Getting’ patriotic on my 21st birthday

Woo hoo I’m 21!! Now all the excitement of turning that golden number is over. Now I’m just 21. Now I’m really getting old.

My 21st birthday was a glorious day. My friend Molly who got married this weekend took me to get a pedicure and my nails done for the wedding this weekend.

Excuse the picture of my toes. I know not everyone likes feet pictures, but you have to see what the lady did! She said “You want design?” I said sure! This is what the result was:



At first I was like ummm okay these will look great with my bridesmaid dress (not)…but now I love my patriotic toes. Just in time for the 4th of July! Both of my big ones got the flag design. My nails were that color red with the ring fingers the turquoise blue that is on my toes. When I look at my toes I think: ‘Merica! I’ve been feeling patriotic since that day.

Next, we met a group of my friends at Kelly’s a bar and grill in town. My first official drink was a fuzzy navel! They didn’t have a drink menu so I didn’t know what to order.


I had a turkey avocado sandwich with French fries and it was so good!  Then one of my friend’s had some of her family walk in and they bought us a round of margaritas! None of us finished ours. I needed to be able to walk out of that place. I mean it was noon and I wanted to feel good the rest of the day! haha

My family and Cooper went to dinner that night at a local steakhouse that just opened. It was pretty good!


The skirt I’m wearing is what my sister got me for my birthday. Along with these other goodies:


When your sister gets you protein bars for your birthday that’s really saying something.


The skirt was the perfect length. I mean it when I say it’s hard to find maxi skirts that are long enough.


Of course a birthday of mine isn’t complete without some chocolate cake with chocolate frosting made from the box! My Mom makes some dang good boxed cakes. I won’t tell you how many pieces I had, but it was well worth it. I love chocolate cake.

The most exciting gift from my birthday was getting a Nikon d90 camera. I am one happy girl with my new baby. I told my Mom that by buying me this camera they were making an investment in my future. Hopefully it’s pays for itself in one way or another. I’m one blessed girl to get this camera for my birthday. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Here’s an awkward picture of me with my new toy. A classy mirror pic and I’m in a towel! Woo I’m getting a little racy here haha I guess this also serves as a preview to pictures from the wedding this weekend. I was going for a serious look.


Isn’t little Niky just a beauty?!

Do you like cakes made from the box or do you prefer cakes from scratch?


5 thoughts on “Getting’ patriotic on my 21st birthday

  1. Love your toes!! I’m tempted to recreate that but I feel like it would be a complete fail haha! And even though I usually don’t like chocolate cake (vanilla vanilla all the way!) that DOES look rather delicious! Happy 21st birthday!!

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