Yoga Leggings: Gotta Let It Burn

I’ve missed my yoga leggings. During the school year I basically live in them. On weekends, weeknights, morning workouts, and sometimes to class, yoga leggings are an essential item in my wardrobe.


During the summer it’s impossible to wear your yoga leggings in this New Mexico heat. If you wear them and are okay when it’s hot then you are cray. Cray I say.

Well Monday when I got home from weekend escapades it was overcast and cool outside from some rain. I instantly knew I was going to find my yoga leggings and go for a run.


Running on a cool overcast day is the type of running weather that is perfect to me. There is a just an chill energy in the air. And when Pandora plays songs like “I Can’t Stop” I really don’t want to stop running.


But on my run on Monday I got hot. Real hot. Maybe even on overcast days in the summer it’s still too hot to wear yoga leggings. Ahh oh well. I just got a few extra sweat drops in my eye. Let it burn. Let it burn. Gotta let it burn….I guess Usher’s burn song applies to my yoga leggings. I really wanna work this out but I don’t think it’s gonna change. I do but you don’t think it’s best we go our separate ways…

What I gotta do now to get my leggings back…They’ve been gone for too long! It’s been 27 days, 3 or 4 months, but I’ll still burning till they return!

Okay I’m done. If you don’t know the song “Burn” by Usher you have probably been confused and like what is this chick rambling on about. Yeah definitely throwin’ it back with that slow jam.

Moving on. Moving forward.

Today was another overcast day and I actually did wear my yoga leggings part of the day. Mostly because it was chilly outside and this house is freezing, so they kept me a little warm.

You know what else kept me warm. This full body barre workout from Fitness Blender. I can still feel the burn in my booty from this workout as I’m typing this post tonight. I hadn’t done a full body barre workout before, so for the first time it was challenging but I really really enjoyed it! I will for sure be doing this one again.

A warm wheat bagel with almond butter, bananas, and honey along with a cup of coffee is what I had for breakfast on this cloudy morning. Perfect breakfast combination.


All day today I just studied for my Chemistry final which I take tomorrow. I easily have an A average for this class, but of course I want to get another A on this final. That’s the goal anyways, but if I don’t get an A exactly I know I’ll probably still get an A in the class. I’m so thankful I take the final tomorrow and then can be done with this class. No more chemistry for summer! I can’t wait!

I had to work this weekend for my Dad, but I did get off early enough on Saturday to go spend some time with my boyfriend. Saturday my boyfriend and I went and saw “World War Z” with Brad Pitt. Now that was a pretty wild movie. For some reason I had forgotten that zombies were a major part of that movie. Zombies are creepy creatures. It definitely kept my attention the whole time and on the edge of my seat. If you like action movies you’ll probably like it.

Sunday my boyfriend roped in a team roping, so I went with him to that. That meant I got to see my favorite horse Winston. Anyways, my boyfriend ended up getting 5th so that was exciting!

DSC_0093Anyways, I need to get back to studying for my final before tomorrow morning rolls around.

Guess who else has new song titled “Burn.” Ellie Goulding. After I buy her CD she has a new song out that isn’t on the CD.

Can you still wear leggings where you live in the summer? Did you listen to Usher?


2 thoughts on “Yoga Leggings: Gotta Let It Burn

  1. Ha I love my yoga leggings! Luckily at the beach the wind picks up a lot so I probably get to wear them once a week or so but it’s not the same! It’s the one reason I like fall and winter so much!

  2. Girl, when I’m at school, I just about LIVE in yoga leggings!! I mean, they’re just so comfy and such an easy outfit, I can’t resist haha! But seriously, this heat is killing my runs, I can’t take the humidity!! Also, I’ve seen that barre workout by Fitness Blender before! I’ll give it a go! Side question: were the zombies really gruesome?? Because if so, I might need to take a pass on this one haha though it looks really good!

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