Life With No A/C

For the past week and a half my house has been without air conditioning. Typically my parents keep this house at freezing temperatures! During the summer I’m usually wrapped up in a blanket inside while it may be 100 degrees outside.

So last week when the house started feeling a little hot I knew something was wrong. I checked the thermostat and moved the little switch back so it would be colder, but nope didn’t work. When my parents returned last week they asked me if I had turned on the heater. I definitely did not. I did not even look at the heat button.

The A/C people looked at it last week, but the part they need to fix it won’t come in until tomorrow. They better pick up that part and head this way!

We’ve had those little stand still fans throughout the house and we each have one in our room at night. Still I wake up sweaty. Yeah it’s pretty gross. Like even now I’m sitting here typing with two fans on me. It doesn’t help that today the temperature was around 100. heat today

Anyways, I’m done complaining, but be thankful you have an A/C. Don’t take it for granted or it may decide to quit on you.

So the past couple of days have just been pretty chill here at home. Yesterday, one of my friends who is getting married had one of her wedding showers! Check out these awesome glasses I got her:


It’s obvious she is absolutely thrilled with them. Haha aren’t they super classy?!

I went out on a limb and got a light lime green dress. Wearing bright colors is always intimidating for me, but I got lots of compliments on my dress. I suppose not wearing black is okay sometimes.


The only other things I can remember I wanted to share were two good Youtube arm workouts. Yesterday, I did the top one below and my arms are pretty sore today! It definitely did its job.

I think arms are my favorite limb to work. I have little skinny arms so I like to think they’ll become little skinny muscular toned arms someday. The top video is one I did yesterday and I’m guessing the bottom one is from Saturday. The leg workouts I did on those days were nothing to brag about. We’ll see if I get Madonna’s arms from the top video.


Earlier this evening I did a HIIT 3 mile run and it kicked my butt like always. It was nice to change up my run though.

I also baked some banana bread this afternoon so maybe tomorrow I’ll share if it was a success or not. Well have a great night my friends. I think my Dad and I are about to go scope about the camp trailer to see if it’s any cooler in there to sleep in!


2 thoughts on “Life With No A/C

  1. UGHH. Trying to sleep when its hot is the absolute worst. My condolences haha. And those glasses are pretty classy I must say ;).

    I love obnoxious colors! I think it looks super flattering on you 🙂

  2. Haha it’s funny you say that. My parents are the opposite and don’t believe in A/C. Our house was 88 degrees when we got home from RI on Monday! Thank god I’m heading back there at the end of the week.. I don’t know if I’d survive an entire summer here. Sometimes I wonder how I ever did.LOVE your dress 🙂

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