June ‘13

It’s June!! That means only 25 more days until my 21st birthday! Woo hoo!

June also means two of my best friends will be married and I am a bridesmaid in both. I also have a wedding to go to the weekend before those two. I’ll have 3 wedding weekends in a row. It’ll be a little crazy, but it should be a lot of fun and really exciting to see my friends tie the knot!

When I think back on May I realize that I was at school this time last month in the midst of the last two weeks. I didn’t think I would make it to this day…with a 4.0 anyways haha.

Now for some goals for June:


Yoga once a week

Get to where I can run up to 7 miles

Workout 5-6 days a week

Find perfect whole wheat pancake recipe

Find a cat and take a catbearding picture
Be the best bridesmaid possible
Have a memorable 21st birthday (or should I say unmemorable haha jk!)
Redesign my blog
Get 1/2 of my required articles written for my internship
Hang out with Ellie Goulding because we’re friends ya know. She needs a kleenex…
Stay on top of my online chemistry class blahh :/
Take lots of pictures and actually edit them!
Go to California and be a beach bum for a week… or maybe the whole month or rest of summer.

About 3 of these goals aren’t likely to happen. Which ones do you think those will be?

And since I mentioned Ellie earlier here’s a song of hers that I recently discovered and now love. (Still second to “I Need Your Love”).


One thought on “June ‘13

  1. Sooo I want to meet Ellie Goulding. We can make that a mutual goal to tackle together. But yoga and running- totally possible! I’d say you will absolutely be able to get these done! Maybe not California for the rest of the summer… but you never know!

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