments on time nor would I know where I needed to be. I have to write things down and a good planner makes that process much more enjoyable. I have a few requirements when it comes to planner.

My planner must have a monthly view with room to write in things.


And it must have a weekly view with lines and room to write in as well.


Last spring I used a Lilly Pulitzer planner and loved it, but I like to start each semester with a clean and fresh planner. I got this one from Wal-Mart and plan on getting some washi tape and using my Lilly stickers to add some color!

2. Black Pens and Highlighters

Take special note of the black pen at the very far right. I insist and prefer writing in black ink with this particular brand of pen. Other brands are okay if that’s my only option. Writing in another color on the other hand is avoided at all cost.


Highlighters are just nice to manage things in my planner and of course to highlight things in everything I have to read.

3. Notebooks & Folders

They should be obvious and necessary school supplies, but to people like my boyfriend a notebook is completely optional. I just like to take notes and I pretty much need to take notes if I want to remember anything.


Folders are a simple solution to organizing your class papers without having them all jumbled up in your notebooks.


4. Books

Once again another obvious item, but for a girl who loves literature a stack of novels is pretty dang exciting. These are all for my Modern British Fiction class this semester.


5. Skinnies

Do I need to write an explanation? I think not. Black skinnies and maroon skinnies are two pairs I’m pretty excited about. You can dress them up for a day at work (or at a school for me) or just wear them with a simple v-neck for a casual day.


Sorry about the awkward poses. I tried to model them haha


6. Nude Flats

You can wear them with anything and they look professional too. Ding Ding Ding!


7. New Sorority Junk

I got a lot of little sorority nick nacks this summer at some boutique that will be perfect for gifts and to giveaway with my exec position. A girl can never have too much sorority gear!


Those are all of the back to school basics that I have!! (Or that I have pictures of!) Tonight starts Fall Recruitment for our university, so this weekend will be cray. We’ll be talking our heads off and singing till we can’t sing no more!

What are some of your back-to-school must-haves? What color do you prefer to write in?


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