How Lunch With Friends Fuels my Run

Do you ever have those days where you just want to run. Need to run.

Today was that day for me. It was supposed to be my running day, but I truly wanted to run today. It was a bit windy just like it always is here in the eastern New Mexico Plains. I normally would have said forget running today, maybe tomorrow. But today I didn’t mind the wind. It wasn’t super windy or anything, but enough that it made it a little hard to breathe.


(See I even run in black, hence the blog name)

I had lunch today with two of my best girl friends from here and it was great. However, they’re in different stages of their lives than what I’m in. One is married and one is about to be married, so there was lots of marriage talk. While their talking about decorating bedrooms and how to change your last name, I’m over here thinking of what my blog post for today will be about and how I need to check RedBox for Les Mis. There’s nothing wrong with this situation at all. It’s just a bit weird for me because I really share none of those concerns right now. They seem to have their life all planned out and I don’t even know what I’m doing next week.

How does this connect to running? Good question. Running is my release. No I don’t run miles upon miles, but the small 3 miles I run is enough to refresh my mind, clear my thoughts, and give me a challenge for the day. I wasn’t running today for a certain time or distance. I just knew I needed to run or I would turn into a…monster. An emotional, confused monster. I didn’t figure out my life on my run, but it just made me feel a whole lot better.


You know what else makes me feel a lot better. Pancakes! Leftover pancakes are the best. I’ve had them the past two days for breakfast.


While I was running errands in town today I also stopped by Hastings to look for a magazine I looked at while in the Chiropractors office. Once inside I ordered an iced coffee. It was gross. Mostly because it was more coffee than cream. I’m not about that lifestyle. It tasted like yucky black coffee. Disappointing.

Moving on. I looked at a couple magazines about writing in Hastings. I also read this blog post from Copy Blogger (It’s hyperlinked). The Copy Blogger posts gives you links to a lot of other blog posts to encourage and give you tips on how to generally be a better writer. You should check them out if you are serious about your writing. They just made me realize that I truly enjoy writing and if I enjoy it so much I need to be doing it more. So look forward to seeing more writing from me or maybe hearing more about my writing.

Now I’m just sitting on my back porch and just had my dinner of left over beans (I promise they’re good) with steamed broccoli, carrots, and peas of some sort. It was very satisfying.


Sitting right here on my back porch I’ve concluded that yes my friends and I are at different stages in our lives, but that doesn’t mean I can’t connect with them. It just means we simply value things differently. Maybe in the future they can help me understand some things I’m facing and I can do the same for them. It reminds me of this graphic I saw the other day:


If getting married is your thing. Then do it. If you aren’t ready to get married and everyone around you is, that’s okay. You just value different things at the time, so invest in those things you value. Right now I’m into writing, fitness, photography, and just enjoying life so I’m going to pursue my passion for those interests. Don’t try to change your values to those of others because you won’t be happy doing that. I’m not going to start browsing wedding pinterest boards because that’s what my friends do. Nope. I’ll just keep watching stupid YouTube videos and keep searching for the perfect iced coffee.

And probably run a little more.


Sidenote: Taking selfies with my sister’s Nikon is so much cooler than taking ones on my phone. I still feel weird doing it though!

Is there an interest gap that exists between you and your friends? What does running do for you!


2 thoughts on “How Lunch With Friends Fuels my Run

  1. I can’t imagine my friends getting married. Holy crap I think I’d hyperventilate haha I still feel like a middle schooler half the time! There’s definitely nothing wrong with not having your life figured out- I don’t even know where I’m going to be in a few hours from now let alone a few years from now! I admit that it does get to me a little bit. Running definitely helps clear my head and there’s no better way to process everything. I’d rather research dumb youtube videos than start planning a wedding right now anyways!

  2. Haha I love this post for so many reasons. I totally get that while it may just be a 3 miler, it’s a GOOD 3 miler and much needed. I also get feeling a little distant from the people around you because you’re in “different places”. Wow, I can just relate to this post on so many levels. Haha it must be us blondes that only ever wear black. 😉 have a great day!!

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