Greek Sing ‘13 and returning to normal life…sort of

Well it’s been almost three weeks since I last posted and I have definitely missed my little blog. However, I honestly haven’t had any time to blog or read any blogs. Today, I finally got to sit down and caught up on some of my favorite blogs. It was nice Smile

The past two weeks my sorority had been preparing for our Greek Sing performance. Our theme this year was “rainforest” and I was on the props team. We built the set and all the other props for the performance. Other girls were on risers, some were actors, some sing, and some just moderated everyone.

Working with all my friends on props was probably one of the best two weeks of my life. Basically, at 5:30 every day we got together and worked on our props. I was more on the carpentry team and helped build frames, mold chicken wire, and other more “masculine” things.

The set we built was absolutely amazing and took a lot of work, but it definitely paid off. Below is a picture of them basically finished.


This was our props team. I love these girls so much!


Like I said before all our hard work paid off because we won!!! We haven’t won Greek Sing since my freshman year and winning it again is exactly what my chapter needed. Winning Greek Sing is a feeling like no other!

The week before last my mom, sister, and cousin were down for State FFA competition and luckily I got to hang out with them a couple of times.


This past week has been “Greek Week” so we have had a few events at night. The most exciting part so far is that our spirit jerseys came in and I am absolutely obsessed with them. I’ll be wearing mine all day errdayyyy.

spirit jersey jamie


Greek Week ends tomorrow with Greek Olympics! Greek Olympics is my favorite part of spring sorority life. I’m the captain of chariot and I hope my team does good. I mean we’re all really fast girls so we should do great! Win or lose it’ll be fun!

As far as working out and eating healthy I’ve done an alright job. This week I’ve finally been able to go back to my Tuesday/Thursday Fit Camp which has been sooo nice! I just love that class, the workouts we do, and the motivating people that I get to workout with. The two weeks prior I really didn’t get many work outs in, but with Greek Olympic practices I usually did get some type of physical activity in along with building props for Greek Sing.

I always do decent at eating healthy because I always, always eat a healthy breakfast. I’ve been on a huge oatmeal kick lately and I think I had oatmeal every day…except maybe once or twice. Of course we had our share of ice cream/sonic/taco bells runs for food, but hey you can’t do much about it or think about it. You just have to enjoy it Smile

School is winding down. Only about three weeks left I think then summer is here. Ahhh that’s scary! Summer always comes so fast!

Now of course I can’t post this without shouting out to Boston and West, Texas.

I was absolutely in shock when I heard about Boston. I first heard about it from Sarah of who actually lives in Boston. She was at the marathon (she is safe) and posted an Instagram photo that broke the news to me.

What happened in West is also a sad tragedy for that community. Both Boston and West have been in my prayers constantly.

Here’s an article that maybe can give you some hope: Boston, Waco, America, don’t give up hope.

This picture is from the blog Sweetness Itself:

We don’t live in a perfect world. Bad, terrible things will happen, but one day Christ will return and will deliver his believers from this evil world. We have to hold on to the hope of one day having eternal life where there will be no more sorrow, tears, and suffering. I know that’s easy for me to say when I have not been directly impacted by those tragedies, but it’s the only bit of hope I can offer anyone.

Lastly, watch this video. I promise it’ll brighten your day. I personally think it’s hilarious. Now I’m off to Greek Olympic practice before our big day tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Greek Sing ‘13 and returning to normal life…sort of

  1. I’m glad you’re back but I’m also glad you were out there living life! Nothing in life is perfect but being surrounded by friends and family, you can’t really beat it. We pull through things together.

  2. So glad you’re back to blogging! Sometimes a break is definitely needed! We just had Greek Sing at my school and I always love watching the competition. So entertaining! Have fun at your Greek Olympic practice. 🙂

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