Summertime Sadness: Fashion & Fitness

As today begins my first full week of school I am doing my last summer related post. This one covers my fashion and fitness favorites from this summer! And after this one I’ll stop…but if I was Miley Cyrus I wouldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop.

Oh my. That’s all I’m going to say about that chick. Moving on…

Maxi skirts.


Especially this chevron one. They’re so comfy and can either be for a casual day or a night out.


The Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay. My mom bought one for her, my sister,and I to try out. I really liked it, but I think my sister took it over.



Gotta love t-shirts. Especially black ones.

DSC_0509 (2)

Grey ones too.

DSC_0507 (2)Love this black shirt with the bow on the back. It has a nice looking front fit and a cute back!


Every girl needs a good pair of short shorts. Obsessed with these ones from Victoria Secret. They have the best wash on them I’ve ever found!


When I say you can’t go wrong with designer name shoes I mean it. These Gianni Bini shoes are seriously some of the comfiest heels I own. So easy to walk in! I wore these for one of the weddings I was in this summer.


Sometimes I like to wear Native American inspired jewelry. Not just sometimes. A lot of the time!


And that’s all for fashion/beauty related favorites. Now for some of my summer fitness favorites!!

I found a lot of videos online that I enjoyed doing for my strength/toning workouts specifically.

I’m just going to post one video, but I’ll post links to others.

Total Body Workout:

Total Body Strength Training & Bodyweight

BeFiT GO: 40 Min Total Body Fat Burn Workout- Circuit 2

Fitness Blender Barre Workout Video – Free 39 Minute Barre Workout at Home


Slim ‘n’ Sculpted Arm Workout for Women: 10 min Trainer

Tracey Mallett: Booty Barre | Sculpted Arms Workout


Butt and Thigh Workout for a Bigger Butt – Lower Body Workout for a Round Butt and Toned

BIKINI BOOTY Workout! ~ BIKINI SERIES™ Best Butt Workout!

Pilates Glute and Thigh Workout for a Round Butt – Fitness Blender Pilates Butt Lifting Workout

And there you go! Now I’m done with posts about summer related stuff. After today’s classes and work my mind is definitely on school mode.

What are some of your favorite fashion/beauty products from summer? Any favorite workouts that you did?


One thought on “Summertime Sadness: Fashion & Fitness

  1. OBSESSED with maxi skirts. I don’t know why I didn’t find them forever ago! I hope your first week of school is going well 🙂

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