I Burnt My Toast Twice & July Goals

Monday I couldn’t even make good protein pancakes. Tuesday I burnt two pieces of toast. I just ate the second one anyways. I broke a glass that fell out of a cabinet too.

Tuesday was rough. But it’s a new day!

I had a green monster smoothie and half of a wheat, turkey, miracle whip, and cheese sandwich. I packed my lunch for some plowing. I was on the tractor from 11-6 and by the time I got off I was a ravenously hungry!


I had a Luna bar then did a workout from Jess of blondeponytail.com. It was from her summer shape up week 4 plan.

I did 10 rounds of the GNC get STRONG & LEAN workout. Then I followed that up with some core work with 5 Moves for a Solid Core. All together the workout took me 35 minutes not counting my warm-up and cool down.

For dinner that night we had grilled barbeque chicken with fried squash and potatoes. It was delicious and definitely took care of my raging appetite.



My pictures are of not-so-great quality today. I need to get it together.

Even though it’s almost halfway through July I want to share some goals as this month finishes up!

Workout 5-6 days a week! I’ll be gone a lot the rest of July so this will be tough, but it’s an important goal.

Run 6 miles again. I haven’t ran that far since my 10k race!

Yoga once a week. I miss having yoga in my life so I need to start doing it again. Mostly so I can do what the girl above is doing. Haha.

Get a B on my Chemistry final. I’m just being realistic. I can get an A on all the work online, but when I take the final it’ll be a proctored test. It’ll be tough.

Determine what service I want to use to self-host my blog. I’ve been browsing blog designs and basically I need to be self-hosted before I can get a blog design that I want.




Get caught up on posts and pictures. There are some pictures I need to post and some things I’ve been meaning to post since June. I want to catch up on that before a new month and school starts! The one above is from my best friend’s wedding of me and my mom. And one with Cooper’s family from the fourth at Mt. Rushmore.

My last goal is to become a mountaineer. Just live in the mountains. Roaming around. Eating nuts and berries. Camping out.

That reminds me of this song “Mountain Sound” by Of Monsters and Men.


Now I’m going to eat some breakfast and probably get back on the tractor! Hopefully I can get in my cardio this evening.

What service do you recommend using to become self-hosted? What is one things you need to catch up on?




5 thoughts on “I Burnt My Toast Twice & July Goals

  1. Aw, you look so pretty with your mom! That’s such a cute picture! I love the first quote, too 🙂 That summer shape up workout looks good! I’m gonna try that! Hope you’re having a good day, hon 🙂

  2. ugh, sorry you had such a crappy day!!!

    I’m with bluehost and recommend them highly. They are great, affordable and offer awesome technical support!

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