Valentine’s Love & Gory Movies

To be honest I really don’t know why “Valentine’s Love & Gory Movies” is my title. That’s just what my fingers typed. So I went through pictures on my phone and I have a lot of pictures on there. I think today’s post will just be about life and I’ll do a recap of BBB week 6 tomorrow or Monday, but I’ll tell you one thing. My arms feel like jello today.

Homework feb 14

I feel like I say this almost every week, but this week was crrraaazzzyyy. I really don’t know why, but I was just always busy with school or Zeta things, but I don’t mind. What would I be doing if I wasn’t in Zeta or in school? Probably working at Allsup’s or maybe Hobby Lobby.

I had a test for my grammar class this week, so that’s what that mess of papers up there is for. Blah. I think I did okay. Just okay.

I’m about to embarrass myself. I was that girl who took a picture of herself in the bathroom at school. I was like 10 minutes early for class and at 4:30 in the afternoon the English building is quite desolate. If anyone did happen to walk in it would probably be someone I have class with or one of my professors. And would I care? Nope. Would I be embarrassed? Probably. I would probably turn bright red like always.

    feb 13 class 1

I actually thought I looked cute that day too. Wednesday I believe it was. I of course I had iced coffee. You have to have something to get through a 4:30 to 7 class! I thought I looked extra cute with this face too. This is how I sat through class. Actually I really didn’t make that face intentionally during class.

feb 13 class 2And then the next day was Valentine’s Day. I have a boyfriend and I still think it’s a stupid holiday. The only part I like about it is getting chocolate.

IMG_20130214_130947Yes, Dove chocolate and Reese’s you are always my Valentine. Obviously the people who love me know that I love chocolate, specifically Dove and Reese’s.

DSC01431My Mom always sends me a little Valentine’s gift. This year I got a cute black skull shirt, socks, bracelets,Dove Chocolate (milk and dark), and Reese’s hearts. My roommate got me a package of Reese’s hearts. My Mamacita sent me a nice card with some spending money 🙂 and my Little made me a homemade Valentine (the lacy one)! I am spoiled.

I believe there is only one correct way to eat a Reese’s hear, Christmas tree, or Easter egg. First, you eat all of the hard chocolate (the top layer and sides). Then all you have left is the peanut butter and the bottom layer of chocolate. Finally, you eat what remains of the Reese’s heart. It’s simply chocolate and peanut butter heaven in your mouth.

Now my boyfriend and I haven’t exchanged Valentine’s gifts yet. I typically make him something crafty and thoughtful, so I need to get on that. He says he needs to pick up whatever he’s going to get me. Who knows what that could be. I sure don’t. So Valentine’s night after he got out of class we went to Red Brick Pizza and then rented Lawless from Redbox.

I absolutely loved this movie! I kind of like bloody movies with a little bit of love interest and some good action. Oh, and the older brother Forrest has an oddly sexy voice. Once again I loved this movie! I might watch it again this afternoon…maybe.

Last night, Friday, my boyfriend and I with some of his friends went to Whiskey Dicks (it’s a bar) in El Paso to watch Cody Johnson. He was at Steamboat and he sang with Casey Donahew once, but we never got to watch one of his shows. I really like his voice. It’s deep and sexy. So we watched him, danced a little, and simply had a really good time at the bar. I’m slowly inching towards being 21. June needs to hurry up!

Here’s a sucky picture I took.

IMG_20130215_232216This is one of my favorite songs of his, so give it a listen:

Anyways, this afternoon I have to write a paper, write an article for my internship, and be lazy. The boyfriend is off to a team roping and I think I’m just going to hang out with some of my girlfriends and watch movies. We have an early morning tomorrow for Race for the Cure and I need to be energized to run!

I’m off to go get my haircut. Every time I’m finally liking the length of my hair I have to go get it cut again. My ends just get scraggly and start splitting, so when I start picking at my hair I know it’s time. Ugh I really hate haircuts.

What are your weekend plans?


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Love & Gory Movies

  1. You really lucked out for valentines day! I’m a sucker for chocolate caramels since I don’t like peanut butter but I can appreciate a giant reeces heart like the best of them. Hah I like your selfies. I’ve totally done that before and been panicked that someone will come in and I’ll pretend to be like just getting off the phone or something. It’s totally fine. I can’t wait to turn 21 either. Not to drink, but to just be able to go places!

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