I thought it already was summer?

Like the title says I thought it already was summer? But I guess today is the first “official day of summer.”  I never get to excited about this day because I’m usually like “Well yeah it’s been summer since I got out of school in May. Get with the program June! You’re fallin’ behind!”

Ahhh I think I’m funny. Anyways.

The past two morning I’ve been in the slaving away in the kitchen to make my family breakfast.

Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but I have cooked breakfast the past two mornings.

Yesterday, June 20, was my Mom’s birthday!


I made some chocolate and lemon poppy seed muffins for her birthday breakfast. They were really hard to make. I had to stir some muffin mix with some milk and eggs. Really intense baking right there. They turned out pretty decent as far as muffin mixes go.

I put my chocolate muffin in a bowl with a sliced banana, peanut butter, and a couple scoops of vanilla Greek yogurt.


Since it’s Friday I like to make French toast every now and then. French Toast Friday. Doesn’t that sound nice SmileI always like to put peanut butter on mine with bananas and syrup too.


While I’m on the topic of food I just made a green monster smoothie for lunch. I changed it up a little today with the addition of strawberries to my normal mix.


For the most part it tasted good and was satisfying, but there just really wasn’t much flavor. Maybe I didn’t put in enough peanut butter this time. That’s definitely a first.


Moving on to more exciting things now. One of my favorite bloggers retweeted me yesterday. It’s silly to get excited over something as simple as a retweet, but whatever. Here’s the link:

retweet from sarah fit

Here’s her new video. I’m sure most everyone who isn’t a personal family member or friend will be guilty of being a health blog addict. I was guilty of 8 out of 9!


Sarah and I have been best friends this week. Earlier this week she posted an arm workout and I’ve done it twice this week. Yesterday I did it two times in a row. I can definitely feel it today! I love her arm workouts. Her workouts are always about 10 minutes long which is great for time and I love all of the moves she uses.

The rest of my weekend shall consist of wedding festivities for one of my best friends.  Tonight is the rehearsal dinner and then the rehearsal. Tomorrow, Saturday June 22, is her wedding! I’m excited for her and I know it will be a beautiful celebration of marriage.

She’s been dying for this day to come since we were in high school. I was still just waiting for a guy to simply text me!  And there she was dreaming of getting married….I was more concerned with…what my next snack was going to be in between classes! But I know she’s happy and full of joy for her day tomorrow Smile

Well I’m going to try to sneak a run or workout in before I have to get ready for tonight. Now I’m going to turn it over to Mac Miller and Ariana Grande. I don’t know why I like this song, but it hasn’t left my head all day. I like watching Ariana sing outside of this music video like on Ellen or another night show she was on. She’s just cute and bounces when she sings.

Have a great weekend!

Were you guilty of being a health blog addict? Do you like Mac Miller or this song?


One thought on “I thought it already was summer?

  1. I’m drooling over that french toast! And I can definitely relate to being starstruck by contact with a blogger. Julie from pbfingers tweeted me once and I basically died ;).

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