Texas Trip Part Dos

So sadly on Sunday  we made our way home from Texas. I always have mixed feelings about returning from trips. I know I’m not the only one who wishes they didn’t have to return home from vacation sometimes.


Continuing from my former post Texas Trip: Es Pretty Good: After the little one got in a good nap we went over to the San Marcos outlet mall and shopped in a few stores. I got a new pair of black skinnie jeans and some maroon skinnies from Pac Sun. It was really hot that day so we grabbed some lemonade. It had lavender in it which made it light and very refreshing.


That evening we went to supper at a japanese steakhouse called Kobe and it was really good. We had some sushi rolls before our meal was cooked. I had the teriyaki chicken. There really is no safe way to not overheat at a place like that. I left feeling stuffed, but it was really good food.


Saturday morning we had pancakes for breakfast. I had my pancakes with bananas blueberries and a cup of coffee. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and pancakes always make for a great day.


After breakfast we walked with our aunt and baby girl to a park close by and played on the equipment for awhile. I walked their huge chocolate lab Nelson. While she was playing I did a few little exercises using the equipment like bulgarian squats and tricep dips. Not enough to really account for anything though.


Soon it was time to get ready to float the San Marcos river! My aunt from Austin joined us and we dropped the girl off at her grandparents house.


We got there around 3 or 4 in the afternoon and got our tubes rented. The river was full of college kids. And I mean full!! The whole way we were next to different groups that made it very entertaining. Everyone was having a good time if you know what I mean 🙂 Overall, it was really chill and relaxing. If I lived in San Marcos or near it I would float the river every weekend.

The below picture is a good image of what it looked like. (I got this picture from http://theunremarkablelifeofbrian.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/top-5-of-the-day-178/)


Idk what it is about being in the water but by the time we got home we were starving! My uncle cooked up some hamburgers and hot dogs. We just sat put in the backyard and listened to music and played with Kendall late in to the night.


This morning we got up and had breakfast tacos. Too soon we had to hot the road and say our goodbyes. In San Angelo we stopped to see my moms aunt who don’t get to see often so that was good.

Of course on our way home we were on the search for iced coffee. My Mom, sis, and I had been to a sonic where they did have iced coffee, but the one we stopped at unfortunately did not. I had a java chiller at Sonic instead. It basically was a mocha caramel milkshake with a hint of coffee flavor. Really, really good, but probably won’t become a normal drink of mine. It’s just too much!


For dinner we grabbed a subway sandwich and some cookies for me. Now I return back to the real world. I’m beyond excited to get to working out again and refresh my diet. Woo my summer is basically over just about 3 weeks left :((

Lastly, this song came on the radio an uncountable number of times during our trip, so I’ll probably always think of this trip when I hear it. It’s a good one!

Have you floated a river? Have you had a Java Chiller from Sonic? 


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