Trip To The Big D & I Do Mean Dallas

Last Wednesday evening my boyfriend and I set out on our weekend trip to Dallas. And a week later I’m just getting to blog about it. My life has been a little crazy. Right after we got home from Dallas on Sunday my mom, sister, and I left to visit family in Austin this week. Anyways back to the story…

***And just to warn you. If you’re reading this post to get some health/fitness insight this post definitely is not for you. I haven’t worked out in a week and I’ve eaten a lot of good unhealthy food.

We drove as far as we could on Wednesday night then Thursday morning we got up and drove into the big city. Thursday we spent our day at Six Flags in Arlington! And no we weren’t there the lady died. This was the day before. That’s a heartbreaking incident and I’m glad we made it out of there alive. This is actually a picture of the Texas Giant (this is the one that lady was on).


I’m a roller coaster type person. I don’t do spinning and I don’t do water. I can do the kind that’s drops you. So we rode all of the big roller coasters there except one that got shut down before we could ride it.

I’ve become a baby when it comes to riding roller coasters. I get light headed and let it whip me around. Someday I’ll just be the mom sitting outside the ride waiting for everyone to have their fun.


This picture is from the end of the day and we evidently look a little worn out. Not our best picture, but oh well!



After a long hot sweaty day at six flags we got cleaned up and went to find some food. We ate at Freebirds burritos! I love this place. My burrito wasn’t terribly exciting, but that cookie I had was sooo good! It tasted like a gooey homemade one.



The next day we didn’t have anything until a Rangers game so we went to Grapevine to the big shopping mall. I got a few things at Victoria’s Secret and another store. If I wasn’t poor right now shopping could have been a lot more fun.



We did eat lunch at a steak and shake! That was my first time eating there and I loved it. My burger was really good and of course you can’t go there the first time and not get a shake! My chocolate shake took care of my chocolate craving for the day.


Soon we headed back to get ready for the game. Thankfully we got tickets for an evening game so the heat and humidity wasn’t too bad once the sun went down.


For dinner I had a really good chopped brisket sandwich. I know baseball and hot dogs go together but I simply don’t eat hot dogs. I can’t do it.



The Rangers didn’t win, but after the game was a fireworks show that was really good!



The next day was Saturday and our only plans were to go to the Ft. Worth Stock Yards that night. That morning we got a call from a good friend who was in town so we picked her up and drove into Dallas.

We drove through downtown Dallas and then went to check out the SMU campus (Southern Methodist University).
I don’t know what I was thinking but I didn’t take any pictures of the campus. It was gorgeous and really nice.


We did stop at a sorority/university apparel store on campus and I died and went to heaven basically. They had so much cute stuff!!! I mad without pretty cheap with just a SMU t shirt. I loved the coral color of this shirt. I also got a few Zeta trinkets but I will be ordering some stuff from here when I know what I want for sure.


The George W. Bush library is on SMU campus so we found that and due to some traffic parking stuff me and our friend ran over to check it out. George and I got a picture together. He was pleasant to take a photo with. Just a little stiff.


Then we drove across the interstate to West Elm shopping center. We had lunch at Smashburger which I wasn’t super impressed with. I’ve had much better burgers and fries before. We went to a cute boutique and I got a new red maxi dress with a gold and turquoise necklace. We also went into Urban Outfitters which is a really cool store. We don’t have one near where I live so I always like to look around in there.


Too soon we had to head back and drop out friend off so she could go to the Rangers game with her group. Cooper and I were getting ready to head out to the stock yards when we got a call from our friend inviting us to go to the game! We got to sit in an office space for the game so we were like heck yeah and headed back to Arlington!

IMG_0464In this next picture you can tell what level we were sitting at. We were on the second level.


We had a good time and it was an amazing experience to get to watch the game from the view that we did!


After the game Cooper and I headed back to Ft. Worth and decided to stop by the Stock Yards. It was my first time being there as a 21 year old so I could get into the bars! We didn’t stay long but I look forward to going back someday for a weekend out with friends.


Sunday we got up and headed back to good ‘ol New Mexico. The sky was bright blue and the clouds were big and fluffy. It’s so nice to see everything greening up again.

IMG_0505I had a blast in Dallas/Ft.Worth/Arlington with Cooper and am so blessed to have him in my life. I really didn’t want to leave, but at least my vacation is carrying over to this week. Not too many girls have a boyfriend who will take them on trips like I just went on!

Next blog post will consist of Austin activities.



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