Completion of Best Body Bootcamp

Happy Monday! I hope you’ve survived it!

Is Best Body Bootcamp really over? It seriously flew by! I absolutely loved Tina’s program! Here are a few reasons I loved it and some of the results I noticed  from bootcamp. Beware of some selfies in this post like the one below, but hey I guess you need a face or body to put with the name!

end bbb 1

  • I loved having a set program. I didn’t get up wondering what work out I was doing for the day. No searching Pinterest and Youtube, except for a few running workouts.
  • It got me into the weight room and helped build my confidence in the weight room.
  • Got into a workout routine. Basically I gave myself an hour, unless I needed to be quick, to do my workouts. Also, reinforced my routine of waking up early. 6 a.m.
  • Like working out does in general, the workouts filled me with energy, gave me satisfaction, and truly challenged me.
  • Motivated me to really try to eat healthier and I’ve gotten better at making healthier choices.
  • I can run faster and for longer intervals. For example a treadmill interval workout that I usually run at 6.0 mph I was running at 7 mph today because 6 was too slow. So definitely an improvement in conditioning and endurance.
  • Here are my fit test results. I was pleased with them: bbb fit test results
  • Not evident to anyone who looks at me but I can notice more definition in my arms and an increase in arm strength.
  • Here’s a few pictures. Excuse the messy rooms in the background please:DSC01446end bbb arm 1By the way I think it’s extremely awkward to try to “flex” my arm, but I’m posting a picture anyway.
  • My abs feel stronger and tighter. They may not show that they’ve gained strength, but I know they have. All I ask my abs to do is show themselves! Maybe they are shy…haha
  • Now I have workouts to add to my archive! Most importantly I have good strength training workouts to add.
  • Allowed me to try out a variety of workouts! We had some high intensity circuits (my favorite) and supersets for example.
  • Gave me something to blog about and a reason to blog!bbb selfie 2
  • I can’t think of anything else at the moment, but BBB helped me fall in love with fitness and health even more!

Now that BBB is I plan on going back to fit camp on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Monday, Wednesday, and maybe Friday will be cardio days. Saturday is pretty much a free day to do whatever workout I feel like! I will definitely consider signing up for BBB again in the future and highly recommend it! I’m not going to sign up for the next round (as of now) because April is insane for me! Pretty much every single night of April will be filled with Zeta activities. Sounds overwhelming, which it can be at times, but April is one of my favorite months of the year. Enough of April talk. Sign up for Best Body Fitness! I think sign ups for the next round start really soon:



2 thoughts on “Completion of Best Body Bootcamp

  1. So how long do the workouts typically take you? I wake up early like you, and need to get my workout done in about a hour and 15 mins max before school. I like to have at least 30-40 minutes of cardio, too.
    I’m so glad you got so much out of the program! I know what you mean about the arm definition. I remember seeing it the first time and just getting giddy! Haha! Way to stick through those workouts too. Rock on, girl! 🙂

    • The workouts on average took an hour. You can definitely do them in an hour and 15 minutes. On the strength training days she also includes optional cardio workouts that usually take 20 minutes give or take (I did the cardio if I had time left). You should definitely consider registering for round 5 if you are looking for a new program 🙂

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