March Goals


March has arrived and I’m almost a week behind on making my goals for March! I really need to get on top of it. I’ll try to keep them short and sweet.

  • Go to Fit Camp on Tuesday and Thursday mornings through March. That means I have to make it tomorrow and for two more weeks before spring break.
  • Start running more outside instead of on the treadmill. It’s starting to warm up here and outside running simply tops treadmill running.
  • 1 day of week, Friday or Saturday, do something new or fun for my workout. That can be yoga, hiking, going on a long run, or trying a new class.
  • Eat my greens at least once a day! Thank goodness the chef at Zeta always makes a salad bar. This week I’ve had salad with sides every day for lunch.
  • Try to cook more and eat out less.
  • Only two more weeks after this one until spring break! I need to turn on “Beast Mode” for my schoolwork. Blah.
  • Take more pictures of my everyday life and post my photos from my documentary class.
  • Find, steal, kidnap, do whatever it takes to get a puppy like this:

Actually I probably won’t do that, but it’s a nice idea! What are your goals for March?


One thought on “March Goals

  1. Oh, I feel ya on the beast-mode schoolwork thing. I need to… but I’m so dreading it. Props to you for such great goals! Good luck girl!

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