It’s the Little Things: Hair Ties


The subhead for this post should be “Little Things Thursday.” This week I’ve just really noticed the little things that bring extra joy into my life.  Such as:

Turqouise and Silver hair ties fo free! I’m not sure what the name of these ribbon looking hair ties are but they are perfect for my hair! They don’t leave bumps in your hair and stay all day. I can’t wear them when I work out because my hair falls out is the only con.

IMG_20130312_122837Iced Coffee! As I’ve mentioned in former posts, I am in love with iced coffee! This coffee actually wasn’t the best I’ve had. Definitely going back to Barnes & Noble next week. However, iced coffee on Wednesday before my night class always gives me something to look forward to!

IMG_20130313_161557Piercing change! I have had a diamond (not real) stud in my cartilage since I got it pierced. This week I decided to try a hoop. A hoop cartilage ring has made me feel more casual and carefree.

piercing changeA good book  and reading outside are always things that brings me great happiness! Rebecca by Daphne de Maurier is amazing! We’ve read the first third of it for my Women Writer’s class and I love it. It relates a lot to the novel Jane Eyre, which is one of my all-time favorites. I have a feeling this one may be too.


Also the Las Cruces weather, especially today (Thursday), is starting to really warm up! I think I’ll be laying out this weekend to get some color on my skin. I think it was like 80 degress today 🙂

I know this post is reallyyy short, but I’ve been wanting to do it all week! What are some little things that make you happy?


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