My Best Friend is Getting Married Today

Today is the day that my best friend from kindergarten is getting married. The picture below is the bride and all of the bridesmaids for today.

Right now we’re in the hotel getting massages and about to start getting ready. My sister and I had to stop for iced coffee at McDonald’s. I’m addicted.

Last night was rehearsal dinner and that went really well. The barn where the wedding is at is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know how to explain the decorations…junky, rustic, and country. You’ll just have to see pictures!

So we’ll get ready and start taking all the wedding pictures. Soon it will be wedding time! It’s going to be a blast!! I just have some spare time while waiting for my massage so I thought I would try writing a blog post from my phone. Now that I know I can blog from my phone you may start getting more blog posts! I can hope anyways 🙂

How are you spending your Saturday? Any weddings?


One thought on “My Best Friend is Getting Married Today

  1. Aww that’s so exciting!! Hope you’re having an amazing time! And girl, I totally hear ya on the ice coffee 😉

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