It’s a Pitch Perfect Monday

Today is the last Monday of my winter break. Ahhh soo sad, but in a way I’m ready for break to be over. I need some routine back in my life. I made a list on Sunday of all the great things I wanted to get done today. I only got a few done…and I was home all day. I don’t know why I can’t get anything done here, but oh well in a few days I’ll be back at school and I’ll be wishing I had a break.

I started out this morning with good intentions, but songs from the movie Pitch Perfect kept poppin up in my head. Of course I had to find my way to YouTube to refresh my memory on the songs they sang.

Specifically the “No Diggity” song. I like the way they work that song. No diggity. I gotta bag it up.

I wish I could sing like they can. I pretty much watched every singing part from that movie via YouTube. I may have tried singing out loud like them too…I’ll just stick to singing in church.

Mom wanted to try some Mongolian Beef recipe for supper tonight, so the task of actually making the Mongolian Beef fell upon me. It was pretty easy to make, but the whole time I was thinking if they don’t like this then they’ll blame it on me! Thankfully it turned out pretty good, so I was safe. I like to start out with my food unmixed and try it all out before I try mixing things. Weird? Maybe.

jan 14 mongolian beef

Then this afternoon while I was doing nothing Dad asked me if I wanted to go with him to go break ice, so I went. It was great to get out of the house for awhile and drive around the farm..

jan 14 ice breakin                               jan 14 red steer with blacks

Here’s a couple pictures from what I did this weekend. I watched a ton of high school basketball on Friday and Saturday. My sister’s team was playing in a huge tournament. The best part of being at the tournament, aside from all the basketball, was getting to see a lot of people that I don’t get to see much anymore since I go to college 5 hours from here. Not that I’m a huge social butterfly, but I enjoyed talking to the few people that I did. I honestly love watching my sister play basketball mostly because I think she’s awesome at it!  Reeses are the best candy by the way. By far.

IMG_20130112_162413             IMG_20130112_162418

I started week 2 of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp today. I finally did the fit test and the workout took me about 50 minutes to complete. I definitely need to invest in an exercise ball or I’ll have to go to the gym to get the most out of the program when I get back to school. Anyways, my arms and booty will probably be a little sore tomorrow. I can already feel it and I like it!

Guess what other video I watched today?! That’s right I threw it back with some Backstreet Boys! We used to sing this song at the top of our longs on the bus trips for basketball/volleyball games.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Pitch Perfect Monday

  1. OH my goodness flashback with that BSB song! Haha! And I’m so unproductive some days at home, too. I’ve actually started working from Starbucks on days my two kiddos have preschool becasue I have to force myself to focus. At home I would get distracted way too easily.

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